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  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    With my configuration (no PDF plugin etc.) all the pages of the PDF show correctly - here is the front page:


    by default 2011-08-10 um 21.12.40.png

  • Badkey Level 1 (0 points)

    We're seeing this problem with Safari users regardless of OS...


    For example, Safari 5.1 will not open the following PDF on my system:



    And getting rid of Acrobat Reader institution wide is not an option here.


    Is apple going to be looking into this?

  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    No PDF reader nor plugin installed and Safari shows me your PDF link:



  • fr8tdog Level 1 (5 points)

    Yes, I can view that page as well without the Adobe plugin installed. However, there are some pages that just cannot be read. Without knowing exactly why, I would think that when a web page specifically looks for the plugin and it is not there you will just get a message saying the the plugin is not installed (or something to that effect).


    Okay, you make the argument that it is not a browser problem with Apple or Safari, it is a problem with the web site, but is every web developer supposed to now re-tailor their sites to work with Safari. I don't think this is going to happen. Browser technology is supposed to support current web technology, not the other way around.

  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    I also don't know how or if  websites can require a specific plugin. If that would be the case they could also demand the use of a specific browser. This should not be tolerated. "Buy this first and then we will let you go ahead ". If a site wants to display a PDF it should be equal by what means it gets displayed. This is how I look at it.


    The following is copied from the Adobe website and may serve those who haven't seen it yet:


    Product-specific issues

    Acrobat family

    Adobe Reader plug-in and Acrobat plug-in are not compatible with the Safari 5.1 browser, included with Mac OS 10.7 and for 10.6 in July 2011. Adobe Reader and Acrobat will continue to work as standalone applications on Mac OS 10.7 and 10.6, and will render PDF documents outside of the browser. In addition, Safari 5.1 renders PDF documents natively. However, the Adobe Reader and Acrobat plug-ins will not function as expected in LiveCycle and Acrobat workflows that require either plug-in to render PDF documents in Safari 5.1.

    For Acrobat customers who utilize functionality like forms, digital signatures, portfolios, guides, 3D, extended PDF documents and rights management, and who require the Acrobat plug-in to render PDF documents in the Safari browser, Adobe recommends that you continue to use Safari 5.0.x and Mac OS X 10.6. Adobe will provide updates as we continue to investigate this issue. For additional information see Apple Safari 5.1 and Adobe Reader/Acrobat Advisory.

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    Hope this helps somebody.


    I use Safari 5.1 w/ Lion. Couldn't see pdf's. Just a dark blank page. Could only download them w/ Option key down.


    I copied 3 plugins into Library/Internet Plug-Ins/ Inactive folder: AdobePDFViewer.plugin, PDF Browser Plugin.plugin (isn't that the so-called Schubert plugin?), and Quick Time Plugin.plugin. Then erased them from Internet Plug-Ins folder.

    Re-started Safari, and all pdf's show fine, not just first page but all of them, with Preview-like menu hovering over them. Quicktime movies also show correctli.

  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi dgm1134, That is what I did too (see my various posts), BUT you will need the Quicktime Plugin.plugin in order to see videos, so you can move that one back. If Quicktime then tries to open your PDF's and shows the first page of a PDF you will have to delete the as well as a file called Quicktime settings somewhere near the end of the preferences folder in your user library. You need to quit and restart Safari.

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    When I try to open a pdf from Safari, it only opens the cover page of a multi-page pdf.  Solutions?

  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi, I guess Quicktime opens it. As per my previous post(s) you will have to delete the as well as a file called Quicktime settings somewhere near the end of the preferences folder in your user library. Then you need to quit and restart Safari (rather also empty the cache). In order to find your user library folder, which is hidden under Lion you need to hold the option (alt) key and chose the Go-to menue in Finder.

  • fr8tdog Level 1 (5 points)

    That still does not work if the Acrobat Plugin is required via the website. My issue is with a secure payroll site where I can view my payroll statements. The statements are in a PDF format and I assume whomever developed the site made it so it looks for the Acobat plugin. If not installed it shows "Missing plugin required". I would venture to say this is the same on any site that looks for the plugin.

  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    See the Adobe recommendation that I copied in an earlier post: go back to where Adobe stands:

    Safari 5.0.x and Mac OS X 10.6

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    @Janpieter: I don't know whether I am being daft, or not doing things correctly - I don't seem to need the alt key to get to the Mac HD then Library and Preferences (I have to admit I wasn't sure what to then do in the Go To menu when following your instructions; cue semi-experienced user). BUT in the Preferences folder I then find I cannot find the as well as the file Quicktime settings anywhere. So what do I do now? Quicktime displaying pdfs in Safari is really becoming quite a nuisance to my work.


    I have also noticed that I don't seem to be able to right-click and pdf files in, say, Google, and save them to my computer anymore, as it will come up as 'url' when I say Save As. THAT is even worse as it means I cannot access pdf docs in any form anymore.


    I am on Lion 10.7.1 and Safari 5.1. Any help much appreciated!

  • Janpieter Level 1 (20 points)

    Hi @Germling: I meant you USER directory (the one with your name), not the Macintosh HD. The library in that directory is hidden under Lion. So in Finder chose your user directory, then use the Go-to menu (at the top of the screen) which then shows your user folder list and press the alt key. Now the library folder also appears in that list and you can go to the preferences folder.


    I am sure you will find the files I mentioned. Delete them and restart Safari. The PDF's should now show within Safari and you will get some options when you move the cursor to the bottom of the document. Hope it works !

  • Germling Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi @Janpieter: Thank you SO much - works like a treat! You would not happen to also have any idea re why Google maps won't work in Safari anymore (problems loading), or some webpages are not fully displayed every now and then (while I have an expert at hand). Happy to be pointed in the right direction re other posts/entries - I have not been able to find anything yet. Ta muchly!

  • K.S. Level 4 (3,690 points)

    gdm1134 wrote:


    PDF Browser Plugin.plugin (isn't that the so-called Schubert plugin?)


    That's correct.