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  • rafsanchez Level 1 Level 1

    I also have a Bluetooth mouse issue but mine started only after I applied the 10.7.2 update and consists of my "Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer for Bluetooth" mouse losing pairing after 2-3 minutes of inactivity.


    Under 10.7.1 and earlier, after a few minutes of inactivity the mouse would go to sleep and require a quick shake to wake it up but it never required re-pairing. Now I am being asked to re-pair after the mouse goes to sleep or when I log back in to my iMac.


    Very frustrating!

  • avanderlaan Level 1 Level 1

    Well it is for sure 10.7.2. made things WORSE.....  From sleep - no mouse - the BT activation shows up somewhere behind all other open windows so that is USELESS.  From reboot, not even anything showing up on the screen, after 10 minutes I have the mouse pair again with the iMac and am finally able to connect.  No sooner is the system back to sleep or I will have to hard reboot it.  Oh and of course I have removed the BT mouse completely, after adding it the same stuff starts all over again.  So..... maybe time to restore a version of OS X that did work, like Leopard?

  • davek102 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem for me.  Late 2009 iMAC.  10.7.2 still has the bluetooth problem.  On waking from sleeop, BT is gone.  I have to reboot to get it back. 

  • frochild Level 1 Level 1

    none of the above help at all ... my computer will sill (randomly) not wake up using my bluetooth devices (keyboard, trackpad, mouse).  I have to power down to solve the problem.  There is nothing wrong with my devices.  Apple just has dropped the ball.

  • madesigner Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here. The curser stucks all the time or is moving only slowly.

    I also tried all suggestions to fix it buy non helps.

  • akoosik Level 1 Level 1

    got my logic board replaced and it fixed everything.  running latest lion OS as of October 2011.


  • frochild Level 1 Level 1

    your telling me this is a logic board problem?  My computer is only 2.5 years old.   Good lord!

  • gtmagnet Level 1 Level 1

    anything interesting in the Console application (select /private/var/log/kernel.log on the left of the app) when the devices won't wake the computer?

  • rolf.hestetreet Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem with 7.2 update. Magic mouse is realy "magic" cursor ok but when you click nothing happend. You need to turn the bluetooth off and use the tracpad

  • rolf.hestetreet Level 1 Level 1

    Download a new 7.2 update manualy and reinstall. It solved the problem for me

  • J. Exby Level 1 Level 1



    as posted in a different thread, the 10.7.2 Combo updater does NOT fix anything for a majority of users having the WiFi + Bluetooth interference bug !




    I had a 1hr appt at the Genius bar with this same issue, where if Bluetooth is on then WiFi becomes less stable, to the point of dropping packets or the entire connection to a WiFi access point at one of my offices.


    my MacBook Air 11" was purchased the first week they became available, and has had the Bluetooth/Wifi bug problem since Lion 10.7.0.  No amount of firmware updates, 10.7.2 combo installer or re-installer or resetting Prefs files has remedied my problem.


    after 1hr at the Genuis bar (with a genius who actually has the same bug on his iMac !) and rumors of a "Logic Board replacement" fixing the problem for some user (different Apple Support forum) Apple gave me a brand new MacBook Air 11" off the shelf.


    We compared EVERYTHING within the System Reports side by side-

    there was no difference in the firmware, bluetooth chip versions, drivers, Wifi chips, etc.

    Everything was the same.


    I left the store with the brand new MBAir 11 to return to my work environment where the Bluetooth/WiFi issue occurs, restored no information from TimeMachine- and the WiFi signal degradation problem STILL happened.

    Stock apple machine, OS X 10.7.2, no third party software in sight. 


    Apple Genius and Store have no further actions they can take.  sigh.


    So the obvious Bluetooth + WiFi conflict lives on, and until Apple provides some REAL driver updates or firmware for these new bluetooth/WiFi chips on modern MacBooks, we'll all just be stuck with:

    Turn Off Bluetooth if you want to ensure accurate WiFi traffic and signal connections.


    Wake Up and Fix This Apple!

  • NHC2365 Level 1 Level 1

    Yep this is totally unacceptable from Apple. Seems this problem has been ongoing for quite a few months now. Switching off bluetooth fixes the no wifi from sleep problem for me, but I use BT for a keyboard and trackpad.


    My Macbook Air is my first Mac and to be honest I might go back to having Window 7 on it which worked absolutely perfectly. Just doesn't do the cool gestures stuff

  • yongmongrong Level 1 Level 1

    This worked for my boss. The mighty mouse stopped working once we upgraded to the Lion OS, so we switched to a magic mouse and it worked perfectly!

  • Dopster Level 1 Level 1

    MBA2011 OSX10.7.2 and still having the problem that Magic Mouse does not automatically connect. neither won't Wifi connect to a preferred network. My first Mac. If Apple doesn't fix these kind of basics, it's my last.

  • anitafromcolorado springs Level 1 Level 1

    I found a post that suggested we upgrade our firmware, went to updates and did that. Now it works again.