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JKP! Level 1 (5 points)

I have a SanDisk Extreme 16GB HD Video 30mb/sec Class 10 SDHC I card.


Some times my MB PRO will read it using the SD SLOT, sometimes it wont....????


90% of the time I have to use an external USB Card reader!!!


Anybody have any ideas why this is happening to my BRAND NEW MACBOOK PRO 15" Full load laptop!!!???


Thanks for the help!

  • Eric Ross Level 6 (11,665 points)

    Maybe this link can help http://support.apple.com/kb/ht3553#2

  • LeneNJ Level 1 (0 points)

    It seems this is a problem with the Early 2011 Unibody's. The best, fastest and most reliable SanDisk-cards can't be read from those new machines. That is so frustrating.


    My iMac from January and an 13" Unibody from last year have no issues with those cards whatsoever.


    I have a 15" i7 MBP and am facing the same issue with two cards - the SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB and the Extreme HD Video 16GB.


    This is nothing short of a huge FAIL on Apple's part. I am really disappointed.

    I just upgraded my camera gear to have SD-cards with me, but now I can still continue carrying the external card-reader. This is painful.


    However, my hope is, that this can be amended by a driver update.

    But only if the problem is recognized within the big corperation in Cupertino.


    So, please! Call the support hotline and have them FILE A RADAR, so a ticket can be opened. Eventually, someone will have to look at this and fix it!


    Same issue:


  • Willo Level 1 (30 points)

    Brand new MacBookPro, reads the same SD card sometimes, sometimes not.  What gives?

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    Hello, I am a photographer and i use SD card almost every 10 minutes! and I've faced this problem couple of times, What i found is this


    If you insert an SD card, make sure its formatted.

    Okay I use my camera to fully format it and then start taking pics and so on


    sometimes if you actually wanna access the card and the data is not important


    Try formatting the card , and try inserting, am sure it should recognize your card

    unless you got some imp data on it !


    - Saurabh Singh

    Macbook pro 13"

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    HiMy imac suddenly stopped reading my 4GB SD card. Someone said blow in the SD card slot. I did this IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thank you very very much

  • cyclewatts Level 1 (0 points)

    WOW!!!!!!! I blew into the SD slot and it worked!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks Harrier 10