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After installing Lion on my Early 2008 MacBook, I can no longer get my Plantronics 520 to work reliably (it worked very well in Leopard and Snow Leopard). It is recognized in the Bluetooth menu, but if it is selected as an audio output device in Sound Preferences, a "Bluetooth audio error" occurs as soon as any sound is sent to it (i.e. changing Volume from the keyboard).


I deleted the headset and reconfigured it Bluetooth setup assistant. I zapped thePRAM. I deleted the file from the Library and the file from the user Library. Shut Down and restarted.


Should I try to delete the Bluetooth-related plist.lockfiles (if that's possible)?


The headset works fine when paired with my cell phone.


Thanks in advance for suggestions...

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7)
  • loufromrockville Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    Perhaps it's a problem with Plantronics headsets only:




    Mine is a Voyager 520, Bluetooth version 2.0.

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    I am having a similar issue with my Motorola S10-HD.


    Worked great with Snow Leopard.  (MacBook Pro i7 bought 12/2010).


    Now with Lion, It takes several tries to get pairing to work (gives connection errors).  Once it starts to work, I have no more problems during that session.


    The really annoying problem is that I keep getting Bluetooth errors when the headset is turned off.  I disconnect before turning the headset off.


    Screen Shot 2011-07-30 at 11.44.19 AM.png

    The above message pops up about every 15 - 20 minutes.  Only way to prevent is to disable Bluetooth.


    The Mac keeps trying to reconnect with the headset even though I did not tell it to and the headset is turned off.


    Screen Shot 2011-07-30 at 11.45.14 AM.png

    The headset works great with my iPhone 3GS and iPad.



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    So when this condition occurs, if you select the audio device in the menu extra it will say "Don't Use as Audio Device"? if so, then this is expected because even though the headset is OFF, it is still set as your audio output device, so Lion tries to connect to the headset again to play the sound. So when you are "done" with your headset you should select "Don't use as Audio device" and then it will un-set it as your audio output device and the message should no longer appear.


    now, if the error message is appearing even though the audio output device is not set as the bluetooth device, then that would be a bug. The way to check if it is [still] set as any audio output device is to go to the sound pref pane and see if the BT device is set as your audio output device in the "output" tab, but also check the system effects tab. I suspect in this case it is set as the output for system sound effects, and that is why it seems to randomly pop up when you don't expect it  - Finder is playing a sound (e.g. moving a file to the trash) and BT tries to contact the headset to play it.


    just a hunch...

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    You are correct!


    The sound settings had "Sound Effects" going to the headset.  After setting that to the internal speakers, I am no longer getting the errors.


    I never set this to begin with and never had this problem with Snow Leopard.


    At least if I have this problem again, I will know what to do.





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    cool. now the question is why does it get stuck that way... I can't get it to stick. there must be something different about the order you enable/disable Bluetooth audio and do the ichat, etc.

  • loufromrockville Level 1 Level 1 (5 points)

    My Sound settings had "Selected sound output device" for sound effects. I changed it internal speakers, re-paired the Plantronics 520, rechecked the Sound pane and the result was the same as my original post.


    Best regards,


  • fmharr Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hopefully it was a one time deal that happened when I installed the Lion upgrade and won't happen again.





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    I have a brand new MacBook i7 with Lion OS. I have tried 2 Bluetooth headset with microphone so far and I still get the same "Bluetooth Audio Error" stupid message, although they work fine with my Nexus S phone and iPad 2 !!!!


    the bluetooth headsets that I have used are:

    1- Smart infocomm, sports, Model No. SB-07

    2- AG-TEL

    3- Jawbone


    non worked!!!!???????


    please tell me what to do.



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    I am facing the same problem with my Blueant T1. I am able to connect the headset to my mbp, but evertime I try to start Skype using the bluetooth headset, Skype crashes. I have to restart it. If I try gotomeeting, something similar happens, I get a message called "A bluetooth error has occured" and I am forced to 'Stop using headsets'.

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    Just bought the Moto S10-HD BT wilresles headset and ran into the same BT audio error as was posted here.  Im running a Feb 2008 MacBookPro3.1 (with replaced nVideo GeForce video chip) on the latest Lion MacOS release.  The laptop was able to discover the headset, but wouldnt play any audio.  When I ran iTunes with music, soon the error popup would show and it would disable the paired BT headset device.  


    My goal is to be able to go wirelessly for both the headset and controls so that when Im riding my motorcycle, bicycle, working out, running - I dont have to mess with wires and reach for my hardware (iphone/iPod).    I have been using a TIMEX RF Wireless watch controller that works fine for my iPhone and iPods (Gen5 and Nano).  But still using Skull Candy Titanium wired ear buds, which are tugging out when Im active.





    So this weekend I decided to try out the Motorola BT S10-HD wireless headphones which were 79 USD at Best Buys.




    THe S10 paired and ran with no problems on the iPhone and iPad2.    But no luck on the PC and MBPro.   So the Moto website suggests:

    1.  Turn off all other paired devices (the head set might have trouble with more than one device at a time)

    2.  Reset the pairing profile data within the headset ("0"-power button and "+" key pushed same time for 7 secs)


    Then I went back and let the MBPro re-discover (I had removed the previous pairing data in the BT Sys Preferences on the MBPro), which it did find it.   I chose the Use As Audio Device menu selection under the settings/gear icon at the bottom of the BT menu while the Moto headset was selected.   Then I went and looked at the SOUND System Preferences and could see that it was picked as an active device.  Fired up iTunes and it worked.




    So I guess the summary is that the Moto S10-HD can work with a MBPro (even older ones) running LION.   I had no problems pairing and running the headset on my iPhone3GS and iPad2 with latest iOS releases.   Maybe if I paired with the MBPro before the other devices, it could have worked the first try.  Anyways, its all good now, all my Apple BT equipped devices can use the Motorola SD10-HD BT wireless stereo headset.  Fait accompli.

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    I have the same error with my Nokia BH-503 bluetooth headset... I back to Snow Leopard to use this...

  • gtmagnet Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    diogoBR, or anyone else — can you do this:


    1) open Terminal application (in Utilities folder)

    2) type


    sudo touch /var/log/bluetoothAudio.log <hit return>

    sudo chmod 777 /var/log/bluetoothAudio.log <hit return>


    3) try to reproduce the problem

    4) in Terminal again, type


    open /var/log/bluetoothAudio.log


    paste in the log contents to this discussion forum. maybe that will reveal something more about the failure.

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    I´m having the sames problems

    The Nokia BH 505 and the BelkinBluetooh music receiver works with iphone and ipad but osx 10.7.3 no works.


    My Log


  • gtmagnet Level 1 Level 1 (20 points)

    wrong log files... I need the ones that I mentioned in my post, not the console log. send them to my email address. thx

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