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Diziala Level 1 Level 1
I just started using this software, and for some reason it won't let me drag and drop video files to my project. I started with flv, then mov, and even mp4. None of them would work. I could import mp4 the long way by going through the menus, but I would much rather drag and drop. has anyone else had this issue?

Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Intel Core 2 Duo
  • AppleMan1958 Level 7 Level 7
    Drag and drop is reserved for moving clips from Events into Projects.

    If you want to drag and drop to import, first create an Event. Then Drag and drop onto the Event name in the Event Library.
  • Diziala Level 1 Level 1
    Well, in the box in the top left corner, it's saying "to start a new project, select videos or photos and drag them to this area". It's not accepting ANY video I try to drag into that box. It'll take photos, but no videos...
  • titamesquita Level 1 Level 1
    The same is happening to me! I upgraded to iMovie '11 thinking that this would solve the problem but no luck. My iMovie does not behave according to the tutorial. When I drag a clip into the 'drag and drop' area, the theme selection window pops-up asking to choose a theme and create a project. I name a project and click create and nothing happens. Drag and drop area keeps empty and no new project seems to be created.

    Someone please help! Right now I feel extremely frustrated that I purchased a software that does not work at all.
  • zyfert Level 3 Level 3
    Where are you trying to drag and drop from?
    I'm getting the feeling reading the first question that it is from outside of iMovie.
    First you need to import your video files into iMovie either directly from your camera or from your computer (iMovie > File Import > Movies...).
    They obviously must be in a file compatible format.
    You will end up with your video files in iMovie's Event library.
    Next create a project (File > New Project).
    Then you drag selected portions from your Events into your Project - from the lower screen to the upper screen.
    Is that what is happening?
  • titamesquita Level 1 Level 1
    I imported the clips from my iphone (so it's obviously a compatible format), creating an event. So I am dragging and dropping from an event into the project are.

    What could be the problem here?
  • zyfert Level 3 Level 3
    titamesquita wrote:

    So I am dragging and dropping from an event into the project are.

    What could be the problem here?

    Create a project first: File > New project > Create. You will be asked to choose No Theme/Theme/Movie Trailer.
    You should see you blank new project in the Project window.
    Select a portion of your event by click/drag to get a yellow border around the part of the video you want in the project.
    Now press the E key on your keyboard (same as drag and drop).
    That should place that portion of the event into your project.
  • titamesquita Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the suggestions but still nothing... I've already reinstalled the program about 3 times and nothing changed. Ran disk utility, repaired disk and permissions and the bug persists.
  • FerrisWheel9189 Level 1 Level 1

    This really helped me out!  Thank you!

  • geometrikal Level 1 Level 1

    You must make sure to highlight the clip in event library in order to drag it into the project part

  • StacyLeeMusic Level 1 Level 1

    Hey ya'll I just figured this out!  I had scanned a bunch of photos for a wedding video.  I then cropped them and changed the resolution in Photoshop and saved them all.  When I went to save them, there was a box checked in Photoshop that said something like "Make photo available in Photoshop Organizer"  For some reason when that box is checked, the file DOES NOT save with a .JPEG extension.  So when I was naming a file "57"  and choosing the "save as JPEG" option, it was saving as a JPEG but wasn't CALLED "57.jpeg"  That's why I couldn't drop and drag them.

    I found out by opening the properties boxes of a photo I could drag and a photo I couldn't drag and going through all the details.  SO FRUSTRATING but I hope this helps someone else!!!  Good Luck!!!

  • bluefootart Level 1 Level 1

    this is ridiculous... anyone figured this out?  Not sure what the last jpeg post has to do with this issue. 

  • Ian on iTunes Level 1 Level 1

    I have the same problem and have used iMovie11 on a few projects before, but not recently, but this problem suddenly seems to happen for me. I create an event and import videos, then have to select videos and drag into a project I create, right?


    That just scrolls down the event videos and drags nothing into the project. The preview plays the videos in the events, the projects area has apparently become redundant. Either I'm missing something or the app has gone wrong in some way.

  • Tom Meade1 Level 2 Level 2

    I couldn't drag either but the E key idea worked instantly.


    Thanks - but can't imagine why manual dragging does not function here.

  • NorSkott Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Tom,

    Did you find a solution, I'm having the very same problems, very annoying.

    The E key works for inserting clips from events, but still no preview when mousing over the project clips.



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