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The light leakage issue on the iPad has been around since last year. Every iPad 1 that I have ever owned and seen has had this issue to some extent. The bottom line is that I have owned a few iPads and ALL OF THEM HAD Yellow and White LIGHT LEAKAGE ISSUES. It might be less noticeable on some devices, but this issue has been around since the iPad 1. I wish that Apple would sometimes listen to its customers before releasing updated products. I have notified Apple about this issue multiple times last year. I waited 5 hours in line today hoping that this light leakage issue was resolved in this version of the product, and all I can say is that it is even worse than before.

Apple iPads last year also had an issue where the left side of the screen was slightly brighter than the right side.

Almost all LED and LCD screens have some white light leakage issues, but I have to say that the iPads exhibit an abnormal amount (plus its yellow in some areas of the screen). The flashlighting or light leakage can be seen when looking at dark backgrounds or black user interface elements under lower lighting conditions.

iPad 2, iOS 4
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