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I am about to comence my Edit, and was told of Mpeg Streamclip, however this doesn't seem to work with my Canon XF305 Clips, the reason I was told to use it was so I wouldn't have to Render in Final Cut Pro all the time.. I do have the Canon Disc with the Plug in Utility and the update from their site.

Is it best to Convert these MXF files first and import them into FCP or use 'Log and Transfer', so far I am unable to do either!!

The projects on the timeline will have introduction .Movs already on it as a Template to re-use again and again with the new Footage ( MXF Files ) to be added and edited with transitions etc..This process is repeated again and again but with different MXF clips each time.

  I am looking for the quickest and best way for workflow as there are 80 or more projects to do, each with 10 or so clips to be added to the timeline and Exported for DVD...Will I have to then Compress to fit onto DVD's??


I know Streamclip is an Mepeg 2 app but I thought the Canon XF305 Shot as mpeg2....

Is Log and Transfer my only Option?


Basically I need to know the quickest for Render purposes, and of course, the best way so the files aren't so huge etc etc.


Please, any suggestions would be greatly received....

Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Log and Transfer isn't the only option...but it is the only FREE option.  Download the Canon MXF log and transfer driver, then use the method I lay out in this workflow: 




    If you want to edit with MXF natively, you need third party solutions, like Calibrated Software, MXF4Mac or Raylight. 


    Or get Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5...it edits them natively.

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    Sorry to do it this way to both you Shane Ross and brimm. But Shane you seemed to have helped a lot of people in this similar situation. Can you check out my question here...




    You have no idea how helpful this would be to me. Many thanks in advance.



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    I just purchased Brorsoft Mac MXF converter for $29 to convert MXF to MPEG-2 for Premiere Pro and it did the trick. Very simple, no headaches, no worries and no need for any unnecessary steps.


    For more information, I will show you the easiest and quickest way to convert Sony PMW-500 MXF files to MPEG-2 for Adobe Premiere.

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    We only work with PR422 files in FC7.  We use Shane's workflow with all 5D & MXF footage.
    Make your life easier and stick to the ProRes family for your footage and edit sequences. Avoid H264 & convert any you have to ProRes.


    Unless you are considering Blu-Ray the only way to deliver video on a DVD is to convert it to SD.
    Depending on the length of your show you can make a Blu-Ray in Compressor but you have very limited authoring options when compared to DVD Studio Pro.


    Compressor can also convert your HD to SD mpg-2 & Ac3 files. The best results usually come from setting the frame controls in the mpg-2 setting of Compressor to best. Depending on the the length of the show and your Qmaster settings this can take quite a while.


    I personally find Compressor's HD to SD DVD conversion varies. Sometimes it is wonderful and sometimes not so much. I prefer the following as it is usually is faster and very consistent.


    Export a quicktime movie (not QT conversion) of your final sequence


    Import the exported HD file back into FC.

    Create a SD 16x9 sequence and then drop in the recently exported HD seq and render. Rendering the sequence basically has FC doing the HD to SD conversion. Export the SD sequence and then convert to mpg-2 & ac3 in Compressor. While this does take time I still find it faster than Compressor with Qmaster utilizing all cores.


    Another option is using jobs in Compressor

    In this workflow you would have Compressor convert the HD file to SD and then through jobs convert the SD file to mpg2 & Ac3. 


    In theory the jobs version could be faster (based on a number of variables- length, Qmaster, etc) but I haven't had time to compare the two.