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    Have you check out the new iPad 2 case by TRTL BOT called The Shell. It's durable and has a retractable home button blocker so that you protect your apps and setting while your child is playing with your iPad. check it out on Kickstarter







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    Check out the ipad case at  It's made with toddlers in mind.  It has a button blocking feature to keep them in the app they are using and a handle for carrying.  Let me know what you think!

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    I just purchased an I Pad2 for my 3 yr old.  She is autistic and is delayed.  I will be using it also, however it is hers.  There are so many apps and studies on how IPads help kiddos with autism.  The more research I do he more I see he it can help regular kids too.  My son who is 6 is also recently diagnosed autistic...aspergers....he too is getting an IPad.  Many social apps and calming apps.  IPads are AMAZING!

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    I had the original iPad and love the Trident Kraken case for it. My special needs grandson uses it everyday.  He has a tracheostomy and unable to swallow so he drools on everything.  This case has held up for the last 7 months.  I just purchased the ipad2 for my self and purchased the Trident Kraken case for the ipad2 .  I'm not has happy with it as the other one.  The design is different and it is not as easy to handle and has 2 latches on the edge that are sharp and come unlatched frequently.  I was going to trade iPads with my grandson, but since the Ipad2 case is different, I'm afraid it will not provide the same superior protection as the older one.  I would love to see Trident redesign the case for the Ipad2 to match the original one. 


    Check out this video on YouTube:




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    I work with a lot of schools, as well as parents who have children with special needs, and I've seen a lot of adults loving the Griffin Survivor (a real favorite), Trident Kracken, Otterboxes, and Gumdrops cases. But many cases have downsides: soft cases (like some from Gumdrops) can be a problem if your child likes chewing on them, and some kids get obsessed with unclipping claps, such as on the Kracken (reports are also that some cases open on impact, when dropped). Seems most cases have an achillies heel (or two), and the perfect case varies depending on the child.


    Many proven iPad cases in the $20-$30 range can add home button blocking functionality with the simple addition of inexpensive BubCap home button covers.


    While several cases that are not yet available tout designs that block the home button, those cases are a bit pricey ($50-$65), and probably most parents with an iPad and a toddler don't want to wait several months for the product to become available. Once these products are widely available and tested by the public, they may prove to be the way to go.

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    I have had the trident kraken, the otterbox defender, the military grade gumdrop, and the Griffen Survivor. I had to send them all back except the Griffins. The kraken is NOT durable. It's a hard poly material and once dropped a few times, it doesn't stay closed... The Survivor is by far the most durable and kid tough. It's expensive, but definitely worth it! I have twins and they each have their own ipad2 and case. They have dropped them, stepped on them, spilled juice, you name it... no matter how much you think you will watch them every second with it, they run away with it... Do research, check other sites...

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    Helene ~ Welcome to the Support Communities.

    helenefromfl wrote:


    The Survivor is by far the most durable and kid tough. It's expensive, but definitely worth it!

    Thanks for this. A comment on in regard to the Survivor's use by adults is also impressive:

    "Tested and the results match what the manufacturer and others state. This case is rock solid. Mounted on a sailboat for 500nm, rain, sun, T-Storms, drops, kicks and it still looks great. The ports seal up nice and tight. It was great to be able to navigate using this. Just had to wipe the screen (protector that is) to get the rain off and keep going." (Source)

    And this video review may be useful for others:




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    I have to add one more thing about the survivor that i don't like, my screens just got scratched and i contacted them. nothing i can do... no screen replacements. i think i am going to return them and buy the gum drop cases which are really durable and do have the replacements.

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    While Gumdrop cases are another favorite, I've seen plenty of parents complain about their cases (kids chewing off the home button cover, etc.).

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    which do you think is the best and why? thanks!

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    My input is based mostly on the feedback I have received from parents, teachers, and SLPs (as the developer of the BubCap home button cover). My own family's iPad has a farily minimal skin, and that has worked fine with my toddler; he somehow knows to treat our iPad with care. But based on a lot of feedback and research, the Griffin Defender seems to be a clear favorite for protecting iPads from kids. Though you pointed out a drawback (no replacement screen covers if they get scratched) which I had not heard anyone mention before.


    Because iPads are used a lot in special education nowadays, there are some really great suggestions if you look at forums and Facebook groups for teachers and therapists who work in this field. My iPad case suggestions are based a lot on discussions in these groups.

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    There's a new review specifically on the BEST iPad 2 case for kids.  She reviews ten of the popular cases (all of the ones already listed here and some others I've never heard of but that look like great candidates for children with iPads).  Hope it helps someone else, I just ordered two for my kids based on this! Link is here

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    Here's a quick video of the addycase in action!



    Let us know what you think!  Thanks!

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    I just reviewed 7 different cases for the iPad 2 all marketed towards families -- here's a link


    There are 7 different short videos posted there so you can see the different cases and hear my reviews. I hope my anal retentiveness and overthinking helps you figure out which one you like best! My personal faves -- the Gripcase and the M-Edge Super Shell as well as the Big Grips stand (not the case).




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    A feature that sealed the deal for us was that the home button is covered with this case.  I had been looking for this feature as my kids push the home button requiring me to set things up again.


    LINK>>>   AddyCase for Home Button Blocking!

    Kids iPad holder.jpg

    LINK>>>   AddyCase for Home Button Blocking!

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