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  • Weilone Level 1 Level 1

    Is there any consensus about a fix? Or do I have to go to the Apple store? I've been living with this issue for the past 2 months, with no real relief. Sometimes one crash on wake iover a couple of days othertimes it's 5 or 6 times a day. Very frutrating.




    2.8 Core i7

    15in Mid 2010

    NVDIA GeForce GT 330M 512 MB

  • cheesebelt Level 1 Level 1

    There's a consensus : change logic board.
    Might have to do it several times until they find the good match, though.


    I did it in April, twice indeed, but it went from an average of one black screen of death per day to smooth operator.

    No problem ever since.


    I'm signing off this thread, btw. I was around from page 1, enough.


    Good luck y'all.

  • Robbbbot Level 1 Level 1

    I am also having lots of BSODs - but I just lost my 'battle' with Apple Support for guarantee repair. I bought my MBP from Apple Online Store in Sweden. Took it to Authorized Apple Service in Stockholm that has shown that VST test was OK. So I took it to another Authorized Apple Service that kept my MBP for four weeks doing all tests - that it has passed. Serviceman suggested that the problem is NVIDA graphics card but can not replace the Logic Board under Apple Guarantee as the tests are OK. He suggested replacing it for about (800 Euro). Since I know that some people have to replace their LB twice I decided to try again contact Apple Support. When I took my MBP back home from the service I could reproduce 6 times BSOD within one hour. I have recorded some crashes with my smartphone. Here YouTube links to videos: and and Of course I also have lots of BSOD crash reports. The problem is that my MBP does not fail VST making it according to Apple illegible for guarantee LB replacement. I contacted Apple Support via telephone. They asked me for more videos not only showing that Mission Control crashes my MBP. I made another film with fatal failure - requiring reinstall of Lion: After almost three months of negotiations I got final decision from Apple Support yesterday - My MacBook Pro does not qualify for guarantee LB replacement as it has passed the tests in the service. This is a big disappointment to me. When I follow Apple logic it means that problem with NVIDIA is much larger. It indicates that there are two groups of people with this problem. One that qualifies for TS4088 recall and the other like me that also have graphic processor failure but do not qualify for guarantee but still need an LB replacement. What is hard for me to understand is the resistance Apple treats this important TS4088 problem. This is my first MacBook Pro with i7, 8GB RAM and 500 MB SSD costing me over 4000 Euro. Later I even bought a top of the line MacBook Air for my wife. The so-called 'halo effect' from the iPhone, I guess. I really doubt now in the 'Legendary Apple Experience' that so many talk and write about. Really a sad story for me. I am not going to invest in this machine anymore. I will use it on integrated Intel graphics using Gfxstatus and start saving money for a new computer. This time it will not be Apple and I will not invest so much in it.

  • sspm Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, i have the same experience as you. BSOD but passed all test and noted logicboard and graphics card problem but totally NOT related to TS4088 at all. That was an ultimate blow to me as all the tell tale signs are obvious. My first mbp and probably last...


    What a great and expensive experience from the manufacturer.

  • jvjv Level 1 Level 1

    i'm about to send a MBP for assistance on this problem too.


    for the people who got a "does not apply' response: did they tell you why, exactly, it does not apply? i know they said the test passed, but what does the test do?


    because from our point of view, the clients, the description of the problem Apple has admitted those computers have, on their own website, matches exactly the problem we're facing. if it matches, it matches. i think this is lawsuit material.

  • Robbbbot Level 1 Level 1

    I wrote about this very sad BSOD story on my blog:

  • CosKramer Level 1 Level 1

    Trip Report:


    After suffering from the symptoms shown in this thread with my 2010 MBP, I took it into an Apple Store and asked them to run an ASD.  Turns out it passed, so the only thing left to try is to do a system restore on my hard drive and hope the problem goes away

  • tvarghese Level 1 Level 1

    My machine passed all the tests.  I realized my issue was related to the aftermarket RAM that I installed.  It turns out that some 2010 MBP's don't work play nice with the faster PC3-10600 RAM chip.  The chip worked fine in Snow Leopard but intermittently black screen's in Lion when waking from sleep.  I reverted to the original RAM a few weeks and haven't had any problems since.  I recently installed an 8GB of Crucial PC3-8500 RAM and still have been BSOD free.  I think some folks are having the BSOD issue but attributing it to the logic board and not realizingthat it may actually be the faster RAM chip.

  • holymasteric Level 1 Level 1

    After numerous trips to different Apple stores, one of them finally gave me the option of a "flat-rate" service (provided there was no prior liquid damage) where I had to pay about $320 to have the logic board exchanged. Basically they said that they don't see any liquid damage anymore but it had been documented previously by other "Geniuses" that there were indeed liquid damage. I took the offer since a repair w/ liquid damage is about $1200 when it's supposed to be free. They sent it out to some repair center to get it fixed and it comes with a 90-day warranty.


    After 1 week, I got the laptop back and it seemed to work fine. That is, up until 2 weeks in when the screen started to flicker on and off (presumably an entirely different issue) and after a month it got so bad that it was unusable. Brought it back to the Apple store this week (AGAIN...) and the genius was confused about the whole history of the laptop. I had to explain everything to him again and he said that there's nothing he can do except to send it back to repair center again under the 90-day warranty. This is by far one of the most frustrating thing in my life and I just know that if the laptop came back not fixed, the geniuses are just going to blame it on the "liquid damage" that I had never done.


    I hope Apple is reading all these angry posts to address this issue accordingly.

  • Pam- Level 1 Level 1

    Using console, and comparing the system.log and kernal.log to activity.  Getting black screen only on mail, and got both in SL and now Lion.  Apr 2010 MCP 15". 

    Log activity shows that even tho was in mail writing an email, kernal apparently thought there was no activity and started the sleep process:

    hibernate image major 14, minor 0

    hibernate_alloc_pages flags 0000000, gobbling 0 pages

    hibernate_setup (0) took 0 ms

    couple of lines later AirPort: link down (disassociated because station leaving)

    couple lines later hibernate_page_list 236ms

    few lines later - Wake reason: EC LID0 EHC2

    HID tickle 35 ms

    Previous Sleep Cause: 5


    Woke it up (as in every time) by touching/moving on touch pad

    But this happens only in mail and in both SL and Lion.

  • Dennis Parham Level 1 Level 1

    I am also have this problem but now when it loades I get verticle lines and scrambled screen.. probably corrupted driver from all the hard reboots... anyway, I used that graphics switching program and it worked for a little it seemed but started again...  I just formated and installed a clean 10.7.4 on my firewire backup drive and it is problem free... however starting from original internal drive scrambles screen... Im just going to replace drive and see what happens...

  • Bikul Level 1 Level 1

    And again:

    I went to the Apple Dealer Comspot in Hamburg (very friendly) before the 3 month guarantee of the newly installed logic board expired and told him about the problems I had with 3D operations in Photoshop. He booted it from his MacBook Pro and the mistake was not there. He recommended to install a complete new LION system.


    I did that and everything was really fine, also 3D in Photoshop AND Google Chrome (which did not work before) did work as well.


    So I installed Bootcamp and Windows 7 Home. Still fine. Then I wanted to have higher monitor resolution on my Cinema HD Display. The automatically installed NVIDIA driver did not have an option to set a higher resolution ( I knew it worked without problems in Snow Leopard). There are extended options in that NVIDIA Panel, where it leads to their homepage suggesting to download the driver for your specific graphics card. I choose GT 330M and installed it. Now I could set the Cinema Display to 2560x1600. I booted from Mac again. I thought the problem was gone.


    Next morning I tried to startup - nothing but a grey screen. Hallelulja!


    So I went back to Comspot, where they diagnosed a dead logic board, which they changed under the 3 month guarantee again.


    Next day I went there (the same Harddrive was still in there) to check Photoshop 3D, Google Chrome and Windows Home. In Bootcamp the higher resolution of the external Display was gone.

    This time the friendly Comspot Mr. Bader changed the resolution and the option to show an external display inside the Windows configuration panel and not the NVIDIA-panel. (I remember that I had used the NVIDIA-Panel to configure this under Snow Leopard). It seems that the NVIDIA driver kills the whole logicboard of a MACBook Pro 2010…


    Until today the machine is working fine (three months new guarantee :-)


    Read the complete experience here

  • Maximfromdc Level 1 Level 1

    I'm not sure if this link was provided before, I personally found it just several minutes ago. It seems like Apple do confirm the issue with Mid 2010 MBP 15" and replaces motherboard for free within 2 years since purchase.


  • sspm Level 1 Level 1

    Hi Maximfromdc, most people who post here knows the link you have highlighted. My experience in my country. My mbp have all the symptoms described in TS4088. I brought my mbp in and show them the article TS4088. They agreed to run the diagnostic test and they found out that i do not qualify for the issue in TS4088. In return, they asked for admin charges for running the test because i do not have warranty and I have to pay else I could not get back my mbp. Who in the world would dare to bring it for testing again!


    FYI, i have video recordings of my mbp showing the restart warning message before the video is lost or the display turns black or gray.

  • jvjv Level 1 Level 1

    post here the first 7 lines of your kernel panic log, so people know what kind of crash you got in your mbp.