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gatorgolfski Level 1 (0 points)

So I have see this posting out there a few times, but there has not been a resolution to the issue and was hoping someone could respond where the issue relies and if there is a working solution (or do I need to switch carriers/modems. The issue (as described with others) is my Macbook can not connect to the internet due to the 2WIRE dropping a signal as frequent as every 5-10 minutes. The 2WIRE only drops a signal for my macbook (as the iphone, ipad and work computer (Dell)) all work fine, but the moment I start surfing (Safari and Firefox) the drops on the 2Wire Modem start. I assumed it was my modem, so had it replaced (same issue) and when going to my girlfriends house (same thing since she too has a 2Wire).


AT&T has come out to the house no less than 5 times and 'fix' something, but they do not even know what is causing it since it continues to happen. Any help woul dbe appreciated as it is extremely frustrating.


Thank You

  • etresoft Level 7 (27,791 points)

    Does the 2WIRE drop just your MacBook? Do all the other devices continue to work? Or does the 2WIRE reboot itself? Has ATT actually replaced the modem? Those 2WIRE modems, like anything your ISP gives you for free, are junk. The best thing to do is buy yourself a $30 wireless router and have it handle the wireless. Connect the 2WIRE to the router's WAN port.

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    Yes, it only drops with the Macbook. All other devices work (ipad, iphone and my work computer which is a dell). Also works with Applt TV no problem, just the Macbook and Airport. ATT replaced with a brand new modem and as mentioned above, my girlfriend also has a 2Wire and does the exact same thing with my macbook (but non of her devices).

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    Set the wireless on the 2wire to "b" instead lf "b/g". There's no good reason that should change anything, but for some reason, that fixes it most of the time.

  • IAmMe123 Level 1 (0 points)

    why hasnt anyone fixed this issue?????


    just a question, but do you find it crashing when you click on stuff? and somtimes randomly? but never when completely off of your browser?

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    That is exactly what happens. I have a POS Dell for work and it NEVER kicks me off at all (I work from home a lot), but the moment I start to browse on my Macbook, it goes out. It does the exact same thing on my wife's iMac as well (also has a 2Wire).

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    then thats exactly my problem. i suspect something the macbook is sending to the router is crashing/stalling it. i just which i could find some kind of free monitoring program that lets me find out what its sending, with a complete list of code being sent, and at what time its sent.


    what is the Macbook putting out that my other 3 computers are not?


    also, whats the OS and is it just a Macbook?

    im having problems with my Macbook Pro running Snow Leopard 10.6.8

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    I was experiencing a simelar problem with my MacBook not connecting.  After digging around to isolate and duplcate the problem I think I may have a solution. 


    The problem occurred when the MacBook went to sleep and the WiFi signal was no longer connecting to the Router.  I’m connecting through an Airport Extreme in Bridge mode which is connected to my AT&T U-Verse 2Wire router.  The 2Wire router would see the connection had been lost and reassign the IP address to another device.  This was usually my company laptop. 


    The solution was to enter the 2Wire system summary (check your user manual) and assign an IP address to the MacBook.  To do this, I went into the 2Wire Settings Tab, then the LAN Tab, and under the LAN Tab, I clicked on the IP Address Allocation Tab. 


    2Wire System Summary:  Settings > LAN > IP Address Allocation


    This screen shows all of the devices connected to the 2Wire and will allow you to Assign an Address to a Device.  The default setting is “Private from pool: 192.168.x.x”.  However, you can select a Private Fixed address from the drop-down menu. 


    I changed the IP address for the MacBook about a week ago, and I have not encountered any problems since the changes were made. 


    I hope this helps.

  • IAmMe123 Level 1 (0 points)

    try changing the IP address range to 172.16.x.x and wireless mode to 802.11b. share the results in a couple days.

  • Marble Rye Level 1 (40 points)

    gatorgolfski, I too have the exact same problem as you. Macbook Pro, AT&T 2Wire modem/router, the works. Have had this problem for years, and it began when I "upgraded" from my old modem to this new 2Wire POS.


    I've kept all my system software updated and everything. I'm currently changing the channel on the modem, and am on my last channel - all the other channel changes didn't work. But here's my difference: I don't experience any dropped connections anywhere else. My father has an ATT 2Wire when I visit him and it works fine there. I'm thinking my wireless signal may be experiencing interference from elsewhere.


    I will try changing the mode to 802.11b if this last channel change doesn't work. And I do thank you for sharing that you've had ATT techs out to your home to no avail. I won't waste my time with them now.


    Quick fix for me: close your Macbook Pro, wait about 10 seconds then reopen it. The connection restores. Annoying but at least you won't have to restart your MbP.

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    dont forget to try and change the IP range to 172.16.x.x.

  • lupunus Level 4 (1,000 points)

    gatorgolfski wrote:


    the 2WIRE dropping a signal as frequent as every 5-10 minutes.

    Do I translate "2Wire AT&T" correct as "DSL-Gateway"?


    If so, did you see the wifi signal indicator still display good signal, but your connection drop?


    Would you be so kind to tell us what Router is behind the 2Wire and whats the nominal speed the 2Wire supply?


    Thanks in advance



  • Marble Rye Level 1 (40 points)

    IAmMe123, I've tried everything you've recommended. Still get drops. It's now especially evident in my Yahoo! Mail in that it freezes in in the Inbox and I can't get out of it unless I create a new webpage where it kicks me out of my mail. I suspect this has to do with Yahoo's recent "upgrade" of it's mail system, because this freezing up began when this upgrade was implemented. I reported it to Yahoo and, much like the cable company, they never fail to tell me to unplug the modem the replug it. I think the 2Wire is related somehow.


    Anyway, I called AT&T and essentially b!tched them out over it, threatened to dump them, and they sent out a new 2Wire free of charge. I have yet to hook it up so I'm not sure what the outcome will be.


    What I can say is that my father has AT&T 2Wire router but when at his home I never experience disconnects. Don't understand it until he told me he has U-verse, whereas I only have their regular high speed internet DSL version. I suspect that if this new modem doesn't work I will consider going with U-verse. I really have no problem with AT&T outside of this 2Wire garbage I've been enduring for years.


    @lupunus, I can't speak for IAmMe123 but re signal indicator, my Airport still shows full bars when I get dropped. HTH.

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    This worked for me, maybe it will work for you too..


    go into the wireless settings of the modem

    go to home network -> wireless settings

    enter in router password

    go down to additional settings -> wireless mode -> CHANGE to "b"

    click save

    go to home network -> advanced settings

    go to private network -> click on

    click save

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    I have been trying to find a solution to this problem, and while I can't say this will work its worth a try. Safari apple os or both  seem to have a conflict with the WPA security protocol thats default in the 2wire. In the 2wire settings change to WPA/PSK and create a new pass phrase then restart. Worked for me.

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