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Yesterday I tried signing in to the Support Communities on my recently purchased iPad 2 and when I entered my longstanding still valid Apple ID and PW I was switched to a screen that stated "We're sorry Your account could not be created due to system issues.Please contact Apple Support Communities with the information below to create your account"...followed by text boxes to enter a contact email and issue details. I entered my email and stated in the issues box that I was only trying to sign in with an existing Apple ID and PW,not create a new account and clicked the send box.

I have not received any email  from support re this as of today. I was able to sign in to the discussions on my desktop Mac earlier this AM using my valid Apple ID and PW, but could not on my iPad.

Thinking this might be due to a less than robust PW I changed the PW and successfully updated in Mail and the App Store on both iPad and desktop Mac, but now I am unable to sign in to discussions on either device using the updated and valid ID and PW.

Since I have AppleCare for the iPad I contacted telephone support and was talked through creating this second Apple ID which I am using only to sign into discussions. I have received no answer to any of the several online form emails I have sent when my primary Apple ID/PW was not accepted to sign in to the support community forums.

I suspect this all has to do with the revolutionary reformat of the forums. I also suspect I am not the only one who finds the Apple ID/PW which works everywhere else is rejected by the forum. Other victims of this exclusion may simply not be able to post the problem (since one cannot post if one cannot sign in) and don't realize they can create an alternate Apple ID to post with.

Does anyone who CAN post have any explanation and/or solution to this, or am I condemned to use a back door sign in forever?



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iPad 2, iOS 4.3.2, iMac G5 iSight,Mac OS 10.5.8
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