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JonDo71 Level 1 (30 points)

Does it?

  • jonathan187 Level 1 (0 points)

    It supports the full range of ProRes codecs, so you should certainly be able to cut 1080p50 just as you can in FCP 7. It's still downloading here, though, so I can't tell you for certain.


    Come to think, I don't have a 1080p50 source, either.

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  • makkan Level 1 (5 points)

    Final Cut Pro X is not capable if importing 1080 50p from my panasonic camera using avchd. It can handle 1080 50i. I hope future udates will fix this. My camera have the choice of recording 1080 50p or 50i. If i want to use FCP pro X i have to choose the lower quality. Or i will continue to edit with Premiere which handles both formats.

  • alexgrainger Level 1 (30 points)

    As far as I was aware FCP7 does not support 1080 50p, just 1080 50i or 1080 25p.


    Does FCPX support the Sony NX70 which shoots in 1080 50p AVCHD?

  • JonDo71 Level 1 (30 points)

    I have a a panasonic camera as well, and this is just a waste of money if it doesn't support 1080/50P i'm not going to downgrade on quality because Apple isn't capable of creating a decent package.

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    I have the Panasonic HDC-TM700, which at it's highest setting shoots 1080 60p, recording as AVCHD.  Currently, Final Cut Pro X cannot ingest the raw camera files (use Toast or ClipWrap to transcode them to ProRes 422 first; Panasonic is said to be releasing a fix for this soon).  But when FCP X imports the ProRes Quicktime files THEY ALL PLAY AT FULL 1080 60p; I do not see why they wouldn't play 50p. 

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    I also have the Panasonic HDC-TM700 and Final Cut X can work with the AVCHD if you shoot 1080 50i. When you shoot at the higher quality 1080 50/60p FCP X cant recognize the files when importing them.

    I want to edit the AVCHD files without transcoding it to proRes using ClipWrap or other software. For me Premier does the job, i can work and edit the 1080 50p files directly without any conversion. That is something I hope FCP X will implement in future version.



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    I can import in Final Cut X a 1080/50p video that has just be rewraped to .mov with ClipWrap without requirement to transcode to Prores.


    As opposed to prores transcode which requires long time and huge disk space, the rewraping with ClipWrap is quick and generates a file that is just a little bit bigger than original. The rewraping just changes the container AVCHD to container Quicktime .mov, both are based on H.264.


    I had tried this in FCP7 but result was shaky and I had to go for the prores. I have done limited tests with FCP X but it seems to play rewraped video nicely fluid and usuable. This will highly improve my workflow and disk space consumption.


    I would greatly appreciate if that feature that seems so easy to provide through ClipWrap was included on the shelf by FCP X.

  • Stockholm Level 1 (120 points)


    Could you please tell me what kind of Mac you have that are able to do that.





  • Mantankali Level 1 (0 points)

    I have an 27" iMac 2,8 Ghz Intel Core i7 - 12 Go memory


    Just tested few rewraps working fluid, not yet large timeline.



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    While you can certainly use clipwrap to rewrap the H264 file into a .mov and import into FCPX, you'll find that it'll transcode automatically to ProRes 422. And then you'll need to transcode to export as H264. See my other thread for a discussion on this. It seems that FCPX can't natively handle H264 without using ProRes as an intermediate format...

  • Mantankali Level 1 (0 points)

    In my case, it has not retranscoded to Prores and the imported files properly remain h.264/quicktime.


    I went to the Final Cut Events folder file and the checked the imported files and there caracteristics and size are the same as the original files rewraped with ClipWrap .


    I've checked their characteristics with Quicktime inspector who says "H.264, 1920 x 1080, Millions PCM linéaire, 24 bit petit boutien entier signé, 6 canaux, 48000 Hz"


    I would say that I'm quite happy this is the case, I would see no reason to move from FCP 7 to FCP X if I had to keep the long and disk space consuming prores conversion.


    For the time being, I haven't yet done and export and don't know what will happen then, I am just speaking of the intermediate format used by FCP X for edit. I read your thread's Paul and it seems that the size issue appears at time of export.

  • Stockholm Level 1 (120 points)

    Thank you.

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    OK, Just to make clear, Final Cut X CANNOT edit NATIVE 50p / 60p AVCHD  footage.

    For example it cannot "import from camera" footage from the Sony a77, NEX5n, NEX7, FS100.

    Premiere CS5 can.

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