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    Everyone interested in such things can join in here to think of something.

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    i've talked to the apple support on the phone, and i'm taking the computer for some more TS4088 testing at the assistance.

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    Hello everyone,


    I've been had serious troubles with my 2010 MBP i7 2,66GHZ for a while, random crashes every hour, beachball of death etc. I finally figured out what turned out to be the problem with my system.


    Turns out there was a problem with my SSD (that I installed myself, so not from the Apple Store). I installed a Crucial M4 256GB and for a year or so everything was sailing smooth and then it all of a sudden it just kept crashing. Tried a clean install, etc., nothing helped. Now it appears my Crucial M4 was at fault here, luckily there is a firmware update out there for the M4 for this known bug that causes hourly crashes after the M4 has been on for 5128 hours or more (in total, not in one session). Something with faulty S.M.A.R.T counter or whatever, anyway, I ran the firmware update and for me everything is now back to normal.


    So I don't know if any people out here have a Crucial M4 in their system, but this might be worth looking into...

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    I got my MBP 2.66GHz from the Apple store. The Logic Board was replaced. I was also asked to pay $500+ since my MBP is out of the 2 year mark (by a month). The genius who diagonized told it would be free but the store manager had other ideas when I went in to pickup. Another weird thing was that they never called me as promised. I had to make 4 calls in 2 days to know whats going on. The second time I called, the tech asked me permission for doing a clean install since their extended tests show that this LB isn't faulty though it showed a big red notification when we tested it in store. Had to give them a piece of my mind to get the LB replaced.


    My experiences so far : The MBP is much cooler now, fans are at the desired rpm (1999~2001). Battery is doing slightly better as well. I initially thought of getting it replaced but with less than 400 cycles on it, I thought I should wait some more.


    Just for gigs - I replaced my dvd drive with another SSD but put DVD drive back for the repair and lost a screw in the process. They noticed that but still went ahead with the repair probably thinking that I would be paying the $500+. He then warned me saying even if the LB has problems again, I won't get service even within 90 days.


    I am hoping I won't have more problems with black screen, but it may be a little early to hope such!


    Good luck all and please don't give up. Get it replaced and go to corporate since this is not how I want a $2200+ worth of MBP, not even if it is about 2 years since its release already.

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    kkiran wrote:


    Had to give them a piece of my mind to get the LB replaced.



    Bravo, man.


    we've been talking about solutions for a while now so i'm just gonna post my latest panic log for a change:




    Wed Jul 18 07:30:18 2012

    panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff7f80918947): NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x00000100: CFG 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0xffffffff, BAR0 0xd2000000 0xffffff8113904000 0x0a5480a2, D0, P2/4

    Backtrace (CPU 0), Frame : Return Address

    0xffffff80f07832b0 : 0xffffff8000220792

    0xffffff80f0783330 : 0xffffff7f80918947

    0xffffff80f07833c0 : 0xffffff7f80a08aa4

    0xffffff80f0783410 : 0xffffff7f80a08b64

    0xffffff80f0783470 : 0xffffff7f80cb5749

    0xffffff80f07835b0 : 0xffffff7f80a27bed

    0xffffff80f07835e0 : 0xffffff7f809222c2

    0xffffff80f0783690 : 0xffffff7f8091dbc4

    0xffffff80f0783880 : 0xffffff7f8091f7c9

    0xffffff80f0783960 : 0xffffff7f817be130

    0xffffff80f07839a0 : 0xffffff7f817cd790

    0xffffff80f07839c0 : 0xffffff7f817e93f4

    0xffffff80f0783a00 : 0xffffff7f817e9459

    0xffffff80f0783a40 : 0xffffff7f817d1605

    0xffffff80f0783a90 : 0xffffff7f81787f6f

    0xffffff80f0783b10 : 0xffffff7f817869e0

    0xffffff80f0783b40 : 0xffffff7f8178c435

    0xffffff80f0783b70 : 0xffffff800065553d

    0xffffff80f0783be0 : 0xffffff80006558dc



          Kernel Extensions in backtrace:

   [560E1257-BF5E-3B0B-95F0-15033A0D1B97]@0xffffff7f808 b8000->0xffffff7f80b91fff

                dependency:[F63D4ABE-42DA-33EF-BADD-3415B0CB0179]@0xffff ff7f80843000

                dependency:[D05CFB53-FB72-3613-8162-2D188DB04738]@0xff ffff7f808a6000

                dependency:[2D2A4A31-EB4F-3730-BE3A-76C061685FC5]@0 xffffff7f8086e000

   [7596DB8C-AE9D-3C87-B11A-0ED8F940CAF8]@0xffffff7 f80b92000->0xffffff7f80eb3fff

                dependency:[560E1257-BF5E-3B0B-95F0-15033A0D1B97]@0xffffff7f808 b8000

   [00925AF3-22EE-3858-8BD3-06AE57DFCC86]@0xffffff7f8176f0 00->0xffffff7f8182efff

                dependency:[560E1257-BF5E-3B0B-95F0-15033A0D1B97]@0xffffff7f808 b8000

                dependency:[D05CFB53-FB72-3613-8162-2D188DB04738]@0xff ffff7f808a6000

                dependency:[F63D4ABE-42DA-33EF-BADD-3415B0CB0179]@0xffff ff7f80843000

                dependency:[2D2A4A31-EB4F-3730-BE3A-76C061685FC5]@0 xffffff7f8086e000


    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer

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    Lot of references to Video/Graphics drivers. So NVIDIA it is I believe.


    In the logs, it should show you how many panics (KP) you had since last report and stuff. I used that number as abase since that clearly showed that I am suffering from this issue for a long time now. Print out a copy of TS4088 and walk in to the store (make an appointment first).


    If you are denied service due to warranty lapse or sth, get the name of the tech, ID number of some kind, a visting card and write to corporate.

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    kkiran wrote:


    Another weird thing was that they never called me as promised. I had to make 4 calls in 2 days to know whats going on. The second time I called, the tech asked me permission for doing a clean install since their extended tests show that this LB isn't faulty though it showed a big red notification when we tested it in store. Had to give them a piece of my mind to get the LB replaced.



    What's this red notification you saw?

    Did you get to see him running the TS4088 test?


    In the first assistance i went, the tech guy asked me to do clean install too. Because, he said, there were no problems with the computer. So he erased the whole thing, and i can still easily reproduce the problem.


    Now, i found out (got evidence) he only convinced me to do that because then i had to pay $ for the install service. Since "only testing" would be free of charge. Pretty sad.

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    Yes, I saw him run the diagnostic test. It passed the normal tests but then he had a special test for this particular issue (since I showed him the Panic report and the TS4088 article). The red notification clearly said that the video test failed which prompted for the Logic Board replacement eventually.


    The tech also suggested me a fresh install for which I replied that I already did a clean install of Lion.


    Paying $$ for install service? If you are in the USA, I am pretty sure that shouldn't be the case for this particular issue.

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    So the diagnostic test doesn't take much time to run. That's interesting.

    And the guy told you the LB was ok even though you saw the test yourself. He's got a lot of nerve to do that.


    Didn't know in the US the install service is free, unfortunately that's not the case for me...

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    My macbook has begun crashing with more frequency, it's happened 4 or 5 times today. Anything in this crash report I can point a genious to and get this fixed?



    Interval Since Last Panic Report:  370456 sec

    Panics Since Last Report:          7

    Anonymous UUID:                    A1646047-E608-4B7E-805F-4674351DE2D5


    Fri Jul 20 19:54:40 2012

    panic(cpu 1 caller 0xffffff7f80965947): NVRM[0/1:0:0]: Read Error 0x00000100: CFG 0xffffffff 0xffffffff 0xffffffff, BAR0 0xd2000000 0xffffff809f549000 0x0a5480a2, D0, P2/4

    Backtrace (CPU 1), Frame : Return Address

    0xffffff807b9baff0 : 0xffffff8000220792

    0xffffff807b9bb070 : 0xffffff7f80965947

    0xffffff807b9bb100 : 0xffffff7f80a55aa4

    0xffffff807b9bb150 : 0xffffff7f80a55b64

    0xffffff807b9bb1b0 : 0xffffff7f80d02749

    0xffffff807b9bb2f0 : 0xffffff7f80a74bed

    0xffffff807b9bb320 : 0xffffff7f8096f2c2

    0xffffff807b9bb3d0 : 0xffffff7f8096abc4

    0xffffff807b9bb5c0 : 0xffffff7f8096be97

    0xffffff807b9bb680 : 0xffffff7f81853336

    0xffffff807b9bb790 : 0xffffff7f8185382c

    0xffffff807b9bb7b0 : 0xffffff7f81825068

    0xffffff807b9bb7d0 : 0xffffff7f8186d6ca

    0xffffff807b9bb820 : 0xffffff7f8186dabb

    0xffffff807b9bb8b0 : 0xffffff7f8186e80f

    0xffffff807b9bb8e0 : 0xffffff7f818260b0

    0xffffff807b9bbaa0 : 0xffffff7f8186ef68

    0xffffff807b9bbb60 : 0xffffff7f81823119

    0xffffff807b9bbbc0 : 0xffffff800065501e

    0xffffff807b9bbbe0 : 0xffffff80006558fa

    0xffffff807b9bbc40 : 0xffffff800065609b

    0xffffff807b9bbd80 : 0xffffff80002a3f08

    0xffffff807b9bbe80 : 0xffffff8000223096

    0xffffff807b9bbeb0 : 0xffffff80002148a9

    0xffffff807b9bbf10 : 0xffffff800021bbd8

    0xffffff807b9bbf70 : 0xffffff80002aef20

    0xffffff807b9bbfb0 : 0xffffff80002daa33

          Kernel Extensions in backtrace:

   [560E1257-BF5E-3B0B-95F0-15033A0D1B97]@0xffffff7f809 05000->0xffffff7f80bdefff

                dependency:[06C77CAA-586C-3AA7-94B7-A544F470025E]@0xffff ff7f8088c000

                dependency:[D05CFB53-FB72-3613-8162-2D188DB04738]@0xff ffff7f808f3000

                dependency:[2D2A4A31-EB4F-3730-BE3A-76C061685FC5]@0 xffffff7f808bb000

   [7596DB8C-AE9D-3C87-B11A-0ED8F940CAF8]@0xffffff7 f80bdf000->0xffffff7f80f00fff

                dependency:[560E1257-BF5E-3B0B-95F0-15033A0D1B97]@0xffffff7f809 05000

   [00925AF3-22EE-3858-8BD3-06AE57DFCC86]@0xffffff7f818180 00->0xffffff7f818d7fff

                dependency:[560E1257-BF5E-3B0B-95F0-15033A0D1B97]@0xffffff7f809 05000

                dependency:[D05CFB53-FB72-3613-8162-2D188DB04738]@0xff ffff7f808f3000

                dependency:[06C77CAA-586C-3AA7-94B7-A544F470025E]@0xffff ff7f8088c000

                dependency:[2D2A4A31-EB4F-3730-BE3A-76C061685FC5]@0 xffffff7f808bb000


    BSD process name corresponding to current thread: WindowServer


    Mac OS version:



    Kernel version:

    Darwin Kernel Version 11.4.0: Mon Apr  9 19:32:15 PDT 2012; root:xnu-1699.26.8~1/RELEASE_X86_64

    Kernel UUID: A8ED611D-FB0F-3729-8392-E7A32C5E7D74

    System model name: MacBookPro6,2 (Mac-F22586C8)


    System uptime in nanoseconds: 8936448674945

    last loaded kext at 7112775382213:    1.7.1 (addr 0xffffff7f807f2000, size 57344)

    last unloaded kext at 192371953755:    4.4.5 (addr 0xffffff7f81140000, size 65536)

    loaded kexts:

    com.vmware.kext.vmnet    3.0.0

    com.vmware.kext.vmioplug    3.0.0

    com.vmware.kext.vmci    3.0.0

    com.vmware.kext.vmx86    3.0.0

    com.bresink.driver.BRESINKx86Monitoring    7.0

    com.paceap.kext.pacesupport.snowleopard    5.8

    com.waves.driver.soundgrid    2.0.0    1.7.1    1.9.5d0    3.0    3.10.1    1.59    100.12.42    122    2.2.0f3    3.5.9    1.0.26    2.2.0f3    2.0.1d2    7.1.8    7.1.8    3.0.2d6    5.0.0d0    1.0.0d1    4.0.5f11    7.0.0    1.2.2    7.1.8    5.0.0d0    3.0.16    1.5.8    225.2    4.0.5f11    225.2    3.0.1    312    1.0.0d1    1.0.0d1    33    3.2.0    404    2.0.3    2.0.3    4.5.0    530.4.20    4.8.9    1.5.0    161.0.0    2.3.0    3.1.2b2    4.5.8    1.5    1.5    1.6    1.8    1.5    193.0.0    1.5    3.2.30    1.3    193.0.0    1.0    2.2.0f3    1.0.10d0    80.0.2    2.2.4    10.0.5    1.8.6fc17    1.3    2.2.0f3    2.2.0f3    3.0.16    3.1.3d8    5.0.0d0    1.0.10d0    3.0.16    5.1.0d17    1.0.3    7.1.8    7.1.8    2.3.2    2.3.2    4.0.5f11    4.0.5f11    227.1    3.2.0    3.0.1    4.4.5    4.5.3    4.5.8    3.2.0    1.6    1.7    1.7    3.2.0    4.5.8    420.3    4.4.5    2.0.8    1.0.1b1    2.1    4.5.8    1.5.0    1.7.1    1.1    177.5    1.0.0d1    7    331.6    1.7.1    28.18    1.5    2.6.8    1.4

    Unable to gather system configuration information.Model: MacBookPro6,2, BootROM MBP61.0057.B0F, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 2.4 GHz, 4 GB, SMC 1.58f16

    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M, PCIe, 256 MB

    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics, Intel HD Graphics, Built-In, 288 MB

    Memory Module: BANK 0/DIMM0, 2 GB, DDR3, 1067 MHz, 0x80CE, 0x4D34373142353637334648302D4346382020

    Memory Module: BANK 1/DIMM0, 2 GB, DDR3, 1067 MHz, 0x80CE, 0x4D34373142353637334648302D4346382020

    AirPort: spairport_wireless_card_type_airport_extreme (0x14E4, 0x93), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0 (

    Bluetooth: Version 4.0.5f11, 2 service, 18 devices, 2 incoming serial ports

    Network Service: AirPort, AirPort, en1

    Serial ATA Device: Hitachi HTS545032B9SA02, 320.07 GB

    Serial ATA Device: MATSHITADVD-R   UJ-898

    USB Device: hub_device, 0x0424  (SMSC), 0x2514, 0xfa100000 / 2

    USB Device: Microsoft® Nano Transceiver v2.0, 0x045e  (Microsoft Corporation), 0x0745, 0xfa140000 / 6

    USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad, apple_vendor_id, 0x0236, 0xfa120000 / 5

    USB Device: BRCM2070 Hub, 0x0a5c  (Broadcom Corp.), 0x4500, 0xfa110000 / 4

    USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, apple_vendor_id, 0x8218, 0xfa113000 / 9

    USB Device: Internal Memory Card Reader, apple_vendor_id, 0x8403, 0xfa130000 / 3

    USB Device: hub_device, 0x0424  (SMSC), 0x2514, 0xfd100000 / 2

    USB Device: IR Receiver, apple_vendor_id, 0x8242, 0xfd120000 / 4

    USB Device: Built-in iSight, apple_vendor_id, 0x8507, 0xfd110000 / 3

  • cnlow Level 1 (5 points)

    I'm having exactly the same issue, is there any other way to solve this other than replacing the LB? This problem occur even I'm just surfing website using Google Chrome.


    It is pretty annoying.

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    Hi everyone! I'm having the same exact problems. I have a mid 2010 MacBook Pro and its always freezing! It was perfectly fine with Snow leapord and Lion just messed up everything. I hope Mountain Lion will fix this. But for now what I've been doing is under energy saver disable automatic graphics switching and then BOOM my computer works how it should and i have no problems, but my battery dies super fast now . I hope that apple fixes this SOON!

  • cnlow Level 1 (5 points)

    ML is not fixed this issues, I'm using the ML GM but the problem still persist and i felt it happen more often compared to Lion, seriously is apple doing anything for this issues?

  • sspm Level 1 (0 points)

    It is normal to have crashes, it is designed for that to happen.LoL....

    I had close to 20 crashes since wednesday and I am still trying every now and then to turn on.


    I am posting through windows pc. My mbp just can't stay functional for 10 mins!!! It crashed at every opportunity, log in window, mail, finder, safari, firefox, vlc, itunes, terminal etc...

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    happens here. significantly more through the time. while it used to be like once a week, I did not pay much attention (since I have lost my warranty already) . But now, 5-10 times a day... it's a pain in the ***. I don't even get the panic log screen, the computer just goes black screen.


    it's annoying since the computer is totally OK and works great, but if this happens and you don't save your work...not to mention the booting might get like 5 min afterwards, if parallels and bunch of other apps were open.


    I don't really want to invest 500 + EUR into a 2 year old machine, but I don't want to scrap it either. maybe sell it for parts?