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romad Level 3 Level 3 (590 points)
This is just a curiosity question.

This morning I noticed that my iPad running iOS 4.3 had adjusted for the start of DST. However, my iPhone which is also running iOS 4.3 did not. I'm curious as to why with both running the same iOS, the iPhone didn't adjust like the iPad did?

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  • FoxFifth Level 6 Level 6 (14,135 points)
    Possibly you have Settings > General > Date & Time > Set Automatically turned Off on your iPhone?
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,755 points)
    Do you have a WiFi iPad or a 3G? If it's a 3G is time set to Automatic?

    What about the phone; is it set to Automatic?

    When Automatic is on the carrier provides the time sync. So if your clock is wrong it's the carrier's fault, your phone is off, or it's in airplane mode. I've seen some sporadic reports in other threads of phones on automatic that didn't update. All of them were fixed by turning Automatic off. My AT&T 3GS DID change correctly, so if it's a carrier problem it isn't universal with the AT&T network, but may be true for some towers (or more likely MTSOs).
  • romad Level 3 Level 3 (590 points)
    No, it was & is On but I will be turning it off.
  • romad Level 3 Level 3 (590 points)
    WiFi iPad set to Cupertino

    iPhone is set to Automatic

    BOTH had Airplane Mode set to On; the iPhone was connected to my iMac to charge the battery, but iTunes was shutown.

    Based on the 2 responses I received, I will turn off automatic time setting on the iPhone and use the same time zone setting as the iPad. It looks like DST is built in to the time zone setting and are implemented "automatically" but if you choose "Automatic", it DOESN'T implement DST "automatically".
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,755 points)
    "Automatic" means it gets the time from the cellular network. If Airplane mode is ON then it cannot communicate with the cellular network and thus cannot get the time update.
  • romad Level 3 Level 3 (590 points)
    To me "automatic" has always meant the way my iPad does it: it knows when DST starts/stops and adjusts accordingly without having to get an outside signal. My VCRs used to do it that way until the fricking government started arbitrarily changing the dates; we are now on DST 8 months out of the year. There is absolutely no reason to even have DST any more.
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    I just bought a new iPhone 4 2 weeks ago (upgraded from 3GS), and it adjusted it's time automatically with the day light savings time change yesterday in CA. This morning it is back to pre-time-change time (an hour behind). I double-checked, it is set to "Cupertino" for "Time Zone Support" under Settings> Mail> Contacts, Calendar. And "Set Automatically" is "ON" under Settings> General> Date & Time. Airplane Mode is "OFF".

    If I change "Set Automatically" under Settings> General> Date & Time - to - "OFF" and enter "San Francisco", it changes to the right time. So I've worked around it short-term, but I travel a lot and I would like it to automatically adjust for me.

    Is this an AT&T problem that I should report to them instead of Apple?
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    There is some kind of glitch with numerous Iphones causing them not to update accordingly with the time change.

    There are 2 different types of glitches from what I've read - Either the phones just don't update to the correct time, or like mine, they update for the time change, but then fall back an hour. (My phone was an hour behind the correct time even though it was set to automatically update the time).

    However, my fiancee's phone updated properly. (We both have the iphone 4 on AT&T, and we're on the same account.) Luckily, my fiancees phone updated, or I would have been ever more late for work than I already was.

    It was an easy fix though - I tried turning my phone off then back on, and when that didn't fix it I went into the settings, turned the automatic time update setting off and then back on, and the time updated properly. It's still upsetting that I was late for work over this glitch.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have the opposite problem. My iPhone 4 (AT&T) with latest software keeps adding an hour to the time. I keep resetting it (once by turning off and back on, twice by switching into and out of airplane mode), and it shows the correct time for a while, then jumps an hour ahead again. It has now done this four times. I have checked settings and they are all correct.
  • Lawrence Finch Level 7 Level 7 (32,755 points)
    This appears to be a carrier issue with both Verizon and AT&T, because I have seen similar reports from BB and Android owners.
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    I had a similar problem with a Motorola phone a few years ago with Cingular. The phone was set up to automatically get the time from the carrier but didn't after a switch between daylight and standard time, so I set it myself. Shortly thereafter it would go back to the wrong time. Took me awhile before I realized that I was setting it correctly then the carrier was updating it back to the wrong time. It wasn't until sometime on Monday (more than a day after the 2AM Sunday change) that the carrier finally got it right.
  • FoxFifth Level 6 Level 6 (14,135 points)
    romad -- here is the quote from page 198 of the current iPhone user guide re the meaning of automatic:

    "Set whether iPhone updates the date and time automatically: Choose General > Date & Time, then turn Set Automatically on or off.
    If iPhone is set to update the time automatically, it gets the correct time over the cellular network and updates it for the time zone you’re in."
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    I got a new one because of my face operating the device while using my shoulder to hold it, and it is set to no airplane, set automatically, and for Los angeles. It did not update sunday. My mac is up to date and my iPhone 4 is not.

    When I turned automatic off, it said Anchorage, and I adjusted to LA, and now it's working. It was working properly for a time zone 1 hour behind.

    So turn off and see what your time zone is under Date & time.

    Now I turned it back to Auto and it should work fine.
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