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    Actually, GMail via Exchange is not so good idea. I've tried that few days/weeks ago and it doesn't work properly. The push is great, however, I can't see all mails in Inbox folder in my phone, which is stupid and I don't know why (I've tried to solve this in different thread). And more - I don't wanna sync my address book with GMail contacts because it makes mess from all of them. For example the addresses or prefixes/suffixes are not the same in Address Book and GMail contacts.


    However, I've got lucky twice last Saturday - 1. I've got married , 2. one of the wedding gift was iPhone 4 , so I just need to wait for iCloud

  • krammark Level 1 Level 1

    I've been using it for over a year now. I use IMAP for the mail and just use the exchange service for the google contacts. It's possible there is some differences in suffixes/prefixes, but nothing that has bothered me. I'm a long time GCal user and actually got an iphone only after how well I saw it works with GCal.

  • marco00168 Level 1 Level 1

    Funny how I didn't notice all the advertizements. The bummer is that I paciently renewed my MobileMe subscription thinking that sooner or later the service would be better. It did and it's now FREE with only one problem they left all 3G users behind. Not everyone can afford to pay top money for a new iPhone every 3 years to use the iCloud. I don't like this new monopoly.

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    Sounds good to me. Is  there a way to sync with outlook?

  • marco00168 Level 1 Level 1

    I found GooCal for iPhone is it the same thing?

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    Okay...perhaps I'm not very tech savvy, but no one has sold me on the concept that iCloud won't work with my 3Gs.  Additionally, I have heard little about the functionality of "Find My iPhone" and will it work when iCloud is intorduced.  I supose the image provided by anto111ka suggests the feature has been incorporated.



  • yamraj Level 1 Level 1

    This is easy to do (my own experience). You need to remove legacy MobileMe account from 3G iphone, and manually add new iCloud servers (imap, smtp, contacts, calendar). You can find all server names in you iCloud account details, "Advanced" section. For example (you can try), your contacts server is So you can go to mail settings, select new other account, select contacts, select CardDav and put this server name. The same for mail and calendar.

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    Thank you, it's really great tip for old devices owners.

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    Oh, dublicate due to slow working of apple's servers.


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    I can´t get this to work. I´ve tried to add this tom 3G and it accepts the configuration. But there´s no new source inside my contacts app... And what about these server adresses... p01-p99 which one is for me. I found some guides on the internet but they refer to a dialog that does not appear on my ipad2.


    Any further hints to get this up and running. (I could smash my head on the table for updating to icloud)

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    Patrick, did you press groups in contacts and didn't see groups/contacts?


    My settings:

    Server —

    User — my apple id

    Password — my apple id's password

    Description — iCloud (use what you want)

    in Advances — Use SSL is ON and port is 443


    After saving settings I went to Contacts app and didn't see any contacts, but problem just because I'm in Global GAL list, I'm pressed Groups and after some network activity I got all groups from iCloud.

  • patrick179 Level 1 Level 1

    Have your removed your mobileme profile? I still have my mobileme groups inside my iphone. But the changes are not comitted. So I think it´s a local copy of my former mobileme account. I followed your advice but it wont show up on my 3G.


    Thanks anyway

  • Puregeof Level 1 Level 1


    I found the answer here and here :

    • Calendar server address :


                   Port is 443 (SSL)

                   Advaned server string is:

         [unique ID}/principal


    • Contacts server address :



    I've tried on my iPhone 3G.

    I worked out just fine.

    Everything is synchronised like it was with MobileMe account.



    Note that MobileMe account is still active on the iPhone 3G to run "find my iPhone".

  • patrick179 Level 1 Level 1

    last stupid question from me... what exactly is the unique id... is it my mobile me account name ??

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    Sry, I never used mobileme before iCloud.


    My stepts was:

    1) Synced iPad and Lion (10.7.2) with iCloud.

    2) Synced iPhone with iTunes with checked on contacts sync (after this I got dublicates in my Address Book at Mac, "iCloud" and "On My Mac")

    3) Removed all contacts from "On My Mac"

    4) Synced with iPhone again (after this I got no contacts at iPhone)

    5) Configured CardDAV sync with iCloud on my iPhone

    6) …

    7) Profit

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