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Okay, this is based on Darren's question here: Motion Text Crumble which asks about achieving the effect in this After Effects tutorial. This project is an update to the original. I made it more efficient by using a replicator instead of a particle emitter to generate the particles. This one gets about 11 fps on my system, unrendered (but with Movement Blur turned off).


I've still not come up with a good way to have the crumble travel along - maybe a moving attractor? Solved points to anyone who does.




(click on the picture for a movie)


Here's the project. It does a couple of interesting things, One of them is that it uses a random shape generator for the particles by applying a Randomize Shape behavior to a bezier shape, cloning it to allow the particle emitter to see it as a movie and using Random Start Frame. It also puts a Wriggle on the particle's "bounciness"  so when they hit the bottom they rebound differently.


It uses a clone layer to create the particle's shadows. Oh - and it uses the  "Underwater" filter (with a speed of zero) to give some "graininess" to the type edges...


Also, it's a good idea to turn off the Movement Blur filter while you play around. It adds a lot of overhead.


Put what you want to write (or be revealed) in the Title Holder group.


Have fun...




  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4 (2,885 points)

    nice patrick!


    I've only had a quick look at the project but will be sure to dissect at length later. I particularly like the the underwater filter to give a bit of organicness to the letters. clever.



  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    Thanks Adam... Any thoughts on a staged crumble? I thought perhaps a Displace filter coupled with a moving gradient, but it doesn't give the effect of falling...


    And getting an attractor or repeller to operate only in the Y-Axis moves the entire block at once...



  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4 (2,885 points)

    you asking me? I'll have a look and get nowhere a bit later today!



  • Adam Scoffield Level 4 Level 4 (2,885 points)

    rubbish, complete failure. couldn't get it to look any good at all. I'm going to go and buy AfterEffects. ( not really David just winding you up).



  • David Bogie Chq-1 Level 7 Level 7 (24,895 points)

    So where's the evidence of Darren's everlasting gratitude?


    Slick, Patrick.



  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    He did say thanks in the thread he originated...



  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    Hmmmm.... I just had an idea about using a Replicator of Replicators to create slices of the word that would fall off frame by frame...


    Just a theory at this point - I'll try and work something up - anyone else?



  • coocooforcocoapuffs Level 3 Level 3 (845 points)

    Cool Patrick - it is fun! But this is a motion 4 yes; I get this when I try to open in motion 5:

    Screen shot 2011-06-27 at 6.09.23 AM.png

    Plus the replicator position and scale is all messed up in 5. ha! But your idea on Replicator of Replicators is a good one and would make the animation more realistic... chisel hits on the wall for each letter perhaps. Cheers!

  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    Yes, Apple removed some filters, sadly, in Mo5. Movement Blur, Edge Work, and Vectorize. All of which I liked. As I mentioned elsewhere, things don't line up properly after translation to Mo5, and I'm not sure why.


    If I get some time, I'll try from scratch in Mo5 and see if I can get it to work properly.





  • coocooforcocoapuffs Level 3 Level 3 (845 points)

    thx Patrick for that valuable info...I too use those filters alot. Is that the complete list of missings? Any more info on things not lining up, or is it random at this point. I have an external test drive with all the FCPX stuff on it, but not enough time right now to immerse myself...waiting for Lion to come, then I will make that drive internal on a shiny new iMac. I guess folks are too busy complaining about FCPX to rag on Motion yet, but it sure looks cool here. However, it will not run well on old iron like FCPX does I've noticed, it's dog slow on an older - ha - 2009 iMac. Anyway, keep up the good work, that crumble has potential!

  • mark pigott Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    it doesn't like to play in motion 3, even with me setting version to 3 in textedit.

    i will try to replicate in 3ds max

  • Patrick Sheffield Level 7 Level 7 (29,175 points)

    Hmmmmm... I don't know that it uses any Motion4 stuff that isn't found in Mo3, except - hmmm - I'm not sure when the "floor" setting of the edge detect behavior came in... That might throw Mo3 off...


    You might try just recreating the concepts in Mo3... I don't have Mo3 around any more, or I'd give it a go.