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    Having used FCP since version 1.25, the reality is that this is an evolution. Just as SDHC cards and HD video have become available even in consumer level products, Apple decided to ditch the interface for multiple cameras and video tape. Why not just import the clips from an SDHC card and catalog them from the various cameras and then bring the clips up, do your edits, drop to the timeline and finish the product. Oh no...we are talking about ditching tape? Tell me why you need a Kona card if the future is all quicktime clips on SDHC cards?


    Yes, you can have your media on other drives when it catalogs the clips. Just a matter of having digitized clips on different sources. Yes, the interface is vastly different. Yes, there is functionality. Nobody wants to admit that all of that great gear is now getting long in the tooth, and will have limited functionality. If it that much of an issue, then stick with FCP 7, Kona boards, Matrox boards, and import logged clips from all of those multiple cameras with video tapes running. FCP 7 still works. Yes, even my 8 year old PD 150 still works, however, do I want to mess with mini-DV?


    Some folks will move to a completely digital workflow. Setting in and out points, logging video in and out points will become a thing of the past when you can just move the files over via a finder copy and then let FCPX catalog the clips.


    Yes, I am sure Apple left Photoshop layer utilization out of version 1 of FCPX. Why would they share their new version with Adobe? Apple may be encouraging folks to move to Motion for the video layering and titling. Just a guess. At some point soon, that functionality will be restored.


    I am not getting weirded out by the direction. It will be okay. As for external monitors, yes, it made a great deal of sense when we all were outputting to Never the Same Color (NTSC) monitors, and we had to confine our work to the 255 spectrum. With LCD/LED flat panels everywhere, and digital output, monitoring on output will not be as much of a factor as the olden days. Yes, it is a change.


    As for DVD utilization, I can see where DVD is a dying format. So is Blu-Ray. I would not be surprised to see SDHC cards used for distribution of movies in the future, or just digital downloads. Apple has always been a few years ahead of the workflow. While Apple has their lapses at times, I am not sure FCPX is bad. I think some folks will want to cling to their old equipment, workflow, and methods. Some will move to Avid. Some will perform great work with FCPX. A good editor will make great stuff with iMovie or FCP (regardless of version). Some folks will make schlock no matter what program they use.


    It will be okay folks. Of course, some of us still miss Lotus 1-2-3, DOS, and WordStar. Some still mourn the passing of WordPerfect. I know I miss WordPerfect for the Mac. It will be okay. FCPX will evolve as well.

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    And what about OMF? XML? EDL?


    Automatic Duck for only US$ 495 to send your OMF to PRO TOOLS?

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    Again, Apple is looking at a much different method of managing clips. Digitize the stuff, import it, have a digital library, and go from there.


    I am not worrying about the update. If you need OMF, XML, or EDL I would stick to what works. I have no problem converting all of my media to quicktime, moving it to a drive, cataloging, and creating new work.


    As for the stuff that is older, my FCP 7 still works. We each have our own ways of accepting change. $300 is actually a cheap price considering the potential future. Granted the add-ons will be another 100 bucks. I remember when the software was a bit more expensive.

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    Screen shot 2011-06-23 at 9.44.01 PM.png

    It looks like there are many ore people who feel this exact same way...

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    I'm glad you see the future being QT movies on SDHC/SDXC cards.  I'm glad you're looking far enough ahead to only see digital deliveries, but you must understand professionals are delivering to tape and optical media every day.  You don't even want to know how many production houses are still using analogue beta tapes.


    I'm looking at today and the needs I have as a professional today.  FCX does not meet my needs.  I have deliveries to make tomorrow using FCP7 that I could not make using FCX, and I can't help but feel like the rug has just been pulled out from under me.  Thankfully we bought a license of FCS3 for our new editor Monday - which will buy us some time to put together an upgrade strategy for the future.

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    AHXtreme42 wrote:


    ... I will admit, I'm just getting out of college and looking to enter the video production world. I've worked only with FCP7 so far and enjoyed using it, ...


    However, as I transition to the working world and (hopefully) land a job on a more professional level and build my skillset, will I be missing these features? There's a goo chance I wouldn't be doing the work on my own machine though any way and could be working with completely different software.


    I agree with being ok to re-learn a little bit and be prepared for a new look at NLE ...

    Moving into professional video?! Welcome, and good luck. But forget about being OK to re-learn a little bit; you are going to have to re-learn a lot - and constantly! Software changes constantly; delivery methods change constantly; workflows change constantly....well, you get the picture. This is just another bump in the road. Drive on!!!

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    it's awesome if you don't have to collaborate with any other aspects of the post production world and your only delivery method is online with no requirements.


    unfortunately that's not exactly how the industry works.


    but I'm glad that apple has foresight enough to envision a world where every editing seat is an island and the only viewing anyone does is streamed directly to them via their iphone or ipad. 

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    Well, like I said, I know some folks are married to video tape, however, the world is changing. Digital is where it is at. You have to decide if you want to keep doing things the same way or move to a new workflow.


    There is nothing forcing someone to upgrade. Output to VHS? DVD? Blu-Ray (maybe), but even that is uncertain. I am good with the digital world. Time will tell.

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    it's not about me, it's about what the client demands. in this case the client is every broadcast network in this country or film distributor in the world.  but hey, what do they know?


    yes, at some point everything will move to a digital delivery method, in what... 15 years?  maybe.

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    We live in a digital age and I agree too that movies will soon be sold on SDHC/XC cards or like the iTunes and Mac App Store designs, they will be sold over the internet.  Apple has always been years ahead of the competition and little have they ever been bad.  This one time is not too good with the release of FCPX but like before Apple is looking at the future.  Now, for the professionals here who do not like this because it jeopardizes your way of life that is a rock solid gripe and reason to be so angry.  I do have a strong feeling that Apple will have more updates to add any fixes to the FCPX app. 

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    I gotta say, I'm looking to download Adobe Creative Suite for a trial run!  At least Premiere can open FCP7 Projects!!!!


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    I am starting to have second thoughts about upgrading to OS X Lion after the problems with FCPX.

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    I certainly wouldn't upgrade to 10.7. Who knows if Lion breaks FCP7? And now that it's been EOL'd, I'm assuming that means no more Pro Apps updates to keep things running smoothly on the new OS. I'll watch with interest (although there's not anything that I find too compelling about Lion in the first place), but I'm also setting up a Windows partition on my machine and bracing myself for an all-out switch if Apple doesn't start knocking down some of the walls around their pretty garden.


    Don't wanna do it, but if this is the future for Mac, I don't want any part in it.


    I find that I can't stand the Premiere and Avid interfaces—anybody else looking at Lightworks as a potential future FCP replacement?

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    Well the only downside I saw was that I simply couldn't import a FCP 7 project.  Reguardless of that I still decided to give it a go rather than complaining about the software. 


    Real profesionals don't blame others for what goes on.  If something dosen't satisfy you don't go around and make a huge scene.  You simply just find other ways to get the job done.  I can guarantee you that's much wore time you'll get back.  You have waited 2 years for this product.  What's another 6-12 months???? 


    I see the potential in this software.  It's much easier for me to edit, and to find things thats for sure.  It may not have the features of the other final cuts.  But it is a start.  I'm only going to be using it to learn for now.  When all of the features are available and ready, and when apple announces upgrades (which it will).  Then I will fully convert to final cut. 


    How many people out there have faith in apple?  How many people out there really love apple and would do anything for them?   We stuff up all the time.  We make alot of mistakes.  Obviously Apple made a big mistake.


    Are we going to atleast give them a chance?  Just like all of us expect to be given chances? 


    I still have faith in apple, and I still have enough faith that they will get the job done.  I will not accept failure as an option. 


    Apple will get the job done.  They know what we want, and I know they will deliver.  All they need is a little bit of honey and support. 

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