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PhillipM. Level 1 (10 points)

Hello all.

I'm a developer,i've downloaded iOs 5 with iTunes 10.5 beta.

I upgraded to that firmware and i synced music very easily. Now,i needed to do a restore,and i restored from beta 5,but when i try to sync the music,it shows me "The iPhone cannot be synced. An unexpected error occurred (1150)". I googled, but i didn't find anything about this error. Who can help me? I tried to reopen iTunes too, and to sync my music,but when i press "Sync" button,2 seconds of time and it all synced,for iTunes. but in my iPhone there's stll not my music. Argh!

iTunes, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • antonio_zamudio Level 1 (10 points)

    Same thing happened to me, iGot the solution. Just uninstall iTunes & Reinstall it again. That's it! Now you can sync seemlesly.

  • PhillipM. Level 1 (10 points)

    Ok,thanks! I will try it!

  • forouzan Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the feedback. I had the same issue, and the solution worked.

  • magician13134 Level 1 (5 points)

    Reinstalling works for me too, thanks for the tip

  • Stevearoo Level 1 (0 points)

    I got error 1150 the first time I tried to syn music on my iPhone 4s that was initialized from a restore of my old phone. I tried to sync a couple of times, and it went away without re-installing anything. So you might try it a few times before going to the trouble of a reinstall

  • PhillipM. Level 1 (10 points)

    Try reinstalling iTunes, or, try to set your iPhone as a new one, not restoring from an old backup. Also, make sure you're running the latest iTunes version!

  • frenkofrenk Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for your suggestions, issue resolved by unistalling/reinstalling iTunes.

  • CarmelKeenan Level 1 (0 points)


    I tried uninstaling and reinstalling but I get the same error. the Ipod cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred(1150). This is really frustrating - its my 10 year old's pride and joy and it's useless apart from apps.

    Can anyone help.


  • zacaddy Level 1 (0 points)

    How exactly does one go about uninstalling? Just drag the application icon into the trash? Should I be worried about accidentally deleting all my music?
    I tried just redownloading and reinstalling itunes without getting rid of the old one, and I'm still having the problem.

  • Student DB Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same Problem.


    Is this a general Problem after the last iTunes-Update?


    Backgrund-Infos: Last Sync 25.7.12 and added iCal-Datas on both Devices


    iOS 5.1.1 Build 9B206 (iPhone 4)

    MacOSX 10.6.8

    iTunes 10.7 (21)


    I tried the suggested sollution to reinstall iTunes - it dosn't work for me.

  • alnelson10 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having this problem but I have a mac and my computer won't let me uninstall iTunes, it says it needs it for the OS X that I have.... any other suggestions??

  • PhillipM. Level 1 (10 points)

    First make sure you backup your data in /Music/iTunes on an external HD or a USB drive




    METHOD 1:

    1. Launch Terminal app /Applications/Utilities/

    2. Kill iTunes app and processes by typing killall iTunes;killall "iTunes Helper"

    3. Type this command to delete iTunes:
    4. sudo rm -rf /Applications/
    5. Type in your password which won't be shown


    METHOD 2:

    1. Quit iTunes and go to to /Applications, click once on iTunes
    2. Hold down CMD + I or right click on it and choose “Get Info” from the menu
    3. Expand “Sharing & Permissions
    4. Authenticate your account by clicking on the lock icon in the lower right corner
    5. Under “Privilege” set “Everyone” -> “Read & Write
    6. Close the Get Info window and now drag iTunes to the Trash
    7. Empty the trash


    Now iTunes is completely uninstalled. Download it again from Apple, be sure your devices are running the latest version of iOS (6.0) and try to sync.


    If the process above is not working, try to reset your iDevice.


    Backup your data first!

    Download your iDevice firmware by typing in Google, i.e. iPhone 4 iOS 6 download.

    Store it in your Downloads folder or Desktop.


    Put your iDevice in DFU mode:

    1. Plug your iDevice to your Mac \ PC
    2. Turn it off
    3. Hold down Sleep button and Home button for about 10 seconds
    4. Release Sleep button but keep holding down Home button until iTunes recognizes a device in Recovery mode.
    5. Hold down OPTION (Mac) or  SHIFT (Windows) to restore from .ipsw
    6. Select your previously downloaded firmware and wait for the operation to complete.


    I HIGHLY recommend to set the iDevice as a new one and not restoring it from a backup (this will avoid general slowness issues or various incompatiblities). But, if you really need it, restore from backup and try to see if the sync works.



    I take no responsibility for anything that may go wrong during the following or mis-following of any processes listed above.

  • ravindersingh Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey everybody....


    this is Ravi from Brisbane , Australia...


    I got the solution to  Unknown Error 1150 while syncing I phone to itunes.


    Before u sync ur phone,,,,,just disable the restrictions in GENERAL..


    and then sync.....

    IM sure deinitely problem will be solved.....



  • Student DB Level 1 (0 points)



    you are great !! Thanks for taking time to let us know that !!




    please  spend ravindersingh some iTunes-Credits he take a bug for you ! :-)

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