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    Worked for my iPad as well.  Well done.  Thanks!

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    this is totally clear.  Thanks.  Although, my sync'ing issues remain.  My computer runs *super* slow, espcially when running iTunes.  I have purposely unchecked music and some apps so that when I plug in my new-ish and it automatically starts the sync process, in it's own order (haven't figured out how to kill or re-order that auto "feature") it won't tie up me or my computer for hours on end.  However, until yesterday, this did not pose a problem.  I especially do not want all the Ninjago apps and other kid apps that I downloaded for my son's iPod to take up space on my iPhone, so the other day when it started auto-sync'ing *all* the apps from my computer to my iPhone (which exceeded it's space) that's when things on my iPhone started to freeze.  Of course I tried to kill the sync right away before it could get too far, but the iTunes response on my PC is slow.  Eventually, I cleaned up my iPhone (so I thought) by deleting the apps I didn't want, unchecking the apps on the computer that I did not want to sync, then re-starting the sync.  It looked like the new apps I had downloaded onto my computer had fully loaded to my iPhone, and that all the apps I didn't want were no longer sync'ing, and removed from my iPhone, but now it won't sync apps and haven't tried music.  I tried Ravi's idea of disableing restrictions then re-starting sync, but got the same error.  Two things I will try next; turning off my iPhone (can't believe I didn't do that sooner! duh!) and may reluctantly consider un-installing iTunes from my PC, then re-installing.  I equate this to putting pins in my eyes, as it takes *forever* just for iTunes to boot & load on my PC.  I expect to ring in  the new year before being able to complete that feat.  Lets keep our fingers crossed for just re-booting the phone.  ;^}

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    IT WORKED!!!  Duh!  I can't believe I forgot one of the first and most basic things in tech resolution!  Turn the device off, then on.  So, syncing worked after disableing all restrictions, then turning off the phone completely, then turning it back on, then reconnecting to iTunes.  However, as you may have guessed, I had to re-load all of my music, because unchecking all of it removes anything that was already loaded on my iPhone.  I do not consider this a feature.  So, now I just discovered I can't get the photos and video off my iPhone unless I e-mail it somewhere or put it on U-tube.  See future post for that.  This is turning into a pain in the neck.  Many thanks to Ravi & Mystery for your guidance on the error msg!

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    I have been looking for the right answer for days...thanks Ravindersingh...can now sync my iPhone...excellent advice

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    @ravindersingh Add another one to the chorus - great tip and 100% easier than uninstalling/reinstalling.  All I did was remove restrictions, rebooted and restarted itunes, and connected up again and it worked brilliantly.


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    This solved the problem...anyone with a kid who has enabled restrictions should just start with disabling restrictions first.

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    Hey Ravi from Brisbane & everybody


    First of all thanks a lot for Ravi posting

    >>> Before u sync ur phone,,,,,just disable the restrictions in GENERAL.. <<<

    This was really the key to the first part of the problem.


    I guess I found a second part of the same issue:

    When I turned off the restrictions syncing went fine - only 'normal' errors:

    Some objects in the 'Mediathek' (German) of iTunes were not synced because iTunes didn't find them in the file system.


    When I turned on the restrictions again without solving this second part of the issue, the unknown error 1150 was back.


    Then I used iTunes manual search which is offered in case files aren't found in the file system and interviewed my kid where these files could be. She showed me the folder where she had moved (!!!) the files to using the Windows explorer and we 'told' iTunes to take the files in the other folder.


    When I synced again (still restrictions turned off) the normal errors (not finding media files in the file system) were gone and syncing went fine.


    Then I turned on the restrictions again and tried to sync again WITH restrictions activated:

    No problem! Unknown error 1150 did NOT show up again.


    So I guess this unknown error 1150 might have two root causes:

    - manually moved media files with e.g. Windows explorer


    - restrictions turned on.


    I had opened a case @ Apple just before reading Ravi's posting.

    I've informed Apple about Ravi's posting

    I'll tell Apple about my experience with the manually moved media files.


    Best regards from cold and rainy Munich, Germany.


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    You Rock, thanks for this solution!

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    Wow, that was friendly.

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    I tried that, and it didn't fix my problem.

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    I have new ipad mini, 2010 iMac, OS X 10.8.2, and ITunes 11.0.1. 

    I just opened (my third) iPad mini.  Arranged apps as I needed, set restrictions, and got this 1150 error.  I tried rebooting.  However, disabling the restrictions, ejecting it, and then pluggin it back in solved it.

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    ravindrsingh- Just wanted to say huge thanks! Your adivce helped tons! Was FINALLY able to sync my phone! Only other thing I did was after I turned my restrictions off I powered off my phone, waited a minuet and restarted it before trying to sync it again. TONS of help!!! Apple- give this person some iTunes credits for helping yall out!!!! Well deserved!

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    Worked great ,, thanks Brianne Bishop i should think of that before trying re-install itunes and the other suggestions

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    Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I wasn't able to sync my iPod touch for months and this did the trick.  I had lots of restrictions on for my kids and now it is all synced again with the newly added apps I bought.  A full backup great!