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    That would be fun watching

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    Don't agree with you I'm sorry. The way multiclip is done on FCP 7 is much much better.  First you can easy see all the clip as preview and with one click you an go from one cam to another.

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    Sjazbec wrote:


    BTW it has also been pirated .. its all on the web. So MacAppStore is totally useless if Apple intended to protect their apps. And it also proves that a delivery as dmg is possible.


    See my last post here..



    Apple is a hardware company, as long as it sells machines.....



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    So sorry to jump in with a totally different topic, but I couldn't find a different way to cantact you. I was reading your thread on improving dvd quality when working with xdcam ex footage and have the same frustration you did back then. I luckily came across your posts and thought I finally found the way to produce a decent DVD but unfortunately, the link to your workflow is no longer active. It would be amazing if you could give me some advice, particularly how to get from the mxf files to a dvd. Thank you in advance, Ilinca

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    Sorry again, the message was for andynick...was hoping it will appear after his post...hopefully he'll see it

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    Here is the thing...............I have been a professional editor for some 25 years (starting back in the days of CMX and 3/4 inch tape)> I have been using Final Cut Pro since ver 4 (which IMHO was when it became a stable program) and love it BUT my days of being a product just because that is how Steve Jobs says is good is over. Companies like AVID and ADOBE (or are every bite as zealous about there copyrights as Apple) give you a 30 day trial of software to decide if you are going to use it. I would be willing to try FCPX but I am not willing to buy it without a chance to try it. There was a time Apple was a company that was worthy of my support but now they hav grown rich and successful and no longer care about the end is too bad but when I upgrade my current system it will most likely be a windows workstation and AVID.

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    I am hopeful that fcpx will be something special under lion. Not long to wait.

    I am one of those who have been critical of the lack of "save as" function but the autosave and the fact that you can easily go back to older versions ala time machine in lion sounds excellent. I shall reserve my final judgment for a few more weeks.

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