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  • Mau Alcântara Level 1 Level 1

    Yeah, because of questions like that, I haven't bought a Macbook to replace my old one which was stolen. Also, I've decided to try an Android phone instead of an iPhone (which I have been using since the second edition).


    I keep using my iMac (despite of this annoying issue), my iPad, my iPod and my Apple TV. But that helped me perceiving that Apple isn't the only option. I'll keep on using their products since they keep on providing me more benefits than issues - and this ridiculous WiFi issue helped me perceiving that.

  • pemarsh Level 1 Level 1

    WOW!!!--i didnt even notice it was may 2011!!!  Now i am convinced apple does not plan on fixing this problem anytime soon

  • gklein91 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but a fix was found a couple months ago. You go to your wireless router settings on the computer it's connected to. You then change the type of security. i.e. WPA. And then you change it back to your original security settings. I did this fix months ago and have not had a single problem since.

  • DamenS Level 1 Level 1

    What a ridiculous statement !!  A "fix" was found ?? 


    ... you mean like the other hundred "fixes" mentioned throughout this thread - which seem to have worked for one person for a period of time, yet don't help anyone else or which only work for a limited period  ?  This thread has been going for a LONG time and if you'de followed it for any length of time you'de know there has not been a single "fix" yet - that's for sure !


    Heck I've even reported my steps in the early stages which helped me for about 4 months - but then the problem came back, even then I had never said I had a "fix" for everyone.

  • gklein91 Level 1 Level 1

    Why don't you just try it? I've been following this thread for 6 months and ive tried them all. This was the only method that worked for me. So I think it's safe to say its a fix. Give it a shot instead of trolling the apple forums. I merely was suggesting a fix that worked for me.

  • DamenS Level 1 Level 1

    I have.  It didn't work.  This is why I know it is not a universal "fix" for this problem.  There have been MANY "fixes" along the way (Semantically, they are rather "suggestions" than "fixes"), and yet nothing has held thus far (which is what I think a "fix" is - the problem no longer exists and - barring no changes - doesn't come back).


    If you were saying that you have found something which has seemed to fix the problem for yourself, for a period of time, that would not be incendiary and insulting to the rest of the people still reading this thread; stating merely that a "fix" has been found implies that the problem has been, well, "fixed".  Close this thread, no longer required.  It has been FIXED.  No problems here anymore - we've FIXED it. 


    Yet you say "a fix has been found" referring to what helped you, and yet all those other "fixes" you tried which didn't work for you - only for others - aren't also mentioned by you as fixes:  "numerous fixes have been found - some over a year ago" in your estimation.  Why ?  Because they didn't fix the problem for you.  If YOUR problem is seemingly solved then it is a "fix", and if it only helps OTHER people then it isn't a "fix". 


    All the silly people still waiting for an actual "fix" (ie. Apple making this particular problem go away - for everyone - you know, an actual "fix"ing of the problem), could be insulted by your assumptions that your "fix" has merely not worked as they have been too dumb or lazy to try it (and that's why they are subscribed to this forum - to find potential solutions and then ignore them entirely ... Good grief !!).


    Other "fixes" have been changing from G to N, turning off dual band, changing the wireless channel, buying a new modem, connecting the modem directly to the computer (LOVED that "fix") and so on and so forth.  Yet with all these fixes, it seems nothing has been "fixed" (other than your computer for a briefer period of time than the other failed "fixes" have worked for before failing).

  • Ocalawill Level 1 Level 1

    I think you are witnessing the extreme frustration and anger from iMac users that think they have been ditched by Apple. With the kind of talent and resources Apple has, I really think this issue should have been resolved many months ago. It seems it just hasn't been important enough to them which is a shame. Nothing has worked on my iMac. Some "fixes" lasted a few days to maybe a month or so for me.  My mid 2011 iMac was my FIRST Apple PC. So needless to say it hasn't left a great impression. I was considering getting an AirBook or Pro but now I'm hesitant. That is what poor customer support does.

  • gklein91 Level 1 Level 1

    What a whiney post. Sounds as if you're offended over such a trivial discrepancy.  I'm going to keep enjoying my fixed iMac, I Wish the best of luck to all users that haven't found a solution.  And for those who haven't tried the fix I suggested in a previous post, please do and hopefully it will work for you

  • Keerock? Level 1 Level 1

    Over the past year I've tried a lot of the fixes as well and, at least for me, none of them have stuck. The only one I know really works for me (I tried it with a borrowed Airport Exteme) is to pair the mid 2011 iMac with the latest generation AE and configure from scratch. I really think it's a mixed network issue BUT the annoying part is it is only happening with the mid 2011 iMac. ALL other Apples WIFI devices on my mixed network work fine. It's most likely a chip issue with the Airport card in the mid 2011 iMac that need to be fixed. I'm guessing Apple knows this but it will be a hardware swap issue so they don't want to go down that path. If it was a patch only, I'm confident they would have pushed it out.


    Lucklily I'm fully wired for ethernet but it annoys me because I can't move it from room to room if desired.

  • Zenobius Level 1 Level 1

    I had completely forgot about this issue, and that I was even subscribed to the thread...


    My 2011 iMac used to have issues all day with WiFi, I also tried everything mentioned in the thread.

    And no, it's NOT hardware..... re-read the thread. apple HAS replaced WiFi cards in some user's iMac's. no change.

    OS X, WiFi issues. Bootcamp into Win7... Works fine. It IS the drivers.


    Anyway, after many OS X updates AE updates and verifying/fixing persmissions twice.. I have not had any trouble with my iMac's WiFi. I wiped the settings, updated the AE basestation, connected via Ethernet for a week.. then after verify/repair I setup WiFi. it works fine now. (Knocks on wood heavily...)


    My problem now... The issue has moved from my iMac to my AppleTV... It works great over Ethernet, can't find the internet over WiFi now.. but local works fine so I can still stream my iTunes library to it.

  • ingkorth Level 1 Level 1

    the apple support told me it's probably an interference issue.. even if I told them that my linux pc have no problem with wifi

    so I decided to try to come back to leopard driver and... it works.

    now I've again the problem when the imac wake up after sleep... but it's better than a cable across the room...


    I hope they will fix with the next update...

  • GFHardy Level 1 Level 1

    as I wrote i've got a new motherboard and now all is running very well!

  • wapsijim Level 1 Level 1

    Does the new motherboard have anything to do with the WiFi card or are they totally separate?




  • GFHardy Level 1 Level 1

    the WiFi card is fixed permanently with motherboard and cannot be removed like  Mac pro.

    So you must change the whole motherboard, as you do at a notebook.

  • ingkorth Level 1 Level 1

    bad news (for me): also the old driver does not work ...after 2 days the wifi began to lose packets...