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Kevenly Level 1 Level 1

After installing Lion, I'm having very bizarre mouse behavior.  Basically the cursor randomly shoots across the screen or disappears and re-appears in the corner.  It's a huge hassle.  I thought my mouse was going bad, but I boot into Windows and it's just fine, business as usual.

I found several threads on other forums with people describing the same issue after installing Lion, with all kinds of different mice.  So this is not unique to my system by any means.  Personally I use a Targus Bluetooth Mouse for Mac, as I have for three years.  It's a great mouse and I love it, as it has lots of buttons and a round touchpad area in the middle.  It works for scrolling all directions and has always worked like a charm.  However, with this mouse in Launchpad also when I try to side scroll, it only goes right.  I swipe the mouse's scroll conrol the the left, it scrolls right.  Any sideways scrolling just goes to the right. However it scrolls properly everywhere else (finder, iTunes, Safari, etc).


While that issue may be unique to this particular model of mouse, the wild flitting about of the cursor is again being widely reported in other forums, but I'm not seeing anything here about it.  One fellow at MacRumors said an Apple engineer has requested various logs about it and is working on the problem.  I hope that's true because this is pretty awful so far, making it very difficult to use the computer.

MBP 2.8 i7, Mac OS X (10.7), iPod Touch 2nd Gen
  • Zach Designer Level 1 Level 1

    go into your mouse settings and change it from scroll "natural".. This helped a lot of people. Not sure why...

  • Kevenly Level 1 Level 1

    That was the first thing I did when I started Lion for the first time and found they had reversed scrolling axis.


    It has no effect on the jumping, skipping mouse issue.


    The non-recognition of two-way scrolling issue only occurs in Launchpad.

  • macminibruce Level 1 Level 1

    Sounds like you love your mouse as do I (Logitech Performance MX).  Had the flickering and disappearing mouse pointer happen once this afternoon for first time.  Have some scroll wheel issues in Launchpad too (uncontrollable).


    my lengthy list of usability issues:



    Hey, one more!  This neither the spellchecker this comment box offers or the built in Apple on is wurking!!

  • jamiejq Level 1 Level 1

    I have this same issue with the same mouse.

  • Jade Leary Level 3 Level 3

    Same issue with Apple's Magic Mouse.

  • Mike Osborn Level 4 Level 4

    My mother-in-law (85 years old) has to lug her iMac to the Apple Store today, as she's experienced mouse issues to the point her iMac isn't usable anymore.  Seems she can click to open a window, but she can't click to close it. She's using a Magic Mouse. I suggested she run over to Best Buy (the Apple Store is 45 minutes away for her) and pick up a Magic Trackpad....and she admitted that she might have to do that if the Apple Store says her Magic Mouse is the root cause of her problems.

  • djjay0131 Level 1 Level 1

    I have a Majic mouse and mine does the same thing.  It's absolutely annoying and drving me crazy.  Anyone find a fix for this?

  • allupons Level 1 Level 1

    Same issues here. Jumpy mouse with both magic mouse and various USB mice on both a mac pro tower (2010) and a 2011 macbook pro. In both cases the trackpad behaves perfectly fine, just an issue with the mouse regardless of USB or bluetooth. Hope this is resolved soon as the trackpad works for a lot of things, but not everything (games, editing, etc).

  • Mike Osborn Level 4 Level 4

    After a trip to the Apple Store today, my mil's problems are resolved. Seems she didn't know the difference between a regular click and secondary click on her Magic Mouse. Now that she knows which side of he mouse to click, everything is fine.

  • Steve Friedberg Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same problems with the "jumping cursor," on both the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad.  For some reason, the Trackpad will not pair with my brand new 27" iMac running Lion.  The cursor, running Magic Mouse, is alternately herky-jerky, or abruptly jumps from one side of the screen to another....


    AppleCare suggested unplugging the computer, holding down the power button for 5 seconds, then plugging the cord back in and resetting the PRAM.  It provides at least a temporary fix, but I'm still seeing signs that it's not working consistently as it should.  Tech support appeared a bit confused when I called about why I can't pair the Trackpad, and why performance on the Mouse appeared to degrade when I tried to do so.


    I'm hoping Apple will acknowledge a s/w bug and come up with a patch.

  • Peter Stubbs Level 1 Level 1

    If you want to regain some of the control on your mouse or trackpad which Lion has taken away check out this little app which I came across yesterday and it is free.

  • iangtodd80 Level 1 Level 1

    Me too, I'm using the trackpad on a 13" MBP and a magic mouse. At first it seemed to occur at high CPU usage, but now I'm not so sure. Really irritating.

  • westshore7 Level 1 Level 1

    Same problem here ....  My cursor will randomly and frequently disappear. If I shake the magic mouse around for a bit, it might suddenly reappear. This issue, which ONLY happens since upgrading to Lion, is driving me absolutely crazy and I really wish Apple would address this issue directly and at least admit to its occurrence and let us know they're working on it!  Not having use of your mouse is SEVERELY debilitating and I need a fix to this ASAP.


    HELP US, APPLE!!!! 

  • Steve Friedberg Level 1 Level 1's to the point where I've plugged a corrded mouse back in, so that when my wireless devices start going screwy, I know I'll have one reliable device.


    More importantly, I'm having trouble pairing devices which will abruptly quit on me.  For instance, my Trackpad stopped communicating with the iMac last night (or is it the other way around?).  Trying to repair it, I found that the iMac would recognize the Trackpad, but not pair.  This remained the case, even after rebooting the iMac and removing and replacing the batteries from the Trackpad.


    I agree with Westshore...Apple, please acknowledge that you're working on a fix. 

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