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    Apple TV

    It allows you to access your purchased music from the cloud, it still has to load onto your device. So if you don't have space it's not going to help. That 5gb is for device backup and other document data.


    If one has iTunes Match then it allows a form of streaming, though it still caches it on the device (requiring a reset of iTM to wipe).

  • Gamertron Level 1 Level 1

    Oh I see.... the way icloud is promoted it seemed like it streamed from the cloud rather than downloaded. I don't really have a use for icloud to renew then as I backup my music to external HD anyway. Thanks for clearing this up for me Vazandrew.

  • Rampart Level 1 Level 1

    Well I guess my daughter has a 2nd gen paperweight. Her laptop with Itunes died and now some of her apps she bought cannot be downloaded again because of the IOS. So now it's nothing more than a mp3 player.


    I love how some of the folks here justify what Apple is doing. You will all be crying when your 5th gen touches are no longer supported. Maybe not. Probably will fork out $400 for a 6th or 7th gen to stay trendy.


    Yes tech does out date but not at the rate of Apple products. Android is the way to go for more longevity and a tighter wallet. I will NEVER purchase their OVERPRICED products again.

  • aletss Level 1 Level 1

    First they will tell you that you should have bought an apple computer to your daughter, coz apple stuff "never" fails...


    I feel your pain... I also have a overpriced MP3 player...


    And I also think like you I will never buy any apple product again.

  • the fiend Level 6 Level 6

    Rampart wrote:


    I love how some of the folks here justify what Apple is doing. You will all be crying when your 5th gen touches are no longer supported.

    • Just so you understand, I have a 2nd generation Touch.
    • I believe that Apple should have made it clearer that it was wise to check that each and every App would be useable on an iPod Touch before downloading the newer updates, thus avoiding this problem, even if users may have brought this upon themsleves. You will notice that I have been lambasted for suggesting this.
    • I don't believe that the App developers understand this issue.
    • Neither of my above points are designed to halt progress. They are however, designed to keep existing customers happy - a fundamental tenet in business.
    • No - it cannot be updated.
    • We've heard it all before and there truely is "nothing else left to say".
    • Although it might seem plausable, this is not actually the most pointless thread in the forum.
    • It does however, deserve to be put to rest.
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  • Kat.Alexandros Level 1 Level 1

    Apple has a recycle program for your ipod, and you get 10 percent off your next ipod. and the Ipod is not a computer it is a mobile device, it's like yelling at a brick phone from the ninties can't play angry birds.

  • aletss Level 1 Level 1

    oh no no no no no no... dude no no no no no no no...


    I was able to play angrybirds in my itouch gen 2, as a matter of fact i still can it is one of the 4 apps that havent blcoked.... yet.....


    I used to have Facebook,  ibooks, kindle reader an awesome PDF reader, my public transport information, a good calculator and a niice tip calculator, etc... but now I cant coz apple blocked all old apps, they were available now they are not... dont get confused...


    I still can play the snake game in my old 90s phone, they did not try to force me to buy they new product to continue playing snake..... ( and can used it as a defence weapon too)


    and my itouch did not cost 40 bucks when I bought it... so no thanks i prefer to give it to someone who is poor and wants an mp3 player and a thing to hold papers, i am one of the angry customers that will never ever buy anything from apple.. i just want acces to the last version of apps available for my itouch... as a matter of fact just ibooks and kindle... but no.. i will never get that, will I???

  • Kat.Alexandros Level 1 Level 1

    Guess what, it is the producers of the apps that say that you have to update them. And the Hardware can't handle it. it is like trying to play a Playstation 3 game on a Original Playstation. It isn't going to work because your too cheap to pay for something. your no longer a customer of someplace if you bought something  5 years ago. if you want something that is outdated, stick to your cheap phone.

  • aletss Level 1 Level 1



    I have contacted companies directly that sell stuf through their apps... and they say that the only one authorized to release old versions is Apple......... which won't coz they want me to buy a newone...


    I dont want to play PS3 gamees in my PS1... i want my old PS1 game... the one that is there but they dont want to release.... iit is different.... I dont want any of the new apps... just the old ibooks and the old ireader and my old public transit system schedule... thats old... I dont care about new apps... like at all...

  • Kat.Alexandros Level 1 Level 1

    Ok, then if you want them to release the old apps for the people that can't update, tell them, there is a nice littlepage called that instead of yelling about on a thread that they won't read, you can provide feed back on. and they do read it... it used to be that  you could not call into tech support if you was out side your 90 days, and now they have not only applecare protection but apple care plus. Most companies are good companies, you just have to go about getting what you want like an adult, and go through the correct channels.

  • Rampart Level 1 Level 1

    That's the thing these apple fanboys don't get. Nobody is asking for older hardware to run the latest apps. Folks would just like to be able to use the apps they paid for on the device they paid for. Don't let em fool you into believing it's the developers. It's Apple plain and simple.


    How hard would it be for iTunes to recognize your IOS and download the older version of the app?


    As far as all this "hardware can't handle it" crap goes, they are full of it! Yes there are many apps that require a camera. But who would bother or care if they don't have a camera on their device to begin with? I'm talking apps like Angry Birds, Temple Run, Hillclimb Racing and other apps that do not require a camera, gps, etc. Those same apps have no problem running on older Android devices. Even most apps listed as incompatible can be side loaded or older versions can be found. On much inferior hardware to the 1st or 2nd gen ipod touches btw. So the excuse about the hardware is not entirely true.


    There are too many tablets with much better pricing and hardware out there anymore. We will see how Apple's business practices work for them down the road here when the 3rd and 4th gen touches suffer the same fate. Don't be shocked if this happens sooner than later. The 4th gen touches we have are getting slugglish with the latest IOS according to my daughters.


    I guess we should just take the advice of others here and "put it to rest and like it!"

  • Kat.Alexandros Level 1 Level 1

    apple does have exellent devices and there operating systems has lots of information,which means that older devices cannot keep up with it. For some one that only uses it for games is using there iOS device wrong. androids are good for people that really do nothing with there devices but play games. iOS devices are for working people, or artistic people, that are used to software and hardware being out of date in 6 months, and that is getting mad because your sushi went bad in a day but your Twinkie is still good after 5 years. If you want a serious product, go with apple, if you want a portable gaming device that can make phone call go with android.

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    My original goal participating in this thread was to obtain a work around to get the apps that no longer work back to functionality on my iPod 2g after an unexpected hang up and forced restore.  Going to backed up apps from Time Machine does not seem to work. 


    Many respondents spend much time implying that owning a 2g is tantamount to not keeping up with the times, or not being "working people, or artistic...used to hardware being out of date in 6 months."  Sushi?  Expensive, overrated, and not so good after a short time, are Apple products the same?  I prefer a longer shelf life.


    I am a working person, though not very artistic.  If you get sick, I just may be taking care of you.  When I spend $200 on a device, I expect it to be usable for more than a year.  Especially when some app developers and Apple seem to be able to maintain app compatibility while others don't.  aletss and others have it exactly right, and if this isn't an intentional act on the part of Apple than it is sheer ignorance and disdain for the consumer.


    We can probably also agree that moaning on this forum is not a solution to the problem, and I suspect many have provided feedback to Apple.  But attacks on respondents and calls to stop posting on this dead horse of a thread?  If you don't like reading it, don't read it; perhaps for some there is catharsis in understanding that their frustration at having to dump $2-300 every two years is a bummer.  Or maybe, just maybe, some smart respondent will come up with a solution, and we can all rest easy.

  • pymus Level 1 Level 1

    hey...!@ Kat do really knw what you are saying Androids is only for gat to be kidding me, android OS have more functionalities than iOS, take your time to visit android market place...most of the apps you'll be paying for on iOS is even free on android of functionalities, android devices are independent not like iOS devices one will be needing PC (iTunes) to make some file transfer...some android devices even uses direct usb port, T-flash memory card, bluetooth connect to whatsoever kind of mobile devices...what can be more to have value for your need wakeup man...have use iOS and i have android teblet 2 with me now...i hope u know what i mean....dont want to mention product name...but i can tell you the different is me have made my can't even compare iOS 5 with ICS 4.0 not to talk of Jelly bean...uhm!

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