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    Hi Silviett

    Francos and maisu are right on. I just came back from the apple store. Same computer as you (Lion) with same problem. they run a diagnostic and its pretty conclusive when it shows that its the logic board. it shows a big FAILED in red letters. Its been over 2 years so it was out of warranty but they extend the warranty to 3 years for this specific issue. They'll be replacing my LB for free although it will take about a week.

    I had tried other solutions that I found in here and elsewhere but to not waste anymore time just take it in and have them run the test. make sure to backup b4 you go and tell them that you've been looking at the kernal panic reports and this discussion board and it seems that you are having the same problem. best of luck.

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    Anyone from Denmark having this problem...?

    My problem has been around for about 2 years now.. and I already contactet Humac for about 1,5 years ago, where they told me to replace the harddrive.. and of cause I did , but i did not help at all.. so money wasted on new SSD...

    I called apple costumer care in denmark in Oktober last year, to get the extended warranty, and a new LB, that hopefulle would fix my problem... but they will not aknowlegde the extended warranty is on a new logicboard, but claims I have to pay $930 for a new LB, to fix my problems...???


    I have called Apple US, and they said I had to have a new LB, with the errors I am experiencing, but in Denmark my Laptop has been at the costumer care for about 2 weeks now, and I can't even get an an answer on the status of the repair...


    I'm really frustrated, and don't know who to contact.. any ideas..??

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    I'm from Denmark and had this problem. Fortunently mine was bought through apple so i contacted them.


    In this case sounds like you had no luck at all with Humac. I don't know if you tried handing them the article, but it's worth a try. My best suggestion is to call Apple Denmark (which will direct you to apple customer service in ireland) Tell them about the errors you see, and that you are affected by TS4088 and this is a typical problem for your computer! (Shows them that you've done the homework). You'll most likely be asked to send it in for repairs with an apple reference number (this number is important! remember to include it when sending it in for repairs).


    A apple certified repair center can run a standard diagnostics test, but it wont show anything! (probably what humac did). I'm afraid i can't remember the exact term(its in in this thread somewhere), but they need to run an advanced graphics diagnostic. This will fail, if you have the specific error which extends your warranty. So tell them to make sure they do this! might be worth mentioning to apple before getting off the phone with them(part of the reason for remembering the reference number)


    Under all circumstances you should contact apple, since its way past your 2 year consumer law required warranty, and Humac is therefore no longer involved. All your communication should be with apple, and I can only recommend to visit eplehuset if apple tells you to send it in for repairs. They are nicer and more helpfull, and don't try to rip you off every time you visit them


    BTW. If someone at apple says you aren't covered by the TS4088, then ask to speak to their manager. This is an american trick, but hey, its an american company... And it works (How i ended up with a new computer and an apology.


    Sorry for the lousy english, been working for 20 hours straight.
    Best of luck!

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    Thanks for your answer.. I am way beyond all your suggestions...

    I bought my mac directly at Apple to, contactet Apple initially, regarding the TS4088, and was told it of cause was covered by the extended warranty... I was told to submit it to Humac, to get the logicboard replaced.


    When I got the answer from Humac, it was an invoice for about $930 for a new logicboard, their diagnosting programs could not find any errors, and the claimed, that the warranty only covered software mentioned in TS4088.

    After that I have talked to a bunch of Apple guys i both US and DK, and now I am in contact with legal department at Apple, but I get no answers return any more... so I desperatly needs another way to contact someone higher in Apple...


    I have done all my homework, and even more than that.. Apple US gave me references to an internal document at Apple, that stated how they handle the case on TS4088, I have sent several blogs describing what other people has experienced after they had replaced their logicboards etc.



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    My MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) after update to OS X v10.8 Mountain Lion crashes almost every day, unpredictably, sometimes few times in a row. For example, while I'm writing this message it crashed two times with the same error message regarding NVIDIA driver:


    Kernel Extensions in backtrace:




    I've looked over all related messages and have found that most of people advise to fix this problem over TS4088 warranty extension due to hardware problem in Mid 2010 MyBook Pro.


    I have prepared my MBP to visit the Apple store: backup all data, save my work, cleanup licensed tools and software from laptop in case it require HDD re brand, setup the schedule with Apple, take day off from work and brought laptop to the store in Columbia, MD.


    The Apple person was very kind, he run the hardware test for Video card and after test passed told me that my laptop is perfectly fine. He said that the reason why it fails after Mountain Lion installation with software core dump (all crashes saved, he do not want to look at them) could by my dusty screen and bended corner near the HDD place (left down side). He suggest that the HDD could be the main reason for NVIDIA core dump crashes and if the TS4088 is only about "Intermittent black screen" but my MBP does the black screen and OS X panic crash with reboot. He suggest I can purchase and replace the part suggested in TS4088 by my own and it will definitely fix the problem.


    I have no words... Glad Steve Jobs died and do not see how all of us (I see thousands posts) suffer when our jobs crashed without any notes and without any help from those Geni tals at Apple useless stores.


    Thank you.

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    Oy. Same problems as many of you. Had my rMBP for about 6 months. Constant black screen/panics after login. Got the:



    kernel backtraces in the panic log. Good news is that with all the logs saved, Genius Bar determined immediately that it was a logic board problem and offered to replace the logic board. A bit frustrated because I think the computer itself should be replaced, but I guess you can't win them all. What do you guys think? For $2100, am I entitled to a working machine at the start?

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    You are lucky! I have more than 30 kernel panics saved only in two last months and it was completely ignored by Apple person. Where do you live? Is it true that Columbia, MD Apple store is the worst store in US?


































    ... all of them with the same error:


    Kernel Extensions in backtrace:




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    Today I had a four Mountain Lion kernel crashes with the error problem ( Too bad... And no any help from Apple. So sad...

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    Just upgraded to 10.8.3 but still suffering the same NVIDIA-related crashes.


    Any positive outcomes from this new OS X release?

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    I went to the Apple store this week (for the 2nd time) and this time, the VST failed in about 2sec... I didn't get it, why did it pass last time...

    Anyway, they will replace my logicboard !

    The "genius" said that this extended warranty was expired since December (they replace mine cause I came before December last time). Someone else can confirm that ?


    And for the last post, i think there will be no update wich could solve the issue. It's an hardware problem and if Apple made this replacement program, i think they wouldn't try so fix it by an update anymore.


    Bye, and good luck !

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    The same crash after recent update. The driver reference number have changed, now its 8.1 instead 8.0. Just a min ago two crashes with panic dump while tried to answer your post:


          Kernel Extensions in backtrace:

    [A26D2A3D-C06F-3A0F-BCFF-901A98C93C3D]@0xffffff7f9d988 000->0xffffff7f9dc95fff             dependency:[1D668879-BEF8-3C58-ABFE-FAC6B3E9A292]@0xffff ff7f9d8ef000             dependency:[38C214C0-83C8-3594-8A4C-DC6AC3FEC163]@0xff ffff7f9d974000             dependency:[74E3E50F-E50A-3073-8C96-06F854292A91]@0 xffffff7f9d931000[5F021999-8B18-3BD5-9B98-90617E638A63]@0xffffff7f9 dca3000->0xffffff7f9dfc4fff             dependency:[A26D2A3D-C06F-3A0F-BCFF-901A98C93C3D]@0xffffff7f9d9 88000             dependency:[1D668879-BEF8-3C58-ABFE-FAC6B3E9A292]@0xffff ff7f9d8ef000[A7004F02-7D39-3398-8BD3-729DCC404E5F]@0xffffff 7f9f542000->0xffffff7f9f551fff             dependency:[1D668879-BEF8-3C58-ABFE-FAC6B3E9A292]@0xffff ff7f9d8ef000             dependency:[2C131EAF-F74C-39D1-A702-A499B 39C293C]@0xffffff7f9e44b000             dependency:[38C214C0-83C8-3594-8A4C-DC6AC3FEC163]@0xff ffff7f9d974000             dependency:[74E3E50F-E50A-3073-8C96-06F854292A91]@0 xffffff7f9d931000

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    I went to a Apple Store (here in Brazil) but the tech guy there couldn't confirm that Apple would replace my logic board. I tried downgrading to Lion (10.7.5) but had no luck — still crashing :-(. I believe Snow Leopard would fix it, but I haven't tried it yet.


    Can I download/run the aforementioned VST test by myself?



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    Same thing here :-(


    By the way, nice catch on the updated driver version number :-)

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    The new version driver 8.1 is worst than old 8.0. After update I have twice more core dumps with kernel panic than before. Now it's every day about 2 to 4 times a day. It's so bad so I even tried to reinstall OS X from the net. Have finished installation few moments ago and the first start of Safari bring the system down with the same kernel panic:


    Kernel Extensions in backtrace:




    I do not have any idea what to do.

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    I think the only definitive solution is to replace the logic board as it's an hardware issue. There is another solution I used : you download gfx card status and you force it to use the intel graphics. It's the only solution to prevent crashes.


    To pmattos : unfortunately no, you can't run the VST by yourself (I asked the Genius)...