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  • Troy Meyers Level 1 (0 points)

    Similar to Stuart, Quicken was what kept me from Lion. When Quicken 2007 for Lion came out, I first installed it on both my (iMac) and my mother's computer (MacBook Air)... both already Snow Leopard (with Quicken 2005). When it appeared to work fine, I upgraded both to Lion.


    A few days later, I did have a problem, but solved it. Printing checks ("Standard" 3-checks-per-page) crashed the app, repeatedly. The first clue was that when the print-check box came up, the graphics showing 1,2,or 3 check on the first page had two of the graphics missing, and you only could select the 3-left option. Proceeding from there caused Quicken to quit unexpectedly, leaving an unfinished print job in the laser printer queue.


    Fearing the worst, I looked at the Print Checks setup under Quicken 2007 Preferences, and the correct check style ("Standard") was indeed selected, but I think a different font and size was chosen (not sure, but I selected one more to my liking) but more importantly, when I clicked the "Positioning" button, the values shown were nonsensical. I just clicked "Restore Defaults" and that set them to reasonable values.... which now work fine, and the checks print with no problem.


    The same problem occurred on my mother's computer, with the same solution.

  • Brendan Frank Level 1 (65 points)



    I used Quicken for years and then almost lost everything when I upgraded to Lion without being aware of the Quicken issue.  Fortunately I salvaged all of my data.  I tried just about every other program mentioned.  iBank seems to work the best but I still find it a little awkward compared to Quicken.  I've now got the $15 Lion compatible version of Quicken 2007.  Can't figure out how to import my iBank data.  Was able to export the data to a QIF file.  When I go to Quicken and go to File->Import none of the options, including "from QIF" are available for me to select.  Help.




    With regard to people who say iBank is better, I have a few issues maybe you can help me with.

    1.  I find there is significant delay when entering information and clicking "return".

    2.  I find it tedious to have to hit the plus sign every time I have a new transaction as opposed to a new, blank transaction being readily available.

    3.  I find reconciling my account a little more difficult as it does not separate debits and credits clearly like Quicken.

    4.  I find it tedious to have to type in type of transaction (check, POS, withdrawal) every time.

    5.  More work to get to proper date when entering a transaction.


    Love the graphics, downloads, and iPhone app.  Must add, however, there are several extra transactions on downloads that have already been confirmed that continue to pop up when downloading.



  • Floyd O\'Neil Level 1 (5 points)

    Brendan, I too would like to know import ibank data, probably export to a Quciken Compatible format. I'm not in front of my Mac now to confirm this.

    As for your Secondary Questions your items 2-5 are all valid and I find them to be a pain too

    The Register should be ready for the next transaction, not have to enter +

    Reconciling is not as easy as you say with the debits and credits not clearly being deliniated

    Why does the transaction  default to POS? 

    The date thing drive me crazy, as soon as you enter a earlier date it move the next transaction up to that point. 

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    The Net Worth calculation with the Lion update is incorrect when you select "report at intervals of". If I use the Portfolio Value report and when I use Net Worth but leave off intervals, I get the correct value.


    By the way, somewhere in my search of the Intuit website, I stumbled on a Quicken web page to report problems. When I reported a bug there before I got a response.  Eventually they had me submit a bug report somewhere else when they concluded it was a software bug rather than a problem with my file / data.  The web page is

  • Rshrieve Level 2 (310 points)

    Floyd and Brendan,


    Re: importing data into your new version of Quicken...


    1. Do you still have the Quicken data file you imported into iBank??


    2. If you do have it, how stale is it?  It may be more secure to import the original Quicken data back into Quicken and reconstruct the interval in which you've been using iBank.  I ran Quicken and iBank in parallel all this time (on separate partitions) so my Quicken data file (.qdfm) was current and I just opened it using the new version of Quicken.


    3. If you do not have your Quicken data file, you will have to export from iBank and re-import the .qif into Quicken.



  • Stuart Pollack Level 1 (25 points)

    Another minor bug with Quicken 2007 for Lion:


    During the process of entering an online payment using a memorized transaction, I note that the information initially populates properly into the Payee, Amount and Category fields. However, if I click on (or tab to) any field, or try to enter the payment, the Amount and Category fields become blank, requiring them to be manually entered, which is a minor annoyance.

  • Brendan Frank Level 1 (65 points)

    I think I figured it out.  Stupid me.  I had downloaded Quicken for Lion and tried to import the .qif before Quicken was fully set up.  Looks like it is working correctly although I haven't really worked with it yet.  Thank you for your help.

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    Stuart, yes I have that same problem with auto-populate.



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    After using the Lion update for a few weeks, most functions seem to work but I have noted a series of Crashes which seem to recover with data intact.  The most recent ones are happening with security price updates online

  • Floyd O\'Neil Level 1 (5 points)

    Ok, I exported the iBank QIF file, created a new account in Quicken ( I had removed all previous quicken files when I moved to iBank) and the import into Quicken went fine EXCEPT one little hassle.  None of my previously CLEARED transactions were shown as CLEARED in Quicken so I had to go in an manually clear the past 7 years of transactions, just a pain........

  • Floyd O\'Neil Level 1 (5 points)

    Oh, just to be safe I am going to run both Quicken for Lion and iBank with dual entries, God only knows what will happen when Mountain Lion is released this Summer.  My primary tools are Adobe CS, the full suite, Aperature, Lightroom, Final Cut, so it is important for me to keep my OS up to date.  I hope Quicken for Lion will work with Mountain Lion.

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    I seem to be having an issue with the Quick Fill feature.  When I start filling in a Payee on a check, the software jumps ahead and populates all of the other field based on it's memory, just as it should.  However, as soon as I hit the tab or enter key, only the Payee information is entered and all of the other fields go blank.  On the other hand, I can go to the List/Quickfill Transactions drop down menu and select an entry and everything populates properly into the check blank.  I can now change the amount, for instance, if I wish, and hit enter and everything is recorded into the check and register properly.  Anyone else have this problem?. 

  • Troy Meyers Level 1 (0 points)



    I have. A work-around is entering the check in the register instead of the Write Checks window. It still comes up as the memorized "PRINT" with the values, catagories, and if you hit ENTER then it is accessible in the Write Checks window.


    As an aside though, the additional note field on the checks (other than Memo) seems to have disappeared, and I can't find how to turn it back on. Anyone?



  • Troy Meyers Level 1 (0 points)

    .... regarding the additional note field on checks, I just discovered that the option does exist, you turn it back on (apparently this setting wasn't kept when upgrading to Q 2007 for Lion) by going to Preferences > Register, and near the middle of the group of checkboxes, there's one called "Show additional note field on checks". It does work. I'm not quite sure why it's under the "Register" preferences rather than Checks, but there it is. Whew.



  • SPF1061 Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep, making the entry in the register works here as well.  Thanks.  Did you by any chance make a bug report with Intuit?