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Hi all,       [Safari 5.05 and latest MacOSX in iMac.]


I am becoming more and more frustrated with a few things on my Safari.


The latest irritation is: mouseovers, where a small window with additional information.

pops up next to the cursor. Such as the sites below.


For me, when I mouseover the link or click.. the window opens up so far down the page

that if I mouseover any link that is about half way down the page, the

window is out of view ...


http://tvguide.co.uk/    (mouseover any of the program names)


Also with this site (http://www.teleread.com/ ) if I visit an article

and want to post, I click on the Guest button and I can detect that a

little window opens but it is down out of sight ... and unusable...


This is happening in a lot of places.


What is going on :(((




iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)