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  • Loponai Level 1 (0 points)

    I also ugpraded to Lion and had the black screen of death. I clean wiped the hard drive and now a couple weeks later I am getting BSOD sporadicly on snow leopard.  However,  I get it immediately when launching left for dead 2.   I even get it on bootcamp.  Lion really screwed something up.  Its just a question of what?

  • Loponai Level 1 (0 points)

    Would it be possible that I get the BSOD cause I still kept bootcamp?  Also I still see the lion recovery option when I start up.  Do I need to delete that too?

  • cheesebelt Level 1 (0 points)

    Again, I for one made a clean SL re-install with a full one-pass zero writing erasure and had that BSOD in the first 20 minutes. The only thing apart from the original MBP CD I had installed at that point was Firefox. And boom.


    I want to stress the fact that I NEVER upgraded to Lion, neither before nor after !


    But my first BSOD was between july 23 and 26. Lion was introduced on 23, and I wonder if there has been a security update on SL around that time including some firmware change common to Lion - the very one that drives us all mad.


    Concerning logic board change, it seems this solution doesn't agree with everyone's machine, so let's not give the general impression that it's the Graal. The only good solution will be the one that works for all - and doesn't cost a thing to those of us past warranty.
    None so far.

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    nope that wont help best that you can do is scratch your *** like the rest of us

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    The same problem. Upgraded to Lion when it's out, got to BSOD quite recently - at the end of September. No BSOD in between (at least nothing important I noticed). Lately it became a real **** - my $4k MBP 15" 8G SSD become literally useless. The 10.7.2 11C62 didn't help. After 5-10 reboots I can work for some time (never know for how long - 15 min or 3 hrs). I'll try 11C71 today but something tells me it is too early to expect help from Apple.


    What is killing me - the best of breed laptops becomes useless and no word or strong acknowledgement from Apple. No official word on how and when this bug will be fixed for all of us - not for some of ones who are lucky enough to get successful logic board replacement.

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          Since lion this problem is really frequent, 3 to 20 times a day ! I must admit however that the problem existed with OSX SnowLeopard howerver it wasn't as frequent more like once every 3 months.


        I really thing that it is a hardware problem, some kind of a defectuous batch of graphic cards/LoBo.
    Take a look at this (it's before lion)  : crashes


    What do you guys think ?

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    I do believe that it is a firmware issue. Probably lion updated that firmware and made it much more glitchy.

    That explains why people like me who had absolutely no problem with sl BEFORE installing lion now expiriencing bsods even after clear sl install.

    I guess those people who got logicboard replaced and that fixed the problem got logicboard with pre-lion firmware. One thing i know for sure- that i will never ever rely purely on a mac. Macintosh was a standart of stability and reliability for many years for me. Not anymore. I am going to buy a new computer this december, and if apple wont fix it, my new computer is going to be a PC.



    P.S: i do really hope that apple would do something towards fixing the problem already and at least email people who are having this issue with explanations (and apologizes may be? - I CANT USE MY MAC PROPERLY FOR NINE WEEKS ALREADY FFS !!!) and ETA of a "hotfix".

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    Same problem, Lion totally stuffed everything up. (even though the problem first surfaced with Snow Leo - at least that time we could switch of automatic graphic switching as a work around)


    Apple have replaced two logic boards so far along with memory and something else I don't know I am so fed up.


    I Have not been able to use my computer for over a month now because of Apples incompetance with this issue.


    I've wiped and reinstalled Lion three times now. Ran the computer with a clean new Lion install and only FCP installed. BSOD.


    Two logic boards later as mentioned and three visits to Apple having to leave it with Apple for them to come up with "it's software related" as there finding - so this is my problem apparently. The joke of this being that before I left it with them this last time they ran a diagnostic with the specific purpose of rulling out software as a cause.


    Apples new OS Lion makes Apple software not work on a Apple computer  - and this is the consumers problem and not Apples?.


    Come on Apple, Really?


    You can do better than that.


    Admit theres a problem, and replace our useless aluminium bricks if you cant work it out?

  • cheesebelt Level 1 (0 points)

    bulwerboys wrote:



    (...) Admit theres a problem, (....)


    At the very moment Jobs is already leaving the boat, admitting such a huge problem on top of it would mean the shares going down the drain... How heavy are we, mid 2010 i7 MBP owners, in the balance of interest ?
    How much do they care ? Let's wait and see.
    But if they don't, well I can't wait for a challenger, between Apple and PC to emerge.
    Now, I'll refrain talking more here, because I don't want them to argue that the now 1 552 replies are just 10 chatty guys.

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    Trying to get help where ever I can, I'm currently dealing with nvidia with my bsod in bootcamp/win7 when I

    Update the drivers. I'll post anything I hear but as of now they are clueless(big suprise)

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    I don't know if anyone else has come across this but on my mid-2010 MBP, disabling the sudden motion sensor and using gfxcardstatus set to the dedicated card has eliminated the issue. Has been fine for the past month or so, no crash.


    First started experiencing this issue under SL, and became worst under Lion. Clean install back to SL and applied above fix.

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    What I can't understand is why everyone on here is telling us what they are doing to rectify the problems!  Do they work for Apple? Surely this is not our problem but Apples problem to deal with which they obviously are not doing. Why should we as buyers of expensive Macbooks have to put up with constant problems that we are trying to find an answer to? I thought that buying a Macbook would be the end of all the problems with Windows but I have an HP Windows Vista laptop which is still going strong over 4 years later and have not purchased any additional warranty and now find myself using it more than the Apple Macbook I purchased last December. I would like someone to explain to me why we are all waiting for Apple to acknowledge that there is a problem with these Macbooks.

  • Mondo Generator Level 1 (0 points)

    That's a shame. Apple's computers are so much better than the mess I'm reading here.


    Call them, email them, send bug reports, send feedback. This is something they have to fix. Their policy is not to read or rely on these discussions. So you have to let them know by using other channels of communication.

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    OK... update on my case:


    After sending an email to Mr. Cook, I was contacted by Apple Executive Support. After clearing the way to have my MBP logic board to be replaced I brought it in and went on a business trip. When I got back I was told that the logic board fixed the initial blackscreen crashing.... but revealed a NEW problem and they had to order another "special" part. That was Saturday.


    Well I just got off the phone with Apple and was told that rather than waste more time they're going to simply replace my MBP with a new one of the same or better configuration.


    Bottom line: Keep hammering at tech support and send emails to whomever you can. Apple realizes there's an issue and WILL work with you to fix it. While they're no longer the mom & pop shop where The Steve would personally respond to emails and tech support would spend hours working things through with you, they ARE the best in the industry and WILL work with you (eventually) to make sure you're happy and stay a loyal customer.

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    here is a email i got from nvidia about the window issues





    Thank you for your bug submission. Was this working previously with older drivers and recently started to fail after updating the graphics drivers? We've received reports of this problem from other users as well but only with 280.xx and newer driver. We are currently investigating the problem. Unfortunately the problem appears to be machine specific so it's been difficult for us to replicate the failure in-house. We do suspect some driver change caused this failure in the latest 280.xx driver. You may be able to help us isolate the problem. Since we have not been able to replicate the problem in-house, it's been difficult to isolate where the failures is. We believe the video sync may be re-routed to an inactive output and the system should still be up.


    If you don't mind, you can follow the steps below to blindly run the "dispdiag.exe" tool that is included with Windows 7. This tool will capture the state of the display and may give us clue why the video sync is lost. The "dispdiag.exe" tool will generate a .DAT file in the C:\Users\<UserName> folder. If you are successful in running this tool blindly then it may help us isolate the problem. If you're not comfortable following these steps then that's perfectly fine. We are working with multiple users with this problem in hope of tracking this down and fixing it in a future driver release. Meanwhile continue to use the older driver that works, at least until we can get this fixed.


    Steps to run the "dispdiag.exe" tool:


    1. Install the 285.27 driver and restart Windows.
    2. Windows will obviously startup to a black screen again. Allow sufficient time for all Windows components to load, maybe a couple of minutes or how-ever from your experience it takes for Windows to startup and idle on the desktop. This also assumes Windows will automatically login without prompting for user name or password. If Windows does require selecting a user and password then this will be more difficult. If Windows boots into desktop automatically without asking for user then proceed.
    3. Hit the windows button on your keyboard, this will activate the Run command line and have keyboard focus.
    4. Then type (blindly) "dispdiag.exe" without the quotes, hit ENTER key. This should hopefully launch the "dispdiag.exe".
    5. Restart Windows in Safe mode to retrieve the .DAT file and upload to this incident. Again the .DAT file generated by "dispdiag.exe" should be in C:\Users\<UserName> folder. It should be "DispDiag-<DateTimeStamp>.dat". If you have multiple files select the one that is newest, the time stamp should be the time you executed "diapdiag.exe". You can also now revert back to previous driver to restore functionality.


    Thanks in advance.
    NVIDIA Customer Care