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  • dc210 Level 1 Level 1

    Below is the response I got from Yahoo! Calendar Support. 


    Yahoo! Calendar Support essentially says iOS users should no longer use CalDAV account method but instead use the built in Yahoo! account option (Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Yahoo!).  Of course, this used to work for the calendar before iOS 5.  Since then, all of us are trying the CalDAV option as an alternative.


    Also, I noticed yesterday that Yahoo! updated the Yahoo! Calendar on the web.  It has a nice look and feel in an attempt to better compete with the more robust Google Calendar.  Perhaps, Yahoo! has been working hard at this and the integration with mobile devices has been on the back burner.


    Suggestion to Yahoo! users on iOS 5 devices - Try using the aforementioned standard method for getting your calendar on your device.  With the release of the new Yahoo! Calendar, maybe it's working now.  Me?  I gave up a few days ago.  I'm now using Google Calendar.


    Without further ado, here's the message from Yahoo! Calendar Support.



    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Calendar.


    I understand you are experiencing sync issue with your Yahoo! Calendar using your iPhone device. I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. Let me address your concern.


    If you recently upgraded the operating system on your iDevice (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) such as with the recent release of iOS 5 software for Apple iDevices that could be the cause of the syncing issues.


    You can delete the Yahoo! account from your Apple iDevice and recreate it, forcing a new sync, which should bring all your information over from Yahoo! Calendar.


    Please note that CalDAV accounts are no longer needed on your iDevice to sync with Yahoo! Calendar and you may delete the CalDAV account if you have it set up on your iDevice. If you have a CalDAV account set up and do not delete it from your iDevice, you risk getting duplicate calendar layers & events on your iDevice and in Yahoo! Calendar.


    To remove your Yahoo! Calendar CalDAV account from your iDevice:


    1. Go to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch "Settings" application.
    2. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars."
    3. Tap "Yahoo! - Calendars, Reminders."
    4. Tap "Delete Account", Confirm deletion by tapping "Delete Account" once again.


    How to sync your Yahoo! Calendar and Yahoo! Address Book with your iDevice (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad)


    1. Go to your iDevice's "Settings" application.
    2. Tap "Mail, Contacts, Calendars"
    3. Tap "Add Account" and then tap "Yahoo!". You may already have a "Yahoo!" Mail, Contacts, Reminders, and Notes account set up; if so just tap it under the accounts section.
    4. Enter your Name, Yahoo! E-Mail address & Password. You do not need to change anything in the "Description" field unless you wish to. Tap the "Next" button, upper right hand corner, when you have entered the information and Yahoo! will verify your account information.
    5. Click the "Save" button in the upper right hand corner
    6. Still in the settings for "Mail, Contacts, Calendars", set the "Fetch New Data" to every 15 minutes or whatever time increment you desire, you may leave the "Push" setting on or turn it off, it is not relevant to Yahoo!'s services.
    7. To ensure proper syncing between your iDevice's Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar, please make sure the "Default Account" account is set to one of your Yahoo! Calendar Layers from Yahoo! Calendar in "Calendars" found towards the bottom of the settings for "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars". It defaults to iCloud and if not changed to one of your calendar layers from Yahoo! Calendar, syncing will not work.
    8. You can come back to Yahoo! Mail, Contacts, Reminders, Notes to disable syncing for all or specific Yahoo! Services or to delete your Yahoo! Account from your Apple iDevice.


    I hope the information provided has been helpful. Please don't hesitate to reply if we can be of further assistance.


    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Calendar.






    Yahoo! Calendar Customer Care

  • Oliver ES Level 1 Level 1

    My wife and I have been having this problem on our i Phones.  I went into the account and re-entered the password in each case.  That seems to have worked.

  • StormyMinnieDaisy Level 1 Level 1

    I have had the same problem with yahoo calendar.  I can pull it in on my devices, but anything I add on the device and/or on the computer will not sync to the other. 


    I have exported my calendar to a Google calendar, but the problem there is that only my "primary" calendar shows up on my iPhone.  I have several calendars that I want to show up (ones that I have created and ones that I have subscibed to).  So Google won't work either unless anyone has a remedy there.


    My last hope was iCloud.  I assume that since this is an Apple product that there should be no problam syncing.  BUT I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO IMPORT MY YAHOO OR GOOGLE CALENDAR INTO ICLOUD!!  Any suggestions?

  • dc210 Level 1 Level 1

    You can view multiple Google calendard on the iPhone.  I have both my Personal and Work calendars syncing.


    See the directions here:


    1. Essentilially, open Safari on your mobile phone
    2. Navigate to
    3. Select your Google calendars that you want to sync


    I migrated my Yahoo! calendar to Google Calendar a couple of weeks ago.  I've had to re-enter a few calendar appointments, but other than that it's working great.

  • StormyMinnieDaisy Level 1 Level 1

    Thank you, Oliver  ES and dc201!  My Yahoo calendar is syncing again after re-entering my password.  I wonder why it is so difficult to know how to sync all Google calendars?  I never would have known how to do it without your instruction.  I assume I have to take this step on all devices (I did it on my iPhone and it works; have not tried the iPad yet).  I do prefer Yahoo because it brings them all in automatically, and I use Yahoo as my email provider (can't stand Gmail!), but I will use Google calendar if my Yahoo calendar stops syncing again.  Gmail definately does a better job with Apple products as far as syncing back and forth.  My Google contacts sync effortlessly, whereas I have problems with Yahoo contacts syncing.


    I would love to hear if anyone knows how to import a calendar in iCloud.

  • MarkThai Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks to dc210 and Yahoo! Support. I was frustrated by this issue too. So, I just deleted my whole Yahoo account on iPhone and added my Yahoo account again. Works perfectly! Took just 1 minute.

  • Oliver ES Level 1 Level 1

    To clarify my earlier post, I solved the problem of Yahoo Calendar not syncing on the iPhone simply by going to the appropriate item in the Settings App on the iPhone, deleting the password, and then reentering the password.  This worked on both iPhones.  We have had not problems since.  For the record, I have had problems synching Yahoo Calendar with Mozilla Lightning for Thunderbird, but that is off  topic here.

  • StormyMinnieDaisy Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I did the same thing.  Referring to MarkThai's post, if you delete your whole account, then anything you have added using your device that has not been synced to the Yahoo server will be lost.

  • MarkThai Level 1 Level 1

    Somehow the reentering password didn't work for me. Also the deleting whole account, I should have mentioned that I sync my iPhone with my iTune which sync with Yahoo before doing that. I always keep my iCal and address book on my mac syncing with my Yahoo calendar and contacts, and that was also synced before performing anything on my iPhone. So counting those, it took way more than 1 minute.


    I'd also like to mention one thing that I have been having 3 calendars (iPhone, iCal and Yahoo!) in sync simultaneously which were fine in iOS4, but find that it is sort of confusing with iOS5 and iPhone shows a lot of double events. So after everything is as I want it to be 2-3 days ago, I have Yahoo as the calendar master. And turn off syncing iPhone to iCal in iTune. And have iPhone sync to Yahoo calendar over the air only. This way, if I add an event or make changes on iCal, it sends to Yahoo, and Yahoo sends to iPhone. If I add an event or make change on iPhone or Yahoo, they sync and iCal will be in sync whenever I open it.

  • i9natz Level 1 Level 1

    This seems to be always a dumb problem, sometimes you can get it back to sync with that method and sometimes not. I tried it now and it didn't work. But, I decided just to change the name

    of my calendar in iCal, then opened Yahoo! Calendar (Web) and  saw it received the new name.

    iCal then synced succesfully. I changed the name again to my old one and now it's ok again.

    I think Apple and Yahoo! should have a serious conversation....

  • leslie200 Level 1 Level 1


    We've been scratching our heads and this did the trick

  • jimmyjayhawk Level 1 Level 1

    As a last resort I installed the myYahoo! mobile app.  You can access your calendar from there and it is always synced.  This just avoids the Apple calendar app altogether.  No need to switch to Google calendar.

  • NickS888 Level 1 Level 1

    As jimmyjayhawk says, the mobile Yahoo App does work

    but it is not as elegant (can't see a full month vies for example)  and I like the comment from the above link:




    A five year old with a laptop could make a more elegant app.



    What worked for Me by following some of the earlier posts:

    1. deleted my Yahoo account

    2. "Add CalDAV Account"

    3. Now this next point is new:

      Add Yahoo account per dc210 Feb 3/12 post


    To ensure proper syncing between your iDevice's Calendar and Yahoo! Calendar, please make sure the "Default Account" account is set to one of your Yahoo! Calendar Layers from Yahoo! Calendar in "Calendars" found towards the bottom of the settings for "Mail, Contacts, and Calendars". It defaults to iCloud and if not changed to one of your calendar layers from Yahoo! Calendar, syncing will not work.

    5. Restarted my device


    I tested and works fine.

    I hope it continues to work

  • NickS888 Level 1 Level 1

    Forget this post above:


       Mar 1, 2012 6:36 PM    (in response to 1957Goldtop
    It worked for 1 day, then I just got duplicate calendar entries.
    I then deleted the CALDEV account - still did not work.
    Time to short Yahoo stock - poor technical support.
    Probably short Apple also - not cooperating with their competitors.
    Solution seems to be to switch to gmail calendar - too bad it has come to this.
  • james1954 Level 1 Level 1

    My Yahoo Callendar also mysteriously stopped synching with my IPhone 4s. Deleting the password and re-entering it did the job. Kind of discouraging though that something you should be able to rely on really isn't all that reliable.


    As far as Yahoo customer service is concerned, my past experience is pretty bad. Regardless of how basic a question you ask, the answer always seems that they have to research it out. Then they never get back.


    The whole Yahoo/Iphone experience makes we want to go back to Blackberry. You simply back up your entire device (including callendar and contacts) to your hardrive and then restore if you lose your phone or anything goes bad. Lately I hear they are also backing up the the cloud, but somethings simpler low tech is just more reliable.

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