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    I have a MacBook Aluminum 13" 2 GHz intel Core 2 Duo 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3. I just upgraded to Lion 10.73. I realized that Lion was eating up RAM and battery.


    I shut down my MacBook this morning and pulled out the battery for 5 minutes. I put my battery back in and restarted. I played two videos at the same time, opened a PDF, Keynote, and iTunes.


    I noticed that my Macbook is now running a bit more efficiently, using less RAM and more is RAM free.


    My next test will be duration of battery without the power adapter.


    I will update later this afternoon.



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    Taking out the battery for five minutes did the trick! My MacBook is not eating up battery like it was before I pulled the battery and I am running on 1 GB or RAM smoothly (of 2 GB RAM), more or less. I have about 1 GB free as apposed to 10 % to 20% free.




    PS - I hope this helps

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    Update: I called Apple support, they have been very helpful!!!


    The battery was actually "older" than it was supposed to be. After about 200 charge cycles I had a maximum power of 5200 mAh, too low---that value is expected after 1000 cycles, not 200. You can check this in the "Energy" section of your MacBook's details.


    At the apple store they replaced the battery---for free. Now, with the new battery, it is 7255 mAh!!! Finally, I see 6 hours and a half of remaining battery

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    Hello All,


    After a few weeks I realized that shutting down my macbook, and pulling the battery was a temporary fix. I have been performing the shut down restart action on a regular basis. I am still eating up a lot of RAM while running multiple Apps at the same time, and it seems to be a cumalitive issue. I am not very computer savvy to be able to search out the issue. I think it has someting to do with a log build up and a cache build up.


    Anyway, today I downloaded the CCleaner and iBoostup Apps. IBoostup works well, but you need to make purchases to use all of the funsctions that the App provides. I also noted that it eats a bit of up RAM while performing it's functions. That being said, the App is good and it does it's job.


    CCleaner is very simple and quick and It did not seem to eat up RAM while performing it's function. Both Apps freed up a lot of RAM on my Macbook after running. I plan to upgrade from 2 RAM to 4 RAM in the future, but in the meantime CCleaner is doing a good job, I recommend it and it's availible for free in the App Store.


    PS - Lion 10.7.3 is not consuming my battery as ti did in the begining. I do not know if it related to cache and log build up. I do hope that OSX Mountain Lion corrects these little bugs.


    I hope this information helps!

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    Hello All,

    I currenlty reboot in 32bit mode by holding down 3 , 2 while booting. This brough my battery life back to normal.

    The primary reason I was doing this is so my Cisco VPN would work, I then notice if helped the battery life too.

    Hope this may be a good temporary fix for some of you.



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    For what it's worth...

    I've been dealing with this for a while on a mid-2009 13" MacBook Pro. I installed Lion as an upgrade and my battery life sunk from 6+ hours to under 3. I tried a bunch of the suggestions in the previous, flame-ridden thread here to no avail. I eventually went back to Snow Leopard. A few weeks ago I had a new idea (and some time on my hands), so I tried something different.


    After cloning a backup of my SL system, I did a fresh, bare-metal install of Lion and ran all the updates. I let it sit around for a while while Spotlight did its thing, then I did some light surfing and noticed that my battery life (mostly based on predictions from the battery indicator) was pretty close to what I was getting with Snow Leopard. I continued to do some testing and kept getting pretty good results. Then, I used the Migration Assistant to pull everything back from my Snow Leopard clone.


    Remarkably, the battery life with Lion now remains pretty reasonable (5-6 hours) even when I'm working it fairly hard.


    Disclaimer: This is my computer and my experience. If you get different results, please, it's not my fault. I am posting this here in the hope that it may help someone out.

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