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    MacKeeper is horrible malware that causes a "virus warning" to pop up in your browser that freezes the functionality of your computer until you force quit the browser several times.  I'm STILL trying to get rid of it!  You are misrepresenting your product and I can't imagine what you are gaining from hijacking peoples computers like this other than an evil twisted chuckle.  Why don't you show some good will towards the  "legitimacy" of your product and tell us how to stop this annoying malicious virus addware that all of sudden started popping up AFTER we did the free (except for the major headache of this software) download?  I have deleted it from my system (which was a headache as well) and now I'm getting this popup which I NEVER got before this bogus mackeeper program.

  • filmartist Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    MacKeeper is horrible malware that causes a "virus warning" to pop up in your browser that freezes the functionality of your computer until you force quit the browser several times.  I'm STILL trying to get rid of it!

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    Hi Fimartist,


    I got the same problem but I finally got rid of it! You need to download glimmerblocker.

    This is the only thing that I know that really works and does thop does awful pop-ups!





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    I fully agree that Mackeeper is to be avoided. What I consider particularly irritating is that once you have got the software that company apparently can get to your computer and upgrade their software without asking whether you want this (like adobe). I have contacted them about this and after 3 weeks got a completely incorrect answer which does not help at all and which did not avoid the automatic upgrading.


    I will now do all I can to get rid of it.

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    I just switched to Mac from PC, so obviously I am used to having to get loads of third-party products to deal with many issues. Bought a brand new MBP two weeks ago totally loaded. In my rookie ways, I got MacKeeper becasue it has a tool to remove duplicate files during my data transfer. Immediately, I started having crashes, freezes after sleep mode and unresponsive application states. Initially, I did not make the connection between the two, but upon bringing my supposedly superior Mac to the nearest Genius Bar, MacKeeper showed up in every instance of the logged crashes. I removed it completely with the help of the Apple staffer and have not had one freeze or crash since then. It may work for some people, but I've learned my lesson.



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    Thank you 2 everyone for your warning posts, it helped me to decide against downloading; however, I don't think I really would have anyway for a number or reasons:   I was immediately suspicious because after clicking on the ad and the web page opened I realized that it was in fact NOT offered by Apple, but by a third party, & if it is offered for free then a person should immediately be on scam alert, which I was, and your blogs helped me to confirm that in my opinion. You have to stop and ask yourself "what are THEY gaining by giving me this for free?" They are not gaining any income from other companies ads on their site.  It also made me very nervous to think I would be giving access to my computer files to some unknown company (very possibly non-legitimate) YIKES!!!! That to me is just plain asking for trouble. Everybody knows [or should be aware] that any scammer can make a webpage and present themselves as a legitimate company.

    My hats off to Linc Davis and others who sniffed out the false blogger!!! {funny how they think they can fool everyone, HAH!, and get soooo upset when you don't fall for it!!}

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    I went to their home page on their site, then to "customer feedbacks" and not one of their customer feedback comments has a name attached to it,....hummmm, gee I'm sure it was just an over sight, or maybe they just didn't have room for the names, or maybe their happy customers just didn't feel comfortable giving their first name or any type of name in case something bad should happen..... geez, give me a break, I can't believe some people actually fall for this.

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    Okay, I'm a big Mac fan. I have a total of four for work and personal use, for family too. I have iPod, iPhone, iPod Shuffle, iPod Touch - Yup, I love em, and I also have a Windows 7 laptop for the times when I need to access Windows, it works okay, but it still has issues for me to deal with.


    Why did I switch to Mac? Because I read how they don't get all the horrible viruses - They don't. PC's we owned were always giving us problems - ALWAYS!


    I saw the Mackeeper download this morning and in my infinite wisdom (not) I did just that, I downloaded it - MISTAKE. No sooner than it was in Macbook Pro than it told me that I had major issues and I needed to take instant action, then out of the blue, mysteriously (or not) my Macbook Pro went horribly wrong. Screen size was wrong, bits didn't work. I got back online, saw the thread in this forum and uninstalled instantly using AppDelete.


    For those of you who don't know AppDelete it's a nice free programme. Just install it and drop one unwanted file into it and it takes out everything linked to what it is you want gone.


    For the subscriber who is part of Mackeeper - of course you are going to be negative about people who make positive comments about the Mac system, which  is wonderful in it's own right, without the need for additional junk being installed. Of course you are going to say negative and rude things about Mac lovers, jealousy really is a green-eyed demon.


    Life needs to be straightforward, and so does a computer - Mac gives us simplicity. Once the difference in use is mastered, which doesn't take long and isn't rocket science, it's plain sailing. Ask Mac before doing anything - I will in the future.


    If it's too good to be true, it probably isn't!


    Stop sniping at people with an opnion and keep yours to yourself, once you've made your point let it go. Let people decide for themselves.


    Happy Mac-ing people of the world.


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    I too have recently converted to mac from pc and don't regret it for a second. I also recieved this pop-up and was just about to click "DOWNLOAD" but stopped myself, i've been caught out before on my pc. I'm glad I looked into it. I say thank mac for these forums!

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    Starting to regret purchasing two licenses. I've just sent MacKeeper this message via the Uninstall feedback panel:


    "I'm having to unistall, redownload & reinstall MacKeeper far too often, just to get around one feature or another failing on a regualr basis. Please get MacKeeper up to scratch. It's really starting to be not worth the hassle & I'll have wasted my money buying two subscriptions. Might be a good idea if you actually replied to customers who took the time & trouble to provide you their valuable feedback via this Unistall panel."


    After enduring the tediously long "chat" support for over 90 minutes last week, I'm rapidly losing faith in MacKeeper.

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    "As a representative of Zeobit LLC - the developers of MacKeeper, I would like to persuade you it's safe indeed to download our app. It has nothing in common with malware - vice versa, it's one of the apps that can help you fight with MacDefender threat you can read about it in the article at CNet 'How to protect your Mac from recent malware'  -  -


    The pop-ups you may have seen are the part of advertizing campaign that is completely legit, in case you click them you'll be redirected to the page giving extra info about our app - the app isn't downloaded or installed"



    After closing out your pop-up ads hundreds of times, without any problems save aggravation, today i clicked on one to bring it up, close it out and it IMMEDIATELY loaded a program. I was NOT "redirected to a page with extra info about your app", and, i repeat, the program was indeed downloaded without my permission.

    I don't like your methods, I don't like your product, and I don't want your product.


    Keep your mackeeper away from me.

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    I downloaded this lousy software for a "free trial" then was routed to a site to pay for it.  I tried to remove it and it left software on my computer that I discovered by accident months later.  This company is a bunch of wankers.  I went to MacUpdate to detail my experiences and I too noted with minimal research that these guys search the Internet for any site rating software and have multiple people working for them rate 5 stars or whatever the top rating is.  The company is deceptive, they put junk into their software that should never go on a professional utility (ads for example on paid for software), and they go out of their way to make sure hidden software is left on your machine (which they deny doing). What more do you need to know?


    After I started to post negative comments about them, my MacUpdate user rating suddenly dropped rapidly into three digit negative numbers.  I review many software products and I strongly suspect the manufacturers of MacReaper simply searched for all my posts and put multiple negative ratings on each one. 



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    I downloaded mackeeper and straight away I could not open my Microsoft office files. Mackeepers response to my problem was slow, in the end they offered to give me back my money for the product but I have lost so much in regard to files, and I cannot find my disc to reinstall my Office. In the end I have lost a lot more money. I asked them to pay for a new Office program, but I have not heard back from them. I wouldn't touch Mackeeper with the proverbial 40 foot pole.

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    They offerd me my money back THREE times !! But uptill now i never got ONE dime out of those swindlers!!

    And in the end i had to reformat my hd and do a clean install to finaly get rid of their virus software!!

  • peppespizza Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Great work!! Linc!!

    I dont understead how those swindlers can still post here and WHY apple is still selling their junk!!??!!




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