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As per this previous thread (https://discussions.apple.com/message/12871298#12871298), which has now been archived, I've found that zooming all images on a Light Table (using the slider) results in larger, but completely blurred images.


The images themselves are fine in preview, and if you choose a single image on the Light Table and drag its corner to make it larger, then it scales up just fine - greater resolution as it grows.


I have submitted a bug report through the Aperture menu, and I would encourage everyone others to do the same if they're experiencing this.



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    I have already reported the bug (as per your linked thread).


    Of note is that I was at the local University Village Apple store here in Seattle last weekend and confirmed this bug on the best 27" iMac (current model) they had in the store using the sample library in AP3.


    That machine had the ATI graphics chip and my machine has the nVidia 8800 GT, so I at least verified it is not specific to my hardware.


    Dragging images onto the light table displayed the same 'low quality' thumbnail issue I have seen since updating from AP 3.0.2 to 3.1.x.


    Scaling the images up seemed to improve the image quality, but this then utilizes too much viewable area of the light table to use for real layout option work (even on the 27" screen at Apple store).


    Here is the thread I posted as well in case anyone has interest in the troubleshooting I have already tried:




    Thanks for bringing this up again.


    Still waiting for someone to actually post that it works correctly for them at all thumbnail sizes in the Light Table function using AP 3.1.x.


    I will also send another bug report and include my test at Apple store in the report.

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    Thanks, much appreciated!

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    Just to add weight to getting this problem resolved, I too suffer from eaxctly the same issues as described in this and several other posts regarding trhe resolution of images in Aperture (3.2.1) light table.