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  • cameom Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me....been struggling for a month now

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    If you have more than one network, make sure all computers are on the same one.  This fixed my problem.

  • WelchTT Level 1 (0 points)

    This worked for me. Thank you. I recall IPv6 was unchecked at some point in time as well.


    Thanks again!!

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    I was having so many issues with this and got so frustrated. I turned on Homesharing multiple times on both devices but as you said it just kept dissappearing after clicking "done". Finallyyy, my mother figured it out.

    Try this:

    Click on 'iTunes" in the upper lefthand corner

    then click preferences

    click on the blue sharing logo

    then click share my library on my local network.

    It FINALLY worked after that.


    I really hope that helped!

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    In my setup I could see the shared library on PC1 via AppleTV (v3) but the streaming was very slow and intermittent. I couldn't see the shared libraries on either of the Pcs via the other PC. The wireless sync on iPad and iPhone didn't work.

    After trying almost everything I could read (inluding the port forwarding on my routers), nothing worked until I;

    1- Installed all windows updates on both PCs

    2-Authorised both PCs for apple store

    3-Allowed TCP 3689 and UDP5353 on Symantec firewall


    After the firewall configuration, all of the following showed in iTunes under devices or shared

    1-PC1:win7 Pro x64 iTunes10

    2-PC2:win7Home x64 iTunes11 (yes, that's right. Surprisingly different versions of iTunes worked together)

    3-ıPad IOS 6.1.3

    4-iPhone4 IOS 6.1.3

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    It's the Network Silly.. I had the same problem tried all the above then went all Sherlock as in detective not relic of an old loveable Apple era and deduced that what all this reset stuff had in common was probably a request to the router for an IP address.  Turned off everything that spoke IP and did the unplug wait 30 seconds, spin on one foot incantation at the Apple router and then went around the house and restarted everything, including my work PC which I think is the culprit due to sleep and VPN etc etc etc.. Voila it works!  Hope this helps!

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    Finally!!! After endless reading and failed attempts, "computers sharing libraries must be on the same network".  I have 2 Wi-Fis.  Connected the Macbook to the same Wi-Fi as the Windows 7 PC, Turned off/on Home Sharing on both, and WALLA!! The PC sees the library on the Macbook and the Macbook sees the library on the PC.  Brilliant... 

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    Thanks! This solved my problem completely. All I needed to do was change my settings from Edit>Preferences>Sharing just like you said.

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    yep - fixed it for me too. After deauthorizing, re-authorizing, quiting, restarting, shutting down, updating, signing in, checking Apple ID, checking all sharing preferences etc....on all devices.


    I have an AirPort Extreme - one mac was connected to it via ethernet, the other mac and iphone via WIFI. Could not get the home share of the mac connected via ethernet to appear on the another mac or iphone (although it did appear on the Apple TV3) - even though I could network and file share with it (so the network and filesharing was working on all devices)..... switched the network protocol on the mac that could not been seen on home share on other devices, from ethernet to wifi - all works, can see all home shares on all devices.


    That's a pretty big flaw really. I can understand to some point issues between 2 separate network devices or different branded routers, but this was the same APPLE Airport being used to network all APPLE devices, albeit one using a different protocol to the rest.


    Little dissapointed Apple. For a technologly company that prides itself on simplicty of connectivity and 'everything just works' - this is big whoops. And it's been getting worse over the years too btw.


    * ensure all devices are using the same network protocol, i.e. all on ethernet, or all on wifi.

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    As soon as I updated Windows on both computers, my home sharing showed up.  Thank you for sharing this.

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    Hi, I have a new laptop and would like to transfer my music from my old laptop to my new one.

    I downloaded the newest version of iTunes (11.1.3) but when I try to home share my old laptop's library doesn't appear.

    They are both sharing the same network and apple ID and both have the newest iTunes.

    I have checked that it is nothing to do with my virus protection.


    The shared section in the menu appears with 'home sharing' but disappears and doesn't show my other laptop's library.

    I have repeatedly tried exiting iTunes and reopening it and signing in and out and turning home share on and off but nothing seems to be working.


    Is there any solution?



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    Just spent 2 hours trying to get Home Sharing to work. Itunes 11.1 and an ipad and iphone on IOS7.


    I turned all the Firewall stuff off bla bla bla - rebooted, restarted, reentered passwords etc etc. Home Sharing just would not show up in the IOS devices.


    Had a brainwave and started itunes as Administrator as I thought it might be a rightsx issue (right click the itunes icon and choose Run As Administrator)



    Bam - Home Sharing immediately shows up in the IOS devices and functions perfectly !


    Hope that helps somebody!

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    The right click iTunes and "Run as Administrator" worked perfectly and solved my problem. Thanks.

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    I had this issue and tried most of the remedies suggested, all without success. Then a poster suggested a fix, it worked for me...


    -Open Preferences > Sharing > UnCheck 'Share my library on my local netowrk,' repeat on other machine/s.

    -Close window and close Itunes on both machines.

    -Reopen Itunes on both machines.

    -Preferences > Sharing > Check 'Share my library on my local network.' Repeat on other machine/s and close window/s.


    On my machines, I saw both the shared Library and Home Share immediately turn on.  At the bottom of sharing preferences I also see 'Status: On, one user connected.' I see it on both laptops.


    Good luck.

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    Part 1: Check if Bonjour Service is running

    Since Bonjour provides a general method to discover services on a local area network, so the first thing you need to check is if it is running on your computer. To do so: Open Windows Task Manager (also keep iTunes running)> Services > Check if Bonjour Service is running
    To enable the Bonjour service in Windows 7, you can uninstall and reinstall iTunes or follow: Right-click Computer and select Manage > Select Services and Applications > Services > Double-click the Bonjour service, set the Startup type to Automatic > Apply > Reopen iTunes to see if problem solved.

    Part 2: Check the Network

    A general rule to fix the network problem is to restart your home network router. If the problem remains, you can try switch IP4 to IP6. To do so: Open Control Panel > Choose Network and Internet > Select the View network status and tasks under the Network and Sharing Center section > Choose your active network connection > Click the Properties button > If Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) is checked, uncheck it, then click OK > Restart iTunes and check if iTunes Home Sharing will work.

    Other iTunes Home Sharing Quick Tips

    1. iTunes Home Sharing only transfers the media file and ID3 tag information. It does not transfer iTunes metadata, including ratings, play history, and comments. If you want to transfer and share your music also with ratings and play counts, AnyTrans is the way to go.

    2. Again, as iTunes Home Sharing is designed to be an easy way to either copy items from your iTunes library between your Macs or PCs in your home, or to share items from your iTunes library with your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, you can use it to move your music to a new computer.