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I am about to comence my Edit, and was told of Mpeg Streamclip, however this doesn't seem to work with my Canon XF305 Clips, the reason I was told to use it was so I wouldn't have to Render in Final Cut Pro all the time.. I do have the Canon Disc with the Plug in Utility and the update from their site.

Is it best to Convert these MXF files first and import them into FCP or use 'Log and Transfer', so far I am unable to do either!!

The projects on the timeline will have introduction .Movs already on it as a Template to re-use again and again with the new Footage ( MXF Files ) to be added and edited with transitions etc..This process is repeated again and again but with different MXF clips each time.

  I am looking for the quickest and best way for workflow as there are 80 or more projects to do, each with 10 or so clips to be added to the timeline and Exported for DVD...Will I have to then Compress to fit onto DVD's??


I know Streamclip is an Mepeg 2 app but I thought the Canon XF305 Shot as mpeg2....

Is Log and Transfer my only Option?


Basically I need to know the quickest for Render purposes, and of course, the best way so the files aren't so huge etc etc.


Please, any suggestions would be greatly received....

Mac OS X (10.6.8)