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    After lots of Googling I have found a way to fix this problem for myseff anyway - it was stated earlier in this discussion but now I have a better understanding of the problem. I run my own mail server (Mailserve) and I want to make the change to the imap code and re-compile as suggested but can someone list the steps to recompile 2007f under SN? I tried it but I get losts of errors. I am compileing on a snow leopard machine.



  • fmaamouri Level 1 Level 1

    Finaly it works for me , i was blocked for one month

    thanks for all

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    Finaly it works for me too. This THE SOLUTION:

  • kit laughlin Level 1 Level 1

    yaroon, not entirely correct.


    I have posted on this on anther thread; Mail can download all the time, so far, but fails to Send, on a regular basis. If it were only POP mail, would not be a problem for me.


    the problem is that, intermittently, Mail cannot connect to the SMTP server; all settings there are correctly configured.


    The web version of Mail works fine, but a much less friendly interface.


    Ah: I see MANY other pages on this, so we are not alone! It will be fixed soon, I am sure.

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    In case anybody is interested: The IMAP problem (Mail asks for the password over and over again without establishing a connection to the server and thus not downloading any mail) is NOT fixed in the Developer Release 10.7.2 11C48...

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    And it has also NOT been fixed in 10.7.2 11C55...

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    Als no luck in 10.7.2 11C62.

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    I think it's time to get over it: Apple is not going to fix this. Apple Mail works correct according to the RFCs and works fine with 99% of mail accounts out there, only some exotic or misconfigured servers are failing. Please get in contact with your service provider to get this issue resolved.

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    My servers are neither exotic nor misconfigured: Mail receives mail perfectly. It simply cannot send to its own servers, mobile me.


    So, in my case, which service provider would you suggest I contact? And as I have had this problem in Australia as well as here in the U S on business (in fact, since I updated to Lion), it does not look like a local server problem, to me.


    My experience as written about above, is that for some reason (and nothing changes in my setup while this happens) Mail tries to send outgoing mail to [myusername] and cannot find that server.


    Today, after testing, it is working fine; and of course I hope it stays that way.

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    My server is also not exotic or misconfigured. My solution will be to dump apple mail and to switch to thunderbird or postbox. They both work fine with my mail server...

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    @goligo The problem I'm having IS with Apple mail, using IMAP. After upgrading to Lion, NONE of my email accounts work, both IMAP and POP. Why don't you just keep your assertions to yourself as they aren't helping!


    I've set Thunderbird up, and while I despise it, it works flawlessly (on the same machine, without other changes).


    My only "solution" seems to be to clear all apple settings and re-do them. This will be time consuming as I'll have to close the  network down, backup all mailboxes, clear settings, reboot, and start over. IF I can get it to work I will have to restore the mailboxes other than the ones setup by the restored IMAP accounts. What a pain in the but - all this and with no guarantee of it working!

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    @kit laughlin This thread is about an issue with receiving mail using POP or IMAP. You seem to have an unrelated issue with sending mail from Lion Mail.


    @ssj152 I think people should no longer wait for a fix. The issue obviously only affects a minority of users, Apple could easily have it fixed with 10.7.1, but decided to keep it as it is. By the way, I am not on this thread for fun, but I had the same issue, I could no longer receive mail after upgrading to Lion.


    Instead of whining I tried to find out what is causing this issue, and in my case it was a bug on the IMAP server software, which was revealed due to a change in the way Lion Mail authenticates with the server. I read all threads about receiving mail issues with Lion Mail, and all I have found fall into one these two categories:


    - A bug in IMAP-UW, where authentication fails, if the sum of characters in user name and characters in password plus two can be divided by three. Either the service provider can install the latest version of IMAP-UW, where the issue has been fixed, or the user can chose a password with a different length.


    - A misconfigured Perdition mail proxy, which returns bad CAPA results (IMAP capabilities, instead of POP capabilities). While Mail in Snow Leopard just ignored this, Mail in Lion is more picky about the content of the CAPA response, and decides not to connect. The service provider can fix the configuration, or the user can switch to IMAP instead of POP.


    If you have an issue which does not fall into one of these two categories, please post it, so we get a more complete list of known issues. I completely understand that people expect these issues to get fixed by Apple, as mail retrieval worked fine in Snow Leopard and fails after upgrading to Lion.

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    Hi goligo,


    I am using IMAP, and the sum of characters of my username and password ist 35 . Plus 2 makes 37 which can not be devided by 3...

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    Hello goglio,


    I have read all the posts here, and posted because the error message I received back from Mail  described my problem perfectly:


    Can not receive email, password not accepted by server


    I agree that the problems being discussed now is now IMAP-related, but in the interests of the wider community and the others who also posted here with no IMAP-related problems, but who nonetheless coild not get mail, considered it worth posting here.


    I was clarifying my position re. being unable to send mail. hth, kl

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    I don't understand why basic mail functionality seems to change with every OS X release, minor or major.  If anything, functionality should be added, and previous client behavior in place (even as "backwards-compatible"), not taking existing functionality away, or taking a valid connection and rendering it invalid.