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  • Robert_Budd Lake_NJ Level 1 (0 points)

    While dealing with a "crashing/freezing" issue with my daughter's iPhone, we were informed by the Verizon Store representative that it is important to completely shut off the phone every night.  These devices are really mini-computers and must be shut down went not in use for long periods of time.  Otherwise, they continue to function and search for various applications, and ultimately will cause the system to freeze or crash at times.  This advice from the Verizon phone store seems to make good sense and might help eliminate the same type of freezing/crashing" problems noted with the iPad 2.  I have not routinely turned off my iPad completyely and just this morning experienced my first freeze issue. After a hard reset by holding the Home and Sleep/Wake  buttons simultaneously, the silver apple icon appeared. After a few moments, the system reset itself and the opened automatically to the Home screen. So far, so good.  If you are experiencing a freezing issue, you might want to try shutting your iPad 2 off completely each night.  I plan to do this and will follow-up here later next month with an update.

  • leo1991 Level 1 (0 points)

    i pushed the power n home screen at the same time until the i pad went black...then connect the ipad to the itunes while still pressing the home button using the charger cable....the itunes recognized my i pad , then immediately i hitted the restore button in the i, thank god, i got ios 5 on my i pad......:)  sorry for my bad english

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    my ipad2 doesnt want to work although i did the home botton and the turn on and off botton it shows me the cable and itunes image .i tried to restore it tellme that i have to download the ipad software pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase help

  • Ken Wallace Level 1 (5 points)

    We had random restarts on the second day after the iPad 2 arrived.  Nothing seemed to work.  Took it to the Apple Store.  The genius thought it was corrupted OS from the transfer from original iPad so she updated the software.  We started the iPad as a new one and as we were inputting email account information the iPad duitifully shut down and restarted right in front of her.  We were lucky.  Without any hesitation, she volunteered to swap it out for a new one.  No issues so far with the new one.  So in our case, it was not a software issue but hardware.  Good luck to others.

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    I bought my iPad 2 probably in October or early November 2011. Never had any problems with it. Transferred to Diego Garcia where I started using FaceTime to keep in contact with Family/Friends. Crashing started shortly after that. And it's getting worse. Reading about this it seems like it is a hardware problem... But mine had no problems until after I used FaceTime.


    I sure hope I can contact Apple and they will be willing to mail me a box so I can send this $600 heap back to them.

  • Anchann Level 1 (10 points)

    I have had problems with my iPad randomly restarting in the past. I restored it, and it seemed to fix the problem. This morning it started randomly restarting again, to which I restored it again hoping to fix the problem. It hasn't, and it has restarted about three or four times in total, even after the restore. Looking over the diagnostics, I can see it is indeed the springboard and mobilemail functions that are listed.


    My iPad is a big part of my life, and it would be a shame to get rid of it due to unreliability, which is the opposite reason I purchase Apple products. As I never extended the warranty on it, it is currently out of warranty. Would the Apple store still consider handing over a replacement if I were to talk with them about the problem.?

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    I try not to be paranoid,  but I noticed this on mine, and several colleagues have complained as well, and it started precisely when the new one was getting buzz. When I caught myself thinking "^$# it I will just buy the iPad 3 when it comes out" I started to wonder.


    but this device has turned in to a frustrating nightmare and I really only use it 30 minutes a day or so to check email and facebook as is. I can't imagine if I was relying on it for business.

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    My ipad 4 shows EXACT same behavior; but, I'm overseas and purchased from aafes online which has a ridiculous 15 day return policy. By the time we receive the item in our apo box it's past the 15 days. Good work apple, thanks for the $500 lemon! ...

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    I had the exact same issue with my 17 month old iPad2 64GB, starting just last week.  Constant crashes. I took it to the local apple store today and told them I had a hardware issue.  The apple store tech scoffed and was adamant that I had corrupt software.  I told him, no I didn't think so (after reading all the forums here...)  and showed them all the panic list reports and resets in the diagnositc area, but he shrugged his shoulders and said "software".

    After wiping it clean and installing new software  the genius returned it to me saying "There - good as new!".  I looked down at the screen  just as it strarted to crash again.  We watched it crash a couple of times before he acknowledged it was the hardware..... 

    As there was nothing else they could do to fix the issue and of course, I was way out of warranty - they allowed me  to purchase the same model for "a discounted price". 

    I've owned a lot of apple products in my time and have generally been very happy with how they perform and hold up and normally end up recycling them at an old age..... I'm disappointed in the useful life of the ipad.  We'll see how long the replacement lasts. 

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    Same problem with my iPad 2-worked fine until I updated to iOS 6.1.2.  Have shut off, done a total reset & still crashes.  Thought maybe 6.1.3 might fix this when it comes out. If its a hardware problem, its out of warranty as I bought it when it first came out.  Any other suggestions?

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    Mine is in for "service". Was definetly a hardware problem, I could even tap it in the back and it would restart, lol...

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    I've had my ipad 2 for 14 months.  First 13 months worked flawlessly.  Last month crashes all day long.  Took it to the apple store.  They did a factory reset, but problem still persists.  Willl return to the Apple store again.

  • loodjuret Level 1 (5 points)

    I experienced a similar problem with my iPad 3. The sim card suddenly stopped working and it started to crash and reboot continously (every 3 to 4 minutes). The boot time was also much longer than before.

    Went over to the Apple Store. They confirmed the error and tried to do a restore. This was however unsuccessful. The iPad got stuck in the process. In the end, they gave me a replacement.

    I don't really trust the reliability of iPad anymore. Thought this device would last for years if handled with care. Bought the Apple Protection Care (valid for another year) in case I experience other, or similar hardware failures.

  • tommyomega Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issues, same level of confidence.

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