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    Din anyone reported this bug to Apple?


    I'm sure that the expected behavior is not to require you to copy the new filters to system directory. This looks like a bug in

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    I love my iphone, but... wrote:


    Thanks again! There's always someone with the same problem and someone else smart enough to fix it!



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    This is brilliant. Thanks so much. Just made my life easier!!

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    Just to improve on this... in Finder open the GO menu and keep the option key pressed. You'll see that Library appears. It's easier than typing the full path. Hope this helps.

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    someone more smarter find a better solution, check this out, it is fantastic

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    you just saved me hours of fustration! thanks

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    Hello mrrish_ and everyone else,


    Thanks for your tip. After a bit of fiddling around, I managed to reduce a 500MB+ scanned PDF document to a bit over 10MB with no apparent change to the quality. Simply amazing!!!


    Take care




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    I am just tired of this piece of crap aka Mac Book Pro. Why do I have to go through the hassle of a completely different app to go adjust my file size etc? Arcane complicated steps to do simple things - just thoroughly frustrated with this computer. Can count the number of things I like in just one hand - hardly any! BOAT LOAD of #RAP.

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    Hey akhushraj,


    I understand your frustration. In terms of computers, windows and linux are your only other options; and I know Windows 7 has no built in PDF function at all, and to be able to modify PDF properties, you have to buy Adobe Acrobat which costs $100-200. So, your mac is actually your best choice in this particular scenario. Also to remark on your statement: modifying PDF quality is not a 'simple' task at all. I know you want it to 'just work,' but there are lot of properties in the PDF file that need to be accounted for.


    I have long accepted that if I had to do anything advanced I would have to jump through hoops because most OSs are geared towards mainstream functionality. This is pretty much inevitable.

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    Having paid a premium for a Mac Book Pro (in many cases 1.5 to 2 times the price of a PC), it's hard to justify the $100-$200 savings. I would rather get a full featured Adobe Acrobat and install it on PC. And it would still be cheaper than Mac Book. BUT the bigger problem is that fake Apple promise of "keeping it simple" OR "it just works" is all a load of #RAP. And to be fair, I quite like the iPhone and the iPad and use them extensively (over 400 apps!). But the Mac Book Pro? BIG FAIL!

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    I had this problem of expecting Quartz filters to be available when I saved or "printed" a file, but found that they weren't.  I tried the above fix, but found that my Users>"My name">Library>Filters folder was empty and there were no filters to transfer to the System Library folder. 


    However, if I use the File>Export command in Preview (where I used to use "Save as"), the Quartz filters are available, as of old.  I created all the PDFs that I needed using this option. The best advice I've seen on this is here


    So, Mac software is not always as consistent as we would like, but the solutions through this and other communities are usually easily found and readily shared. 



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    This is the same problem in the Mountain Lion upgrade, and the same solution. Great spot and good work. Can't understand why Apple want to change something that works - maybe 'because they can'.

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    Thank you! Thank you!

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    So great! Works in Mavericks as well. Makes Reduce PDF Size workable for the fist time!

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    I'm having a strange problem:


    In Preview: With some documents it works the EXPORT > way to find the Quartz filters, with some others I do exactly the same and I dont see the Filter option.


    Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.20.18 PM.png



    In ColorSync I just dont see where the Filters are? Top Bar? Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 1.19.10 PM.png

    Help anybody?