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    Add me to this list. The Verizon 3G cellular data intermittently stops working and will only come back on with a reboot of the device. Turning things on/off in settings does not solve the problem.
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    I am having this same problem. Having an AT&T iPhone I was used to never having service so I didn't think it was a big deal.

    iPad 2 Verizon
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    If any of you are within the 14 days, I would highly recommend just swapping out or returning your Verizon one and get an AT&T model. I was lucky and got mine switched, everything thing now works like it's supposed too.

    I do not believe Apple has even address that this is a problem.
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    This is happening to me too, but there is an easy workaround for now. Keep 3G on all if the time, and when you don't need it, put the iPad in airplane mode. Verizon reconnects successfully when turning that off.

    Wifi still works with the iPad in airplane mode, but the only annoying side effect is turning it on shuts off wifi and you have to manually turn it back on. Not a big deal, though, as you are already in the settings screen. Plus, way easier than a restart
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    Awesome! Thank you for the work around! Please still continue to report the problem to apple and Verizon.
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    Add me to the list of people having this issue. I'll try the airplane mode work around for now
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    I was so mad. I work out of town and drive hundreds of miles on Sunday night to be there by Monday. On the way, I stopped at an old friends to take them out to dinner. We tried to use my Verizon Ipad and it wouldn't connect. Later I tried several times on the way. When I got to my destination, I tried to no avail. I spent the next 4 days in my hotel room on their wireless, all good. On the way back last night, no cellular. I was so mad. Then I read a report.
    THE FIX:
    You have to turn cellular on in the settings panel, then do a hard restart (hold the sleep bar button and home round buttons simultaneous until it restarts), and that worked.

    I enjoy cellular service now, but I went through a week of cursing it, when I needed it most.
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    It's so great to see that the product I purchased 3 weeks ago and still haven't received will have the possibility of dead pixels, light bleeding and 3G issues when I receive it.
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    I experience the same exact issue and have what I believe is a "consistent" fix, until such time as Apple presumably provides a software update.

    If you have had 3G disabled turn it back on and then TURN OFF the iPad. Upon restarting the 3G icon should appear in the upper left of your screen and you should be golden.
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    Same issue here. Hoping that there will be a software fix sooner rather than later
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    I turned off the 3G when I went on the plane 2 days after buying the IPad 2. 3G never came back on. I spoke to Verizon support and store finally went to Genius bar and they couldn't get it to work. Apple offered to trade for another Verizon. I no longer trusted that machine. Returned the Ipad 2 and got ATT which works. I downloaded 1 book before the 3G stopped and still charged $38 from Verizon for Data. I know I will never consider Verizon after this experience. Basically prepaid, too bad if you couldn't use the data.
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    Also having this issue. Rebooting while leaving the cellular data on has fixed my problem.
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    Great news! thanks for posting that link! I guess our time here was actually very worthwhile.
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