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Although the whole approach Apple took in redesigning these forums is just ***-backwards, there are 2 things that are just mind-numbingly ridiculous. First, why isn't the search box linked to the forum you are browsing?  After spending the mouseclicks to finally arrive at the forum I'm interested in, why does the search field still search the entire Communities?  If I'm in the Motion forum and I type in something about an xml import, I really don't need to filter through search results from the itunes forum....


Secondly, when I 'refine the list' to get to the forum I actually want, why does the whole blue panel have to stay active.  When I click to the second screen of the forum I'm in that same blue panel is there taking up 75% of the vertical space.  I mean, did anyone at Apple really try to use this before if was released? 


I've held off so long on posting anything about this.  I just didn't want to be labeled as one of those people who just can't appreciate anything new, but this is just a horrendous step backwards.  It really seems like some project manager needed something to justify his/her job so they took it upon themselves to sell the need to redesign this place.  Really, really poor job in almost every aspect of what this has become.....

G5 dual 2GHz, Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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