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Phil Harmonic Level 1 Level 1



Since installing Lion yesterday, I can't get my main mail address working.


Message is in French, but it says someting like "The server sent the error back. The POP server (here, my server name) doesn't manage the authentication Password. Please check your account settings and try again".


Strange enough, I had not change a thing on my settings, so the problem must come from Lion. I still can get my mails on the iPad and on the iPhone (with the same settings!).


I contacted my web domain agent, but they say I'm not the only one with this problem and that it comes from Apple and Mai.


Any idea?



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • Alanjryan Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problem where it continually asked for the password but then says that it is not correct.  I know it is correct!  I cannot send mail but can receive it

  • kenfromcheyenne Level 1 Level 1

    I too am experiencing Lion Mail not retrieving mail from 1 of my mail servers. The gmail server is working fine from within Mail.  For the other mail servers on my other accounts it says the mail server is not accepting my password & yet I can logon to this server in Safari using that same password with no problems.  I also started up from a bootable copy of my system on a different drive that uses Mac OS 10.6.8 & mail passwords using the old OS are working just like always.


    Mail in Lion keeps asking for my account password which I input & also check the box to save that in Keychain.  Then it just keeps reopeing the same request for account password saying the server rejected the password. I went in the Keychain & deleted the mail passwords to start from scratch. I then performed the same input in the mail password request box as described above & Mail continues to say the server is not accepting the passwords.  A quick check in Keychain Access confirms that new passwords indeed have been created.


    I also exported the various mailboxes to a desktop folder for later retrieval if anything went wrong. I then rebuit all the mailboxes because I had seen on another post that this had helped another user.  This too had no effect. Same problem as above.


    Obviously the problem is Lion Mail


    Apple is of course curiously mute on this core application defect.  I guess we'll all wait in silence for Apple to fix.

  • dewifromaberystwyth Level 1 Level 1

    No  problem with Mail all accounts working can even access  my Microsoft Outlook Excahnge mailaccount at work

  • Alanjryan Level 1 Level 1

    I've now deleted my imap accounts and recreated them twice.  First time it did not work. Second time I started to get error messages taht I had not chosen the outgoing server when I clearly had - anyway I rang apple support and as I was on the phone it just started to work again - no idea why sorry

  • shyannlindy Level 1 Level 1

    Here is what I did to resolve the problem:


    In Mail/preferences/accounts/account information/ and at the bottom of the box there is a toggle arrow up and down to edit the outgoing mail server, check the box "use only this server" and  hit this toggle button and select "edit SMTP Server List" at the very bottom of the email names.


    Select Advanced tab.  Correct and/or add usernames and passwords as needed for each email account.  Be sure to select OK each time to get the passwords to hold!  Some changes don't seem to hold unless you click OK before you move on.


    To test:       Window/activity (a little windows will pop up showing activity bars)   and then "get mail" button.  This should show any problems


    Another test:  window/connection doctor


    This shouldl fix both pop and imap.  so far it worked on yahoo, mobile me, gmail, hotmail, and others.  Of course, you will need to know the incoming and outgoing mail server info, user name, and passwords.


    Too bad we have to go though hoops to use an email program that used to work well.  Worse yet, many may not know for days that their email isn't working.

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ------------------------------------------------------


    This is easy method of setting up your email accounts but may not allow enough detail to make the mail accounts function properly in Mail 5.0:

    system preferences/internet and wireless/mail, contacts, calendars/ add account




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  • Phil Harmonic Level 1 Level 1

    Well, I'm afraid this doesn't work for me.


    Strange thing is that I got several domains using POP and only one of them - hosted in France - encounters problems.



  • stefanoveneziano Level 1 Level 1

    Hi all,

    I am having problems with using mail on Lion Server.

    I have to eneter a keychain system password every time I send a new email.

    I tried to force system keychain unlock, but

    when I try on keychain access, system unlocking lasts only a few seconds.

    Any suggestions on how to overcome this problem?

    cheers Stefano

  • jpb1525 Level 1 Level 1

    I've had this same problem.  I tried a solution that has worked for Mail problems I've had with previous versions.  It involves completely removing the Mail settings folder from User/Library/ (which will refresh Mail to its default settings and delete all account info) and then recreating the mail accounts.  I'm not sure why this would work and deleting then re-adding accounts wouldn't, but maybe Mail doesn't clean up everything when you just delete the account in preferences.


    Here's what I did


    1. Move the Mail folder from User/Library/.  This folder is hidden in Lion.  To access it from the Finder, select the "connect to folder" option from the Go menu and type: ~/Library


    Find the Mail folder and move it somewhere else (e.g. desktop or trash)


    2.  Reboot


    3.  Open Mail and reconfigure accounts.


    I haven't had the password boxes pop up (sending or receiving) since I've done this complete refresh.

  • serbmana Level 1 Level 1

    Same issue for me - mail keeps requesting the password over and over.  Even though it keeps 'requesting' it, it eventually loads the inbox.  If I send a mail, it keeps requesting my password - and then it eventually sends.


    I've rebuilt the mailbox prior to, and after, jpb1525's suggestion w/ the same result.  I also tried shyannlindy's advice.  It still does not work properly.  :-/  Any other ideas, or do we just wait for apple to fix...?

  • stefanoveneziano Level 1 Level 1


    my problem disappeared after opening system preferences mail setup. Without doing anything, just allow changes to be made as requested, mail started to work normally.

    My suggestion then is:

    - after a Lion install, if you have email accounts already set, as should normally be, do open system preferences mail and let the system "settle" on your existing accounts.

    This solution worked for me, maybe Apple should fix this problem or tell that is necessary to open system preferences even if you don't need to change account settings!

  • mowglionthetree Level 1 Level 1

    shyannlindy post did the trick for me. Though I really don't understand why I have to edit the outgoing mail server settings in order to get access to the IMAP server...

  • zappled Level 1 Level 1

    Hi everyone,


    I pulled up an earlier response that fixed the problem -opening up System Preferences and then Mail Accounts.  I deleted one of the two accounts I had previously set up and Lion launched a new setup sequence for my mail app.  After that things began to work properly (I had to re-enable the account).  I then found out that I was getting similar problems with other apps such as the Address book.  It appears that if you have been messing about with your application folder (I like to keep it tidy) the links to the apps from the Dock don't work properly and you get launch errors.  If you open up the Apps folder from the Dock your should find duplicate icons for some of you apps.  Find the ones that work, move them to the dock and remove the ones that don't.




  • 60wpm Level 1 Level 1

    My problem a bit different -- but let me first say I like the post above, by zappled. It's a time honored solution to many problems: Delete the offending entry (in this case, a Mail Account) and click on the Add button and start again, enter the Mail Account info from scratch.


    In Mail this is useful, too, because doing it this way the program will check to see if the connection works every step of the way (for pop and smtp).


    My Problem: Although I got the least I can see it's entry info listed...but the piece of email will not load, will not reveal itself.



  • smallwoodfrommünchen Level 1 Level 1

    My email worked fine forone day than stopped three days ago by retrieving new emails. The mail app is hanging and not finishing. Evene removal of the complete user/Library/Mail folder is not helping. It is just hanging. The same ahappens with Safari, it is sometime not starting and simites just stopping by opening new adresses.


    I get mad about this. Any ideas?

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