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    A lot of posts here about older systems - I have a new one (Mac Book Pro 8,3) and may also be having graphics driver problems.  In my case I'm running 3d modeling/design programs that I have been running into critical errors with.  I contacted the Rhino for Mac development team and they think there is a bug in the lion graphics driver as their beta users on lion have to turn off openGL completely in order to run stably, whereas older OSX versions are much more stable.  Also I gave AutoCad for MAC a try and it didn't last through the 30 day trial... not only did it crash somewhat often when you would pan for too long, but with 4 days left to go in the trial it decided that it can't even launch anymore...


    so apple folks, a graphics driver update would be much appreciated!


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    Your problem has got nothing to do with Lion. All you've got to do is get Rhino to give you the correct driver for Lion. If Rhino has not been build to tun under Lion you will keep having problems. Don't blame Lion. I run Rhino too and my system has no problems.



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    not trying to 'blame' lion just for fun... passing along info I got from the McNeel Development team - who definitely know more about it than I do at least.  If Rhino runs better on older versions of OSX with similar and not as powerful graphics configurations then surely there is a chance that there is a bug with lion's graphics management...  I mean I had no problem running rhino beta on my older system either and only ran into problems upon upgrade... also had no problems till a model I was working on hit a certain level of critical mass of complexity... the problems I was having involved swtiching between orthographic views while completing simple commands like move or copy... which is not a problem if you turn openGL off.


    And yes, I'm sure the lattest rhino drivers will come with their regular updates as usual... there is no blame to be placed here - just work to be done on both sides to get things working better.



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    Having the same problem. After sleep, graphics are extremely slow. A reboot fixes the issue.


    Mac Pro Early 2008

    Mac OS X Lion (10.7.0)

    4 GB RAM

    ATI Radeon HD 5770

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    his problem may be with Lion as graphics are noticeably slower and not smooth.


    I got a replacement iMac from my pre-Lion 2011 iMac that was hard freezing constantly.

    This current iMac has 16GB Memory, 256GB+2TB, 2GB GPU


    Quicktime videos from iTunes Store and videos produced through Final Cut in quicktime are noticeably slower during playback. it seems the audio is on track but the video is slightly slower though it queues up with the audio fine.

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    same here with the Radeon 2600 - cured by a reboot to "pre-lion" performance.


    please everyone affected write up bugreports at so this is fixed ASAP.

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    Same problem on my imac 24 (early 2009) HD 2600.

    Got a loss of FPS in games such WOW, as RAM and Processor are not too busy. I have to reboot too to cure.

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    Same problem on my early 2008 iMac with HD 2400.


    I was hoping 10.7.1 would fix it but unfortunatly it didn't. If 10.7.2 does not fix it i'll go back to Snow Leopard. Apple does not have a very good reputation in supporting 'old' hardware so be prepared for a disappointment.

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    Is Apple aware of the problem?  My early 2008 Intel iMac (4GB RAM) is suffering from the same problem.  The framerate is terrible and don't even get me started on trying to use Launchpad with folders.  I even swapped out the HD for an SSD and while it boots in 15 seconds and launches apps incredibly fast, that doesn't help the slow as molasses framerates. 


    Do they know?

  • 0xF4FA Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    >Do they know?


    they know, my bugreport was closed as duplicate (did you file one?)


    doesn't mean they will fix it, unless they consider it an important problem, so either


    • everyone file the same bug report, apple prioritizes bugs by duplicate count

    • or inform the mass-media how bad a showstopper bug made it into lion

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    Same problem here. Mac Pro 3,1 octacore w/ HD 5770. I filed a bug report with Apple but haven't heard back yet. Maybe enough people will file and they'll fix. Seems like a driver issue since not many people report having a problem with NVidia cards.

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    Similar here. I've a mid 2007 Aluminium iMac with a an ATI Radeon HD 2600 256Mb


    Seems (mostly) fine at first,  but through the day something happens and it decides to get hot and stay hot. Sometimes it freezes up on my (beachball). I find putting it back into sleep mode, waiting, and waking it up again is the only way I can regain control. From what everyone is saying, it sounds like an issue with returning from sleep.


    Also, Photobooth (adored by my kids) is very slow and seems to lock up when attempting to play back video. It's fine on all other Macs I use.


    I see there was an iMac Graphics Firmware update on 24th Aug but it does not say for which models it applies and nothing has appeared in Software Update so far. I dare not install it unless I'm sure it applies to my machine.


    Indedentally, anyone else having problems with PhotoBooth?




    I got brave and downloaded the Graphics Firmware Update - tried to run the installer and it says: "This software is not supported on your system"

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    I have this same issue on my 24-inch Early 2008 iMac with the ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256MB.

    Video plays find until I put the machine to sleep.  After it wakes Youtube videos are very choppy.  If I reboot the machine the video plays fine again.  I hope this gets resolved soon.  I really don't want to have to go back to Snow Leopard.

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    Same problem here with a 24-inch iMac with the ATI Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256MB. Hope Apple fixes it soon...otherwise will think they are doing their effort to imitate windows :-(

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    If you haven't yet, everyone log a bug report:


    Has anyone had any luck with the iMac graphics FW update? If it works, great, but that doesn't help those of us without iMacs.

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