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    The problem is that your phone thinks that a headphone is connected because of a short circuit or something got jammed in the headphone socket. Try cleaning it out. Worked for me.

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    i am having the same issue, i just got the phone yesterday. it was working fine till i turned the sound off to play a game and when i tried the sound back on nothing came on. text tones and lock sounds aint working.


    going to schedule a genius bar appointment hopefully i can get a replacement even though i bought the phone off craigslist.

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    I am also having this problem. I went to the Apple Store two hours away and they gave me a new phone. Now this one is doing the same thing. I'm honestly about done with Apple phones. When I called they made me do a restore and I lost everything. Nothing backed up. I'm thinking about going to Apple store again. I have to have the Bluetooth on its connected to my vehicle uconnect.

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    There is a setting for this...and it's hidden.  It happened to me and I went to the Apple Store and they found it and corrected it.  The guy told me that it's a little glitch that happened with 5.0.1 update. It just happened to me again today and I can't remember what he did but I am going back to the store to have them do it again.  I WILL REMEMBER THIS TIME!



    music plays just fine

    no screen clicks

    no incoming call sounds

    no alerts

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    I have recently learned that my Uconnect in my truck is what is making my sound disappear.  I have to shut off the bluetooth and the sounds come back on.



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    My wife's iPhone 4s has same problem-no text message/email alarms/sounds.


    alarms, mute, vibrate settings appropriate, OS 5.0.1


    reset phone, same issue


    No one seems to have a consistent solution online, seems to be a systemic issue, though obviously not all users.


    Hopefully can exchange at store.


    Apple should publicly address this issue.

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    Has anybody tried this? >>>on the left, top and side of phone above two vol buttons there is a switch turns it onto silent and off silent. switch it and see if it works now<<<



    I had the same audio problem and it was as simple as this, hope it helps. I read this on a different forum

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    Lux311 thank you sooo much! This totally worked and I didn't realize it had a silent feature until now! You rock!

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    U R A Genius!  after checking a few other posts you are the only one to mention the "Mute" button.  Probably most of us dont even know that it is there because of the case we have surrounding it (Otterbox in my situation).  Thanks for pointing out the not so obvious.

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    Thanks  a  lot.....   now   I know  that  there  is  a  mute  button  for  my  Iphone.....the  message  alert  tone  is  now  working.... so  try  to check  your  mute  button  located  at  the  side  panel  of  the  iphone  above  the  volume button + - ....   maybe  it  was  just  turned  off   

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    I have an iphone 4.  I have had my phone for a while and I have noticed the mute button....I never use bluetooth for any reason what so ever, so it is never on.


    I have noticed recently this same original problem is happening to my phone i have ringtones but my phone doesnt do keyboard clicks, message tones, email sent sound, and quicktime doesnt play sound via youtube.


    My alarm does work and i can listen to call through speaker.


    I did notice that i can listen to tones if i use headphones. When i connect to a dock it sometimes brings the sound back but not always...(funny it actually came back when i tested as i was writting this) yah kindof annoy but idk what to say now...maybe it is something to do with a hardware malfunction/defect/over used and phone is only around a year old, maybe firmware.  The saga continues....???

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    So resetting the phone worked? Huh. I bought one new ringtone and that single one isn't working as a Text Tone, but works as a Ringtone. I just reset my phone, turned off the Blutooth, etc, and still nothing. Any suggestions?

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    This is the problem and how I fixed it... Everything works fine, there is not a software problem!!

    This deals with anything bluetooth.  If you have a newer car/truck that is Bluetooth enabled and you are using the Bluetooth to listen to your music as well as making hands free calls, you need to just set up bluetooth to make and answer calls ONLY, DO NOT SET THE VEHICLE TO BE ABLE TO PICK UP YOUR MUSIC, use the cord that came with your iPhone. You will need to delete the phone from your vehicle and program it again for just the phone only, NOT multi-media.  If you have Bluetooth on your iMac and your iPhone is synced to it, unsync it and use your cord to send/recieve info to your iMac/PC.  I have received 3 diferent iPhones from Verizon and thought I was going to lose my mind because my iPhone's text tone would not work on any of them until I realized it was only when I was near my truck or close to my iMac. So, as I am typing this out, I have recieved 2 text messages and heard the tone!!!

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    OK GUYS, I think I have the solution...



    Things were really strange. Iphone wasnt givin sound while unlocking/getting message after a long period beeing locked but second later when getting locked sound worked so it seemed like it needs to realize that should be giving a sound.


    Was looking around the phone in many different options and finally found.



    im not using english language in phone so I'll try to explain somehow how to do it.



    definetly settings;d -> general ->go right to the bottom till you see the option to RESET settings, IGNORE that and enter the thing above that (WHERE YOU CHOOSE VOICE OVER/ZOOM and other things.)


    Than you have the AssistiveTouch and right below you need to choose how you want the phone to tell you someone is calling. I chose SPEAKER and all is well since then.



    Hope this will help, sorry for bad spelling of all the words.

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    I have the same problem with my 4s.  ring tone works fine but message and lock/unlock.  also when i try and change the volume using the side buttons it shows the speaker but no lines underneath and won't change.  I went into settings and changed my ringtone and the samples played then went into text tones and no matter which sample tone i pressed it just vibrated (made no noise).  This is really inconvenient as i keep missing messages.  So would be interested in hearing what everyone else did to fix this.  I have already done a complete reset and update with itunes, checked the bluetooth thing, i know about the mute button and its not that and it has not fixed it.  will be taking it into the shop this weekend.  You would think paying $1000+ for a phone you would have a working message tone.  so far my mums old school brick nokia has been giving her less greve then mine.