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  • barrync Level 1 (0 points)

    The Alltel issue is just another reach at straws.  My wife has the same model iPad 2 in black and we both have old Alltel cell numbers and her's has been fine all along.  It's all irrelevant because these Verizon iPads are "pay as you go" and assigned a data cell number that is different from your regular voice cell number.  The real issue is the PRLs and if you get assigned "a wayward" one during setup it stays connected to your account regardless.  They replaced my iPad and as soon as I activated my existing account on the new one it switched to roaming just like the first one.  Apple had no answer and Verizon's solution was to deactivate/erase my original account completely then setup a new account from scratch and "hope that works." 


    Needless to say I'm waiting for another update because 4.3.2 did nothing for me either.  So far I haven't been able to find anyone that has solved this problem and Apple/Verizon keep point the finger at each other.  oddly enough the location tracking they keep talking about is connected to the way they keep the PRL tied/stored on the devices (iphone and ipad) so they'll have to fix that way anyway and it may fix our roaming issue by default. 


    After our summer vacation in June i'm cancelling the  3G accounts.  I would do it now and reactivate it later but i've seen mention several times about Verizon charging a $35 reconnect fee (which AT&T does not).  That completely goes against the "pay as you go" marketing.  I'm pro business but not for ripping off customers off because you have the ability to take advantage of people with a great product in high demand.  Shame on both.

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    I may have solved the problem.  When this started, I called Apple and said that the unit did not perform as promised and had them send a replacement ATT 3g unit.  That arrives today and the Verizon unit will be returned.  It negates my original concept of having an ATT iPhone and Verizon iPad - for travel coverage.  However, as I don't travel all that much, daily access to decent 3G trumped that.


    As much as people complain about ATT, I don't think that Verizon was ready for prime time on these units.

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    I bit the bullet and returned my Verizon iPad at the Apple Store this evening.


    No one could resolve the "roaming" issue, which was annoying and even embarassing when showing the new toy to my friends, and no one could respond as to what type of fix would occur and when that fix would be available.


    Also, the speed of the Verizon 3G network was just way to slow.


    AT&T coverage can only get better over time, and with my AT&T iPhone, I never have any issues with coverage. I do travel to places where I only get AT&T Edge data coverage but, to be honest, AT&T's Edge network is just as fast as Verizon's 3G network here in NC.


    I'll be ordering my AT&T iPad tonight.

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    I'm about to scrap it all together.  I applied the iOS 4.3.3 updated and no change... still getting roaming.  Wasn't really expecting it since no one said it would fix that but was hoping they would slide it in under the radar.  Very disappointed in both Verizon and Apple.  And i'm waiting to see my credit card bill too... if there is a single erroneous charge on their from either I'm done with both for ipad and phones.  I'll carry a can with string and a pad of paper/pencil before i give in again.  First Apple products i've bought after working at IBM for 15 years and being loyal to PC products.... but now this.... this is rediculous.

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    iPad 2 3g, same issue. As many who have written on the thread must already know, the workaround up 'till 4.3 was to reboot the iPad whenever the 3g was dropped. With 4.3.3, we still loose 3g connectivity indefinitely if at any moment the device switches to EDGE or if one uses WiFi. The workaround after 4.3.3 is: instead of rebooting, I just turn off Cellular Data then turn it back on. BUT THIS IS NOT THE EXPECTED FUNCTIONALITY of a $700+ tablet. If Apple does not fix this issue by Monday, they can have their tablet back.

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    I see it is May 20 2011 how is the problem??? and any news on fixes,  I just sent off a working 3g verizon ipad2 from California  to to new Jersey and It will not work there as yet.

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    I can't even sign up for a data plan for my iPad 2, I just got it, and whenever I try to input my information, it always says my address is invalid, but I haven't had a change of address in 5 years, and I'm putting in my info the way I normally would for anything.

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    No change.  No new update as of yet.  What a waste.

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    Someone needs to get their head out of the sand and get this problem fixed.


    I was able do the restart and it would correct the problem. But as of yesterday 5/20, I've had no internet on my      iPad2, and now nothing I do will get it corrected.  This is unexcusable, since I've seen that it has a been a problem for some time now. I don't appreciate paying for a data plan I can't use. Apple & Verizon get this problem fixed!

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    I have had the same problems as everyone on this discussion thread.  Since I just purchased this iPad 2 Verizon version a couple of days ago (only because AT&T was sold out - I now see the reason!!!) I will be taking this iPad2 back and ordering the AT&T version.  No one should have to go through this work-around to get such a device working properly.  My frustration level is very high at the moment but it won't be for long.

  • Macbeth423 Level 1 (5 points)

    The connection problem with my iPad was the phone number it was original assigned. Originally a Verizon/Alltel number, and was bought AT&T.  Now that Verizon has put a new number my problem has been fixed and is

    working right. Plus my Verizon store was amazing with this problem.

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    Macbeth423....did that fix the "roaming" issue or just the connection problems? I only have had the roaming problem on my unit and it is more annoying than anything. I am convinced that by roaming it is eating the battery too quickly. Seems like my original iPad battery would last forever...this one barely makes it through the day.

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    I know this is off the main topic, and I am very thankful for this thread as I am currently in the middle of trying to decide between the AT&T and Verizon 3G versions, but regarding something in one of barrync's earlier posts about a $35 reconnect fee for Verizon.


    Am I to understand that, aside from the initial sign up, Verizon will charge you an additional $35 fee, on top of the cost of the actual data plan, every time you sign up for a month of 3G service that is not continuous with the prior month's service?


    This would be a big deal for me as I plan to only purchase the 3G service for 2 or 3 months, and not necessarily continuous, during the year when I travel.  I definitely don't want to pay an additional $35 every time I activate a month of a 3G data plan here and there.  (I don't mean to highjack this thread, so I'll also repost this question in the other thread that I started asking about AT&T vs. Verizon versions).


    Also, on point with the main topic of this thread, has the issue been resolved.  When I started reading this thread and noted that it started back in March, I thought that this would be more of a historical issue that will have been resolved by now (almost June), but I'm surprised, and concerned, that this issue seems like it is still not fully resolved for everybody without having to resort to some kind of work around.

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    I never had a problem with roaming - for me the only time I would need roaming is if I left the USA.


    I'll try to explain what is happening with the phone numbers that have been assign to some of our iPad & the Verizon network.  When Verizon was assigning phone numbers, the data plan were actually a third party, even though they were assign to Verizon, if you hear diverse number, this is what it means.  I had a number that was original owned by Alltell and now AT&T has now acquired that number because Verizon & AT&T have to take turn acquiring "cell phone" numbers from cellular companies, they take over in areas. So there isn't a monopoly. Hopefully that makes sense. In my case my service completely stopped working, so Verizon had to completely reassigned a new number to get my iPad 3G working. I hope this made sense. Of course this is a new feature for Verizon to work with, and I was lucky that the people at my local Verizon store, knew how to correct this. But since this change in the phone  number, it has been working like a charm.


    As for the battery issue, that you mention. Have you gone to the General setting and made sure your iPad Cover Lock/Unlock is ON?  I had my off and my battery was discharging quickly.  I do use a smart cover too.


    I hope your issue are resolved quickly. I know I was pulling out my hair when it happen to me, and just happy it was resolved, without any hassle from Verizon.

  • Macbeth423 Level 1 (5 points)

    I believe you can sign up for Month to Month service on your iPad.  I haven't heard anything about activation fees. I haven't had one yet.