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  • dtsguy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    same here, dumping this Verizon for an AT&T for same problem
  • Moban Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    Same issue as many others. Verizon 64GB. I had an extremely difficult time activating the 3G for the first time. Once connected it worked fine. I no longer needed 3G at the end of the weekend so I turned off cellular data. Today I thought I would check to be sure there were no issues turning 3G back on. I spent more than 30 minutes trying to connect this afternoon. Often after turning on cellular data nothing would happen. No Searching no nothing. Turning on airplane mode and turning it back off might get me Searching but no connection. Interestingly turning off cellular data did not stop the Searching. It was as if the iPad 2 did not know I turned off cell data. Several reboots with the iPad in different configurations (cell on, roaming off, wifi and cell on etc) seemed to do nothing to help. My last attempt consisted of having cellular data on with a reboot. For whatever reason I connected to the 3G network. Now I fear once I reboot or turn off cell data wont be able to connect again. There really does seem to be an issue here. I also have a first gen AT&T iPad which never has issues
  • cplus Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Went in to Verizon and reported the problem. They hadnt heard anything about it from anyone else. She said she would make a call to higher ups and call me back,which she hasnt yet, as well as note it in my accunt. I tried to duplicate the issue at the store but failed. The issue for me seems rather intermittent, like once a day, and I can always get it back on after reboots so Im ok for now. However, this is not acceptable for the long run. I'll be reporting back here with relevant info when available.
  • nixxon2000 Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)
    That's cr@p! I know I reported it. If you can get a case number and post it here I bet people can go in and use it to document their issues. This is getting old.
  • JmxDC Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Turn off the 3G radio and reboot to duplicate the problem. When it comes back up and you turn on the radio it won't get a signal.

    Turn on the 3G Radio and reboot to get the signal back up and running.
  • oxm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    I'm getting the same issue as well. The Verizon 64gb model. There is an inability to switch between WiFi and Verizon 3G modes. Once the 3G is turned off I need to reboot with the cellular switched "ON" in order to reestablish a connection. Any updates on fixes?
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    Ok, great advice. I'm going back tomorrow and getting a case number. Also I will attempt to use the method provided to duplicate the issue. She never called me back either; mildly upsetting.
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    Ok I spent over an hour at Verizon talking to apple on the phone. They had me do the reset while holding home button which of course didn't work. They wanted me to ipdate which i a
    Already had. theynwant me to restore to factory to see if that works. They said if not, I need to call back and arange to have a new one sent to me. This is bs but like I mentioned before, it's pains of being an early adopter. Nobody that buys one in coming months will likely have this issue I suspect. So in short, before you call apple, do all 3 of the above steps first and you can likely skip right to getting a replacement. HTH!
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    Just thought I would add to the discussion. Same exact problem here. If I have wifi ON and then want to switch to 3G, then I can never connect and I only get the IPAD icon on the upper left hand corner. I have to reboot the Ipad with 3G on in order to connect. If I stay with just 3G, then I can turn it on and off without any problems. I really hope Apple comes up with a fix soon.
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    Mine works great now, I was within the 14 day window so I was able to swap it for a AT&T model. I lose the data I paid for on Verizon but not rebooting every time I want to use 3G is worth it.
  • oxm Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)
    Went to the Apple Store today. The issue was consistent as always. The tech tried a restore, switching between airplane mode, WiFi etc. He said it looks like a software problem and he would replace but there was not replacement stock for this model. I would exchange for AT&T if I got service in my area. I will try a friends to see if I can get a signal. He did mention that this is the first he has heard of this issue and I explained that there was a lot of discussion about this particular topic. He said most likely they will all have the same issue. Just a matter of time before a fix is made. I would suggest if everyone that has this issue makes an appointment or contacts support they will expedite a solution.
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    My boss and I have 32GB Verizon Ipads and we both have the same problem. The thing is stuck in roaming. We've both tried resets, software, updates, reprovisioning and none have fixed the issue. After any attempt the Ipad will show no service, then Verizon, then roaming. Doesn't seem like there's much you can do other than wait for a patch.
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    This absolutely worked for me. Important is not to restore from a previous backup! This will kill your 3G connection!
  • Jose Vazquez Level 1 Level 1 (10 points)
    Having same issue. There is trend here that requires Apple's and Verizon's attention. Hope the are reading this.
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    Unfortunately, like many others, I have the same problem. After spending 4 hours on the phone, I took my Ipad2 to the Apple store on 5th Ave in NYC. After demonstating the problem to them, they researched for a bit and gave me a new one. The service rep said she tested it and I am "All set". Unfortunately, that means "IT IS NOT FIXED". I am having the same problem with the new Ipad. After another 2 hours with Apple Help, they dont know what is wrong and have passed the case along to engineering. I hope to hear from my "Senior Advisor" in the next few days. There is clearly an issue with the software communicating with the wireless chip. I hope we get a fix soon, I am about to lose my mind. It is so frustrating explaining your case to 8 people in 1 day, spending 6 hours on the phone, an being left in the same position (or worse) than when you started the day.
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