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  • Sam Beaver Level 1 (120 points)

    William Kucharski wrote:


    Note that's not a fix, it's a horrible hack that could have dire consequences for your machine's hardware and/or security.

    i think horrible hacks are best bets so far. **** to security, functionality is key.

  • lupunus Level 4 (1,000 points)

    aberges wrote:

    You're not supposed to post the same contribution in different threads.

    This is against the ULA of the community and may have the result that your post's get deleted by system administrators.


    So stop that behaviour or deal with the results.

  • aberges Level 1 (0 points)

    I did that to draw attention because my messages posted since Sep 9 2011, on this thread didn't get any answer before yours few hours ago, for which I thank you, even if it does slove the issue.


    You said

    lupunus wrote:


    aberges wrote:

    You're not supposed to post the same contribution in different threads.

    This is against the ULA of the community and may have the result that your post's get deleted by system administrators.


    So stop that behaviour or deal with the results.


    I don't believe to threaten Apple users in that way will help. I' m sure that loyal customers who have paid thousands of Euros to get the machines and the softwares need more respect and support.


    I'm respectful of the job you do and expect a reciprocal behavior.

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    Are you a Board Moderator or Sys Admin? No. So really it isn't your job to slap folks down over 'bad' behavior. Making your comment rude and out of line (not the first time you've acted that way).

    So why don't you get off your self appointed power trip and stick to the actual topic. Leave the policing to those whose job it is.

  • PJRives Level 1 (85 points)

    The reason for the lack of reply to your original comments may be due to three possible reasons


    1. The comments were just frustrated ranting about Lion being crap because you are one of the unfortunate small group that has had issues and the only possible replies are basically "I feel ya, I'm the same" or "No it isn't Lion or everyone would be having problems and they aren't". Neither of which fixes things for you and is only going to **** you off more


    2. No one has an answer that will fix your problem. So why bother posting to say "I don't have any other ideas. Sorry Bub". Remember that this is a user group. NOT Tech Support. Apple Care techs don't control or even visit this board. Saying "I read it on the Apple Discussion Group" to a tech will get you a quick "Uh ummm", a roll of the eyes and then they will ignore it and pretend like you didn't say it so they can actually run their tests and such. It's basically up there with saying "I read on macrumors" or "I read on Gizmodo"


    3. Many of the folks that come here are only looking for replies to their posting in the hopes of finding a suggestion to help them out. They don't look at anything else and thus skip over pages of comments. ***** that you were skipped over but there it is. No one is obligated to look at every post as this whole thing is (outside of the actual moderators and admins) totally voluntarily.

  • lupunus Level 4 (1,000 points)

    PJRives wrote:


    Are you a Board Moderator or Sys Admin?

    No I'm not.


    Although I have the ability to mark posts as "inappropriate" or as violating the Terms Of Use, for review by staff.


    Multiple post's with the same content in different threads will count as "inappropriate".


    Post constructive comments and questions. Unless otherwise noted, your Submission should either be a technical support question or a technical support answer. Constructive feedback about product features is welcome as well. If your Submission contains the phrase “I’m sorry for the rant, but…” you are likely in violation of this policy.


    Full text ->

  • lupunus Level 4 (1,000 points)

    aberges wrote:


    I did that to draw attention because my messages posted since Sep 9 2011, on this thread didn't get any answer before yours few hours ago, for which I thank you, even if it does slove the issue.

    Sorry but there is no posting from you between Sep. 9 and Sep. 11 in this thread.


    To get answers and, eventually, a solution, there are only two simple steps:


    1. Instead of posting a "me too" start your own question about your problem with a "talking" title. Only a "Help me" or a "Lion kills my wifi" will not do the job.
    2. Provide at firsthand all information about the problem, error messages, infrastructure / equipment in the matching forum.


    Eventually repeat your post in your own language, as there are for sure others from your country with help and knowledge.


    If there is no answer to your question after a a couple of day's, you might eventually post a short message (and a link to your question) according to your issue in a thread with similar content.


    There are a lot of people around here in the community with thousands of recommendation points, a lot of knowledge about Apple hard and software and also of networking things.


    These people mostly refuse to answer contributions in threads with a lot of "me too" posts or revolving complaints with no attempt to solve problems.

    They also tend to stay away from questions are already get answered when Panther switched to Tiger, Tiger to Leopard and Leopard to Snow Leopard.


    Ask your question about your problem and be a part of the solution.




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    I have read alot of these posts. I'll admit that alot or most are too technical for me, as I don't understand the offered solutions. But I don't think I should. I bought a MBP( with Lion) a month ago to connect to the internet, just like my 6 month old IMAC( with Snow Leopard) and my 4 month old ipad 2. The only one that loses connectability is the one with Lion and it came installed from the factory. I have 3 wifi TVs, and they don't lose connections. To me it's just common sense, it's a Lion problem that needs to be addressed. Just my 2 cents worth.

  • Nicholas Burke Level 1 (90 points)

    I posted on this about a month ago, since when I've been enjoying the uninterrupted, reliable tranquility of Snow Leopard.   Today I entertained the possibility of reloading Lion but now I see there are 62 pages of posts on this topic.  Jesus Apple - get your f****g act together.

  • aberges Level 1 (0 points)

    Thanks for the message and to consider my request as weel as to guide me.


    Yes, there is a post coming from me on Sep. 9 on this thread. Here it is:




                             Re: Wifi Constantly Dropping in Lion                       

                                                    Sep 9, 2011 7:04 AM                                                    (in response to lhale)                                                               


    I have an end of 2009 iMac 21.5 inch (Intel Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz) , and I can just confirm that I still have the WiFi dropping issue with the last upgrade of Lion 10.7.1 and this is not only after the sleep, it could be anytime. When I re-boot my Mac it seems to stay stable for a quit long period, but then it bugs again.

    I have both a ISP router and Airport Express but there is no difference, the dropping occurs with both.


    Before upgrading to Lion, I had never never experimented an issue on Wi-Fi connection. WiFi was perfectly working on Snow Leopard.


    In addition, I have an iPad and a MacBook Pro bought 2 weeks ago (so with Lion), they both work perfectly.


    After reading this forum, I'm sure Apple got a Wi-Fi issue between some machines, at least with the iMac,  and Lion.


    As regular customer of Apple, it is the first time I'm disapointed by a quality issue like this one, I'm sure they are doing their best to fix quickly the issue. The first step will be to recognize officialy there is an issue and then commit a date to fix it.




    I agree that the last paragraph , is not helping but this was my thought at that time.


    Coming back to my situation, I recognize that the issue is not an easy one and as I'm not a WiFi network expert I will not try to change my current settings as my other devices (iPad, MBPro, iPhone and PC with Windows 7) are connecting perfectly with the WiFi network.


    I hope that the details of my experience will help to understand.  (MBP is a 13'', Intel Core i7).


    I thank you for your attention and I will try to investigate on other forums.

  • PJRives Level 1 (85 points)

    "The first step will be to recognize officialy there is an issue"


    Which they will do when they actually know exactly what the issue is. Right all they can say is "Some users are having problems with their WiFi Connections" which does no one any good if there isn't a solution.


    "and then commit a date to fix it."


    Which is an impossible request that will never been fulfilled. Why? Because Apple has no way of knowing how long it will take to fix the issue so they will never be able to set a date they can achieve. Particularly since the problem could involve variables they don't control like when the heck Motorola will update the drivers for the cable modems that ISPs like Time Warner are forcing on their users (modems too stupid to actually report their IP etc to a wifi router or allow changes to attached devices while the modem is powered on)

  • aberges Level 1 (0 points)

    I perfectly understand what you mean, is why I wrote a note after the 'Unquote', saying that was my mood when I post it.


    I just noticed that this thread only has already more than 97,000 views, and there are others threads on the subject. It's my first time on this forum, so I don't know if it is a significant number or not, but it looks quite high to me. Do you think is enough to have raised the interest of Apple engineers?


    Anyway thanks you very much for your message.

  • laechleviel Level 1 (0 points)

    Hello Lupunus,


    well - first of all: I really appreciate your support and the time you invest to help users suffering wi-fi-connection-problems under OS X Lion!!!


    It told my FritzBox to use the channel 13 only yesterday. Since then I didn`t have any wi-fi-connection problems. Of course I don`t know how long this solution is going to work as all the different "tricks" I tried before (including the suggestions of the Apple-Support-Hotline) worked for a limited amount of time only...


    For me the essential question is why Airport obviously has become much more sensitive about the influence of other wi-fi-networks as it was under Snow Leopard... I guess it has something to do with Airdrop cause I can`t imagine any other reason for changes in Airport... I`m pretty curious on Apple`s answer to the bug report I submitted some days ago...


    Where I disagree from your point of view: I`m quite sure it is a RELEVANT amount of users suffering the wi-fi-problems > A) amount of posts/replies in the Apple-Support-Communitiy B) Google-Research C) someone I know is working at an Apple-Premium-Reseller and when I asked him about known problems with Lion the first thing he told me about was WI-FI!!!


    So - as we say in Germany: "Hope dies last..." As I said before: If my actual "solution" works temporarily only again and 10.7.2 doesn`t provide a durable solution, me and many others will only have one opportunity: Going back to Snow Leopard...


    Best regards



  • laechleviel Level 1 (0 points)

    As supplement:


    • the only stations in my wi-fi are my iMac (mid 2010, i3 3,2 GHz) and my iPhone (3GS)
    • there is a cordless phone connected to my router (Siemens Gigaset CX450 isdn) > this didn`t cause any problems under SL
    • there is no active bluetooth-devices in my flat
    • there is 25 wi-fi-networks in the neighborhood identified by Airport > it`s the same networks as under SL where they didn`t cause any problems (and when I went back to SL for five days before doing a clean installation of Lion there were no problems as well)... > this makes it impossible to have a distance of 5 channels between the different networks > and by the way: these are pretty usual conditions in urban circumstances in my opinion...


    By the way:


    • as I said I told my FritzBox to use channel 13 only yesterday and didn`t have any wi-fi-connection-problems since then
    • this changed some minutes ago when I used the WLAN with my iPhone for the first time since switching to channel 13 > at once Airport reported that it lost the internet-connection > may this be caused by the router going to 802.11g for the iPhone? > if so switching to channel 13 is just another "dead solution"
  • nipper123 Level 1 (0 points)

    No matter what other people here say, this is a Lion bug and it has been fixed; just be patient.

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