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  • shruthifrommind Level 1 Level 1

    Try using your wifi password set for your router.

    Or the password you use to log in to your mac.

    The only way out is to think of each and every password you have used in your life for your accounts, devices. Try thinking close to the time you bought your iphone. Were you obsessed with some song, book or band then that you could have set.

    Go to your Keychain access and try all the passwords that it has saved.

    Apple has messed up this one bad

  • Roeetha Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your thoughts (and to all others who responded). Problem is resolved now, "Find iphone" unchecked on the phone, and yes tried every password I ever used on my laptop and the one that worked was my logon to the laptop when I bootup worked. I know I never used that for anything to do with the iphone so it's some sort of default I guess, who knows... Perhaps my success will help someone else!

  • pjhayton Level 1 Level 1

    I just got mine to work.


    Unfortunately it seems to be different for everybody's situation, but this worked for me. I followed the suggestion posted on here to simply click "Encrypt backup w/password" and set a new password, and then restore from the desired backup using the newly made password, however this did not work at first. This password has a capital letter in it, so I attempted to use the same password without a capital letter and it worked. Apparently it's not case-sensitive.


    I'm really disappointed that this hasn't been officially resolved yet.

  • Ornamon Level 1 Level 1

    I had my iPhone stolen and finally got a new one today. I was having the same issue, as I thought that the iPhone password would be the same as the Apple ID password, but that was not the case. I have had to change my iTunes password several times for various reasons and did not remember the original one I used which turned out to be the iPhone password that was needed.


    So, voila, it's working again. Now I will have to go and reset that password to the same one as the current Apple ID so I don't waste an hour next time trying to remember it. Thanks everyone.

  • Technophobic1 Level 1 Level 1

    I've just received a new 5C from work, as the wireless on my 4S packed up. I was therefore unable to back up the phone via ICloud (whatever that is).

    I managed to back my old phone up onto Itunes easily enough, but was then unable to restore my new phone from the backup, due to the password request ??? Tried all of my existing Itunes passwords etc and everything else I could think of, with no luck.

    After several frustating hours I've worked out that the password which was required was the original passcode lock (the one I set up to unlock the phone during the initial set-up when it was brand new).

    My phone has to have the passcode changed at regular intervals and luckily enough I always use six consecutive numbers on the keypad, so after wracking my brains I eventually managed to back track and work it out.


    You need the original code that you set up and used to unlock the handset when then phone was brand new, GOOD LUCK.

  • TuckerR Level 1 Level 1

    The fact that you can't just create a different backup file, with a different password... Is possibly the dumbest thing I have ever seen Apple do.


    I love my phone. Luckily, I still have it. It works GREAT.


    I always write my passwords down, but I must have stupidly lost it... That is legitimately my fault...

    Except, I thought I was encrypting my BACKUP file, not my PHONE.


    Unfortunately, no matter which computer I plug it into, the phone itself now requires the encryption password in order to back it up and/or restore it from said backups.


    I use one password, one time, and now I can no longer manually back my $800 machine up to my computer or any computer, permanently...


    If my phone can NEVER BE BACKED UP AGAIN manually... you'd think that would be in the text in the alerts... They shouldn't call it encrypted BACKUP if it also affects the PHONE and hardware permanently.


    So now, the best I can do is iCloud restore... which means this machine I paid boat loads of money for will be a huge pain to use for months while I slowly and painstakingly plug in the 100s of passwords I need in order to use it for business... The fact that there's 250k plus people that have viewed this, and 250 plus that have weighed in tells me I'm not only one that is ready to punch through my computer screen. At least I've got that going for me...

  • Columkil Level 1 Level 1

    Hello All ...


    I was initially frustrated with this as well. However I began to wonder which password it was actualy asking me for. After a process of elimination I worked out that it is asking for your adminstarators password, specifically the password that you set and get asked for when you update software for example, or if you want to update ssytem settings etc. It's not asking for an "iPhone" or "" password.


    Hope that helps and saves you all pulling your hair out! :-)

  • TJBUSMC1973 Level 5 Level 5

    That worked for you simply because you used the same password for two different processes.  Your admin password and your encrypted iTunes backup password do not have to be the same.


    There is no guarantee that the 'admin password' will work for other people, unless they also set the same password for both services.  I'm glad it worked for you, but it's important to understand why it worked in this case.

  • bradmarkley Level 1 Level 1

    I had the same trouble, but then checked Keychain Access. Searched for iPhone Backup Password, selected "show password," entered the password for my computer (my everyday login password) and there it was.

  • liliput98 Level 1 Level 1

    Why wouldn't this work?


    Start off with a new iPod Touch (as was my situation) and a newly installed iTunes on a computer with minimum possible software installed on both.


    1) Make a memory map of the entire contents of both.


    2) Then make an UNencrypted backup of the iPod using iTunes.


    3) Make new memory maps of both.


    4) Then make an encrypted backup.


    5) Make new memory maps of both.


    By comparing the memory maps, one should be able to find out exactly where on both iPod and computer have been placed the "markers" that indicate an encrypted backup has been made.


    Then delete or alter those markers as needed so the history of encryption is removed. Then make an encrypted backup and write down the new password used.

  • Lawrence Finch Level 8 Level 8
    Mac OS X

    It won't work because during the encryption process the original data are compressed, so the maps won't align. Encryption technology was designed by people far smarter than you or me.


    The password is not just a password to enable or disable encryption. it is the encryption key, and is embedded in the encrypted data.

  • liliput98 Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for the explanation. I am a vicitm myself of a forgotten password and obviously desperately seeking some solution, gladly willing to discard the old backup so I can make a new one. So much work to start again from scratch. I have made the same mistake with a few expensive FDE hard drives.

  • OldGnome Level 3 Level 3
    Windows Software

    I had the same problem....until I activated the phone portion of the iPhone (I had to first register my phone with the corporate mother ship). Then I was able to restore without keying in a password. As soon as my phone was active on Verizon's network, I was home free.


    Now I just have to clean up all those icons....

  • LLLeigh Level 1 Level 1

    1234 worked for me.  I've never used that as a password before.

  • Matt Savino Level 1 Level 1

    I tried everything in this thread on my new 5s that I wanted to restore from a recent backup of my stolen 4s. I know I tried the same password (the one I use for everything) at least 5 times to no avail.


    I went ahead and updated the 5s software, since a few had mentioned that seemed to help, and let my phone know that it trusted my computer. Then tried the same password from above and it worked.


    Hope this helps someone. Nice glitch Apple. I guess if it pushes more people to spend money on iCloud then this is a fortuitous bug for you. Sorry but I still don't like the idea of hackers or the en e$$ ay combing through my whole life.

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