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  • SirVikon Level 1 Level 1



    i am also using a Mac Pro 3,1 with the Original 5770 from Apple and have the same issue. I am really angry about Apple. I bought just three years ago a mac Pro (yes the name is PRO) and six months ago i want to upgrade my graphics performance and so i spent 249€ for the 5770.


    But the performance after sleep is only 16,5 fps in cinebench. After restart my performance is round abaout 35fps.


    The performance after sleep is the same like my performance with the HD 2600.


    Where can i contact the support for the graphic card? I didn´t found it on the site from Apple


    I am dissapointed

  • Escarcha Level 1 Level 1



    I am another one using iMac 27 3,06Ghz and ATI HD 4670 with sluggish animations when in fullscreen mode/mission control or Launchpad in Lion and more recently in Mountain Lion.


    I have tried to overwrite the kext ATI drivers with the ones from SL with no success, animations are still very slow and not snappier, specially in fullscreen mode. I went back to original drivers


    Any other ideas? Could it be just that the 256mb from the 4670 aren't enough to run Lion/Mountain Lion smoothly?



  • Juergen Kellner1 Level 1 Level 1

    Bad News for us - Mountain Lion still doesnt fix this F....n Bug!


    After restart WOW gets me in Uldum about 50Fps - after Sleep i only get 12-15 Fps.



    Unbelievable that Apple Techies arent able to fix such a major Bug...


    So there will be no Mountain Lion for me until it gets fixed.





  • viciousvex Level 1 Level 1

    Hello Jürgen and Escarcha,


    four things you can still try:


    A) Clean install of Lion or Mountain Lion on an attached USB and then starting from the USB drive.

    B) Setup a new user account and see if the problem exists there, too.

    C) If you have a machine that is covered by support, go to and open a case.

    D) Go to and describe your problem in detail.


    Hope this issue is solved for you soon. I know how bad this problem was for me...



  • ViktorCode Level 1 Level 1

    This problem exists for a year now (right from the moment 10.7 has been released), so I doubt it will be resolved any time soon. The only known workaround is to switch display resolution to any other and then back. This is enough to restore pre-sleep performance level.


    This is a known bug in Apple's bug database, my guess is it's just a lower priority bug.

  • Takohashi Level 1 Level 1

    Bug with the Radeon HD 2600 has been fixed in 10.7.3!

  • SirVikon Level 1 Level 1

    But not for the ATI 5770 and above in the Mac Pro 3,1 ...

  • drdukk Level 1 Level 1

    I can second that - not fixed in 10.7.3 or 10.7.4, not tried mountain lion yet.


    ViktorCode & others - anyone have any ideas about how you can force/ "fake" a resolution switch if you're on an lcd monitor with a fixed refresh rate? scripts or apps or something? I only have resolutions with 60hz available, and that does not trigger whatever fikses the slowdown in gpu performance.

  • ViktorCode Level 1 Level 1

    Takonashi, but it hadn't been fixed for newer AMD cards: 4xxx, 5xxx and 6xxx.


    drdukk, I don't think I ever switched from 60 HZ. At first, I was switching from my default 1080p to lowest possible resolution, then I tried switching to the next one (1600...) and it worked too.


    If you are on Mountain Lion then you should select 'Scaling' bullet point in display settings to select another display resolution. The shortcut to quickly open display settings pane is Option + Screen brightness Up/ Down key.

  • neslein Level 1 Level 1

    I used to fix this bug on my previous iMac 8,1 using .kexts from SL. I now own a Mac Pro 3,1 and just upgraded the graphics card to a ATI Radeon HD 5870. This means the dreaded bug is back on track, using Mac OS 10.8.


    I tried using the ATI5000Controller.kext from Snow Leopard via the "Kext Helper b7" but after a reboot the display is messed up.


    I am aware that Apple probably won't fix this bug in the nearest future, so have any of you succeded in using older .kexts for a Radeon 5770 or 5870 card?

  • Glenn Gutierrez Level 1 Level 1

    Very disappointed that Mountain Lion has no fixes for this a full year later. Mac Pro 3,1, Radeon 5770.

  • dosers Level 2 Level 2

    Just to add one more to the mix.

    iMac mid 2011, 3.4 Core i7, 16GB RAM. Radeon 6970 with 2GB Ram.

    Fast and no problems until sleep; after sleep, performance is consistently slow until a reboot.

    Bug report filed as well.....

  • EWMini Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, could someone confirm that the Radeon HD 2600 Pro 256MB is okay in Mountain LIon?

  • Level 1 Level 1

    Hi, in my early 2008 24" iMac works like a charm!

  • Roelof2 Level 1 Level 1

    I have the 24" with radeon 2600 pro 256MB Its not OK.

    After I installed a clean copy of ML 6 days later freezes Black screen White screen, colored screen etc.


    This all went away after I applied the 10.6.2 kext of the Radeon 2600 pro.


    Now it works!

    (Apple is taking this iMac not serious annymore)