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    Iphone 3GS had a broken screen.  Replaced phone at Apple Store, using the same SIM card from the damaged phone.


    New phone worked great in all ways - except...


    Unable to connect to home WIFI.  Everywhere else, but at home.  All other devices, Iphones, all work on my home signal.  Message each time - "incorrect password".


    Rule one: do not call Apple. 


    Rule two: do not call Bell.


    Login to your router (for me it's a 2Wire Gateway) and select the wireless icon.


    Disable MAC filtering.


    Save two days of your life by NOT calling Bell or Apple and being asked to: reboot, restore, unplug, change encryption, change network name, change password, return to the Apple store for a new phone (ha!), change your underwear, and only about 1000 other time-wasting exercises in futility.  Well, changing your shorts may not be futile...


    The absolute highlight of my ordeal was receiving a call from a senior Bell tech "expert" who told me in rude terms that clearly, anyone in their right mind would know that my problem was a direct issue with the phone, and in no way the internet or router.


    Funny how one unchecked box made a complete *** out of her!

  • CHAMBERSEC Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had both my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 refuse to connect to wifi. My computer connected perfectly.


    I went to my Linksys router, powered it down and back up.  Problem solved.  This has happened several times with the iPhone and the iPad

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    What iOS are you on. I have an iPad 2 with iOS 6.0. The wifi was working fine and then all of a sudden, I can't connect at all. It just gives me an "incorrect password" message. I know I'm typing in the right password. I have tried everything except for resetting the router. Are you sure it will work. BTW, I have an AT&T wireless gateway for my router.

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    This happened to me as well. My dad reset the wifi networks, and all of a sudden, my ipod touch on IOS 4.2.1 couldnt connect to the wifi (says incorrect password when I know for a fact that it's correct). Tried rebooting device, resetting network settings, everything but resetting the network. I use the very same passwords and several devices connect fine (Iphone 4s IOS 6.1.1, Ipad 2 IOS 6, etc). Any solid solutions? i have a cisco router, and an amp rep wifi extender network

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    hay guys,i have same problem and i solved it!!


    If you want to go down the path of setting a static IP address, go to your laptop, open a cmd prompt on your laptop and type ipconfig then enter. This will give you your laptops IP address. You will need to enter four things to make "the internet work" on your phone under Static. IP address, something like (add one to the last digit, so if that doesn't work try 5 and so on),

    Subnet Mask: copy laptops,

    Router: copy laptops Gateway and

    DNS: same as Router.

    IP addresses are like numbers on a house or a phone number, you can't have two devices using the same address. Subnet mask, Gateway and DNS are shared.


    Good Luck guys!!

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    This just happened to my wife's iPhone 5. I just fixed it by turning WiFi and cellular data off, then turned off the iPhone and then turned it back on. Then I went and told the iPhone to forget my home Wifi, and then when I reentered the password it connected like normal.  Weird. I turned on cellular data and it still works. No idea why all that solved it. But, hopefully that works for some of you!

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    I spent almost two days with the issue. Finally after reading your post I disabled MAC filtering and it worked. Please note that already the tick was there in the box - disable MAC filtering. I redid it and rebooted. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • KRAHUL Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I had similar problem, my ipad, ipod wifi working fine but not iphone.


    I have done below steps provided from apple support this resolved the problem. You can try this...

    Tap Settings > Wi-Fi and locate the Wi-Fi network to which you are  connected.  Then tap The right arrow button and Forget this Network.  Try to connect to your desired Wi-Fi network again.

    • Note: You will need to enter your Wi-Fi password again if your desired network requires one.
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    I had this same problem.  I had to remove my metallic iphone case for my wifi to work properly.  Once I removed the case I did a hard reset by pressing the power & home button until phone shut off. Hope this helps.

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    Thank you, Facundo59. I had the same problem with my IPhone 5.  I got a message that there was an update available for the "settings", so I did the update.  After this I my iPhone would not connect to my home WiFi any more, however much I tried. 

    I then restored my network settings ( settings>general>restore>restore network settings) and my home WiFi came back on again. 

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    Thank you so much, Facundo! It worked. I was furious with my iDevices. Glad things are back to normal. Resetting the network settings was the way to go in my case.

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    I had this problem too.  I found a tip elsewhere to turnoff WiFi, reconnect, then type in the network ID and password, which didn't help me, but apparently did help many others. 


    What solved my problem was setting up my home router to assign an IP address I chose to my phone every time it connects.  To do this, you need to log into your router (google if you're not sure how to do this for your router), enter the phone's MAC address in DHCP settings, (get it from Settings/General/About/Wi-Fi Address) along with an IP address that won't conflict with other devices on the network.  The other IP addresses will be similar -- probably identical except for the last three digits -- and you should be able to see them when logged onto your router.  Choose an address for your phone with the same first part, and a different last part.  For instance, if your other devices' IP addresses all start 192.168.0.something, the new address should also start 192.168.0.  If your other addresses end with numbers in the 100-109 range, for instance, would be a good address to choose.


    While you're logged into the router, make note of the router's IP address (you probably used this to log in, but should also be able to find it in the LAN settings for your router), the subnet mask for your network (probably, also in your router's LAN settings), and the DNS server for your ISP (found in the router's WAN settings). 


    Back on your phone, enter the information you gathered from the router along with the new IP address you set up.  To do so, in Settings/Wi-fi, turn Wi-fi off then back on, choose Other, enter your network ID and security information, and under IP address, choose Static.  On the static IP screen, enter the IP address, Subnet mask, Router address, and DNS server address.


    At this point, your phone will hopefully connect to your WiFi network.

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    I did all of the above, including putting the iPhone 3 in the freezer ( something about the chip). I took it to work, and I recognized and connect there. I brought it back home, no luck. I know at work, we have a separate network connection for administration that you have to search for. You have to know the exact name of the network. I searched for it with the right name, case sensitive, I tried it with all the different types of connections (wep, etc). It said it could not find it on all of them, but after I did it on the WEP and it didn't recognize it, it then showed up as a network I could join....

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    Yay finally a solution that worked.  I have read half a dozen of these threads and tried a bunch of things and this worked.  Thanks!


    My reply is to Facundo59 that posted this:


    I would try to restore the network settings:


    Go to Settings>General>Restore>Restore network settings.


    Message was edited by: ChanelCinq

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    I had the same problem. iPhone connected fine for a while. Suddenly, it would ID the network but would not connect at home. OK in all other places.  I read all the posts. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I picked one. I unplugged the power to cable modem. Left it unplugged about 30 sec. Plugged it back in. By the time I checked my iPhone, it was already connected to wifi.  Thanks again for all the suggestions.


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