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scryedz Level 1 (0 points)

Hi everyone!


Safari become very lag when I open a new tab or pages, and when I checked Activity Monitor, the one that made my mac lag is Safari Web Content, it can eats 80-90% of CPU.However, it only happened if I open new tab/pages. I never experienced lag with other browser such as Firefox before.


Anyone ever experienced this? Any suggestion or solution will be appreciated.



Macbook 13 inch late 2008 model, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • Hawaiian_Starman Level 7 (21,405 points)



    How much RAM  do you have installed on your computer? You ought to max your RAM if you are running Lion due to system and load requirements.


    I'm seeing about 2 GB of RAM allocated to Safari Web Content (this is a new process introduced in Safari 5.1). However, I have 12 GB of RAM and an i5 processor on my iMac, so CPU draw is not signficant (about 6 percent).


    Seems Apple has split in two the Safari process in 5.1 from the singular process used in earlier versions of Safari. Via Activity Monitor I now see "Safari" and "Safari Web Content".


    Not sure exactly what drives the Safari Web Content process, however, large number of tabs open, and/or large number of extensions or plugins will require more RAM and CPU usage. In any event, the activity level and RAM requirements in this process seems excessively high. Perhaps others will add their experience here.

  • scryedz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi! Thank you for the reply.


    I already maxed out the RAM. My macbook can handle up tp 4 GB RAM. Also I noticed, my macbook become very lag if I open certain website, such as in this case, the fan ramp out suddenly, and Safari become slow and lag. When I open Gizmodo with Firefox nothing happen, the fan is quiet and everything smooth.

    Is there something bad with my Safari, I just upgraded to Lion hoping to eliminate the problem I got when I had Leopard and Snow Leopard, but problem stil persist.

  • Hawaiian_Starman Level 7 (21,405 points)

    May be a corrupt cache file.


    Quit Safari if it is open. Then, go to your Finder and navigate to: Your User Library>Cache>com.Apple.Safari folder> there, move the Cache.db file to the trash.  Then, Finder menu>select "secure empty trash".  Restart Safari and try


    If the fans continue to ramp, try Safari from another User Account (same site). Let us know if you have excessive fan activity in the other account.

  • David Fritzinger Level 1 (140 points)

    What I've noticed is that, over time, the Safari Web Content process eats up more and more RAM. When I first opened Safari just now, Safari Web Content was using ~160 MB of my 4 GB RAM. Now it is up to 327 MB, with 2 windows (each with 2 tabs) open. I restarted Safari because the Safari Web Content process was using over 1.5 GB of RAM, leaving me with only ~ 90 MB free RAM. That was with Safari, Groupwise (email program), Mail, Activity monitor, and Magic Prefs running.

  • scryedz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi thank you for your suggestion, I've tried what you suggest by deleting Cache.db file, however the problem still persists. I tested Safari on another account by creating a test account, and suprised Safari do very well on test account, it didn't use high CPU process. I am not sure what happen, is it because I've used Safari for long time so it accumulated some junks, or maybe Safari extensions cause any conflict?

  • Tongteh Level 1 (0 points)

    i am facing the exact same problem! this is rather annoying as i rely on safari heavily. It just feels the whole Macbook doesn't work anymore! hope to see some solution soon. meanwhile, it does looks like many people are facing the same problem.

  • Saxman Level 2 (175 points)

    I'm seeing the two parts of Safari using over 5GBs of my RAM & it's slowing everything down terribly! Ever since i updated this browser has sucked up all my RAM, and been a huge time & energy waster. Is this supposed to be only for those using LION?   If so, why was it included in my Software Update, cause I don't have Lion installed, so it should not have been sent me, no?
    I'm so frustrated, cause the previous Safari was finally working better than any I'd used in many years. Any way to revert back?

  • Tongteh Level 1 (0 points)

    i am thinking of the revert back as well, the way as it is right now is just plain unusable. Frustrating and annoying

  • Hawaiian_Starman Level 7 (21,405 points)

    You're welcome.


    If Safari functions as expected in another User Account, then the problem is specific to your regular user account. That would narrow it down to any Safari plug-in or extension unique to the regular User Account.


    I suggest focusing on extensions first. If you have one or more extensions installed follow these steps.


    Open Safari Preferences>Extensions and disable each extension by clicking on the extension, then unchecking the "enable" box. Then, restart Safari.


    If performance improves, then return to Safari Preferences and enable one or two extensions. Restart Safari. If CPU activity is normal, then continue down the list following the above sequence until you find the culprit.


    As with any major OS or application update, it's up to the 3rd party developer to bring their product into compliance with new system requirments.

  • mbender83 Level 1 (0 points)

    Check the extensions as Hawaiian Starman suggests. I noticed safari taking up almost 2 gigs of memory and acting extremely sluggish. I unistalled my most recent extension and noticed an immediate change. Thanks

  • Tongteh Level 1 (0 points)

    similar situation. I notice safari is taking somewhere close to 2gig of my memory and causing my entire os to be very sluggish. I have even tried to isolate the problem by resetting safari and disable all my extensions to it. It just seems it's the way how Apple have programmed safari to behave. hope they acknowledge the problem and provide a fix soon.

  • scryedz Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi, Hawaiian, your suggestion seems work! So far so good! I disabled all my extensions, and trying enable one by one. When I disabled everything, Safari didn't act bad again, no more fan ramping out!


    I will update if anything happen again here.


    For now I think your suggestion is really great! Thank you very much!

  • Hawaiian_Starman Level 7 (21,405 points)

    Great to hear. Please let us know here if you figure out which extension(s) were causing the CPU ramp. Also, would be helpful to contact the developer.

  • Hawaiian_Starman Level 7 (21,405 points)



    The problem you are having with Safari may be related to other 3rd party issues outside the realm of extensions. For example you may not have the most recent version of Adobe Flash installed. Flash ought to be If it is an earlier version, upgrade the plugin, then restart your computer/Safari. After restarting Safari, go to the Safari Menu and select "empty cache".


    If problem still persists, then I suggest you start a new thread so your specific problem can be addressed.

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