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After upgrading Lion OSX this morning, whenever I would go on Safari, it'd freeze on me unexpectedly. I've noticed whenever I have a lot of tabs open for different sites, it happens. Then my computer freezes. It's happened about, 3-6 times all together today. My way of trying to fix it was: Resetting Safari (checking all boxes), reset Cache, Clear history, restart safari / restart macbook pro, reset pram, and hold down the power button for 10 seconds. None of it helps, even ran Disk Utilitity, repair disk and permission etc. Still no use. Any other solutions guys? Anything would help. Everything else is running perfecto, just the safari situation.


Another thing, when i go to my menu above, Go > Home. I cannot see my library folder like before on SL. >_> Help?

2.4 GHz Intel Core i5, 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Mac OS X (10.6.8), MACBOOK PRO 15"
  • Carolyn Samit Level 10 Level 10 (100,440 points)

    Try this thread for your user folder question.  >  where is user library in Lion: Apple Support Communities



    As far as Safari goes, you may have a third party Safari add on installed that was compatible with Snow Leopard, not not Lion that's causing Safari to freeze.


    Try troubleshooting. Safari: Unsupported third-party add-ons may cause Safari to unexpectedly quit or have performance issues

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    I checked, I don't. Any other things that may cause it?

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    My son just installed Lion on his month old 27" iMac and is seeing the same problem.  Tomorrow we will be looking for third-party add-ons to Safari.  We'll also try using Firefox and see if it hangs.   Lion will be unusable if this continues -- to bad I didn't make a bootable BU of Snow Leopard.

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    I helped my parents install lion on their computer. My mom uses MBA and my dad uses iMac 24". I'm using macbook pro 15". Seems like im the only one with this problem in this house. I know how your son feels lol

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    I have roughly the same behavior here, except that I'm not using Safari at all. Hence, no safari add-ons have ever been installed on my MBP. Everything freezes for 4 - 5 minutes. I cannot identify any common conditions to these different freezes.


    It seems to me this severe bug is not related to Safari then.

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    For me I notice safari is taking somewhere close to 2gig of my memory and causing my entire os to be very sluggish.


    I have even tried to isolate the problem by resetting safari and disable all my extensions to it. It just seems it's the way how Apple have programmed safari to behave. hope they acknowledge the problem and provide a fix soon.


    At leat to me it feels like it's definately safari that's cauing the problem. Have to bear with an alternative browser for the time being i guess.

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    i am getting the same **** thing, and it is ******* me off. ever since i installed lion, i have had to restart my mac at least 3 times a day because it has been freezing. i just logged on about 30 min ago and already have had to restart 1 time. it is rediculous and i am really mad i didnt partition my hd and dual boot. as far as firefox, when my safari gets the pinwheel of death i open firefox and then that goes down in flames. i get this a lot with a few other programs i am using as well. with all the major overhauls lion has and the steep learning curve, i cant even spend time getting to know the new os x because i cant even use my computer for an hour before it needs to be restarted. not happy at all.

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    Yup. This is happening to me too. I have to restart my MacBook Pro at least once a day. This never happened to me with 10.6; it needs to be fixed ASAP.

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    I am also have the same problem. I have had to restart my iMac more then seven times. One thing I have noticed is five of my gray sreens asking me to restart occurred when I played video in flash. Three gray screens occurred when played videos in silver light and one gray screen when I was just web browsing. The crash I had wile browsing, my flash was disable.


    I dont think this helps but thought I should at least try.

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    Same issues. computer froze after using chrome. restarted to find a gray screen with a kernel panic warning. called apple support and they got me to remove some of the login items.


    tried using safari..same thing. computer froze today. restarted and did a disk utility test to find disk needed repairs. restarted again and the disk utility shows all's ok . is this the onset of a HD failure?


    other applications fail to launch ..photoshop, itunes, appstore. they are all showing issues.


    i hope fixes are on the way


    did anyone try a clean install back to snow leopard ? i am really pondering it

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    Well my situation is pretty screwed. I called the 1800 apple number. Two girls "helped" my situation to a point where they didn tknow what they were doing. Let alone myself didn't know. I thought they knew but turns out they didn't. Basically I was following instructions but their instructions basically busted up my hard drive. I took it into my local apple store. The guy said "Well from this point I'm going to have to send it into repair for 5 to 7 days". Thinking these girls from apple would help me fix it through the phone and giving me legit instructions. Nope. Now not only not being able to use my macbook pro but it's being repaired. I will be laptop'less for 5 to 7 days. I asked for a replacement. Nope. Since it was NOT my fault. I still have to wait for something I didn't do intentionally but by following directions. Tell me if thats fair or not.

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    man apple's really dropping the ball with this update is'nt it !! as gizmodo this apple's vista ? i have'nt heard anything good from any of the early adopters


    i hope u have ur machine back soon!

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    Okay my situation is, i'll copy it and paste it from my other site:


         I was experiencing freezing issue on my Macbook Pro upon upgrade of LION OSX on Wednesday. During my whole Wednesday; I experienced more than 7 times of freezing issues from Safari to iTunes. I dealt with it the whole day thinking maybe it's me but apparently it's not. So on Thursday, I called the 1800 apple store on the phone from this site. I spoke with a girl at first, I told her my situation. She told me what to do about using an extra hard drive to link it to my macbook pro with a usb. I did that what happened was, she hung up out of nowhere so I ended up calling back getting another girl. I told her what happened so she picked up where the previous girl was doing. Soon afterwards, basically my computer wouldn't even boot up to lion to do a clean install. Originally my goal was to do a clean install of lion osx to see if it would fix the freezing issue. Apparently the girls didn't know what they where telling me. When I finally got on a phone with a guy on the phone. He said sounds to me you should visit your local apple store. So I did, I visited it. I told the guy at the genius bar and he seemed really really angry with me for some reason. He turned it on and looked not even 1 minute and then said "Ok from this point on I'm going to just send your laptop to repair center, it's going to take 5 to 7 days". Gave me a paper to sign and just simply sent me off. He seemed impatient and not willing to help. I felt like "Now I can't have a laptop do my work on". So I called apple line again, the guy on the phone said "You should've been able to get a replacement right there and then even if your laptop is a eyar old. It sounds like it's not your fault". Today, I called my local apple store. Even the manager didn't help me. He said your laptop is send off to the repair center. It should be ready in 5 days or so". I'm thinking "okay this was useless" What am I supposed to do now? Wait? I feel like this is unfair...

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    I've experienced the same issues...


    iTunes freezes

    Safari freezes

    Launch Pad slow/freezes

    Mission Control slow/freezes

    My iMac doesn't wake from sleep if I click the mouse.


    I have a recently bought 3.06 GHz Intel Core i3 iMac


    Not happy with Lion.

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