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I was told by a MobileMe rep that I should restore my iPhone from a Backup.  When I connect the iPhone to iTunes (not set to automatically back up when connected!) and press Restore, I get the following message:

"Do you want to back up the settings for the iPhone “iPhone4 VB” before restoring the software?   [2 options]: BackUP     Don't Backup"


No matter which of the two I click on, I get to the next message:

"Are you sure you want to restore the iPhone “iPhone4 VB” to its factory settings? All of your media and other data will be erased, and the newest version of the iPhone software will be installed."


Actually I do NOT want to restore to factory settings, but to yesterday's backup. Where and how to I get to this option?


P.S. I once did a restore to factory settings and it was quite a lot of work to get my iphone back to the way it used to be (among others, a need to rearrange all apps into pages and folders, etc.)


Any advice would be appreciated.



iMac, MacBookPro and PowerBook G4 (i.e PowerPC), and MacMini (also PowerPC), Mac OS X (10.6.5), iPhone 4 (vers. 4.1)
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