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    Report the issue to Apple.



    The more reports, the sooner it will get addressed.


    I too have the same issue. One person suggested changing the channel on their wireless network. Not sure if that works or not, but it might be worth a try until Apple releases an update to Lion.

  • Swiss Mann Level 1 (0 points)

    Same issue here.  Anyone found a good fix until Apple fixes it permanently?  I too have reported it to and hope others will do the same.

  • Steven Noyes Level 1 (15 points)

    I am having the same issue and have been able to isolate the behavior somewhat.


    I have found the jumping of the cursor is tied to scrolling a window.  When you scroll a window the grayed out scroll bars will appear.  The scroll bars will continue to be visible while the mouse pointer (or scrolling) is active.  As soon as the mouse stops moving, there is about a 500 ms delay before the scroll bars hide.  After the scroll bars hide, there is again, a window of about 100 ms where you can move your mouse and bring the scroll bars to visible.


    It is after this 100 ms time period that the bug window is opened.  For the next 50-300 ms, there seems to be a window where a quick mouse movement will not be interpreted correctly and the mouse will jump to some over-bounds area.  Once in a while, it will just jump 1/3 of the way or so.

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    I don't know what other have as their internal drive with Lion, but I have 13" mid 2009 MBP, my internal is a Crucial C300 SSD, 75% full. When my mouse/trackpad becomes unresponsive, i noticed it was during heavy IO e.g. during software update, heavy spotlight indexing.


    I had a look at iotop, and when the mouse pointer 'stickiness' occurs, the iotop console reports repeatedly:


    illegal operation in action #3 at DIF offset 0

    dtrace: error on enabled probe ID 5 (ID 992: io:mach_kernel:buf_strategy:start): illegal operation in action #3 at DIF offset 0


    etc. When it stops reporting this, the mouse pointer returns to nomal. I'm unsure if this is specific to my drive, perhaps others could test this by running iotop in terminal?

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    I'm having the same problem with my brand new 27" iMac running Lion.  My mouse works fine, but it won't discover or pair with either of my Apple trackpads.  The trackpads work fine with my old iMac running Lion.

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    Still a problem in 10.7.1.  I just upgraded to 10.7.1 and the problem still exists.  I was surfing a web pag the other day when it disappeared and as I moved my mouse around I could see the rollover buttons changing as if I was rolling over them but I could not see my cursor.  This really cramps workflow and wish Apple would fix this soon.  Please report it to draw attention to it.  Anyone have a fix yet?

  • MHIII Level 1 (0 points)

    I called apple support.  They quickly solved the problem with pairing my trackpad.  Since it had been previously paired with another computer it wasn't recognized.  By pressing and holding the power button on the trackpad, it forced the computer to discover it.  I then paired it and it works fine now.

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    Thanks for joining in to the discussion.  However, if you read the thread, none of us are having trouble pairing our devices.  The problem is with the actual mouse cursor and the fact that it randomly shoots accross the screen and disappears.  Please read the post before replying in the future and make sure you posting to the correct thread and your point is somehow helpful and/or related.

  • MHIII Level 1 (0 points)

    Sorry you didn't find my post helpful.  I entered this discussion because Steve Friedberg's post  in this thread indicated he was having the same problem pairing his trackpad that I was having.  Perhaps he will find it helpful.

  • Steve Friedberg Level 1 (0 points)

    Yes, I solved that part of the problem the same way you did...and thanks for noting that it's been resolved.  My larger problem, however, was the "jumping cursor," and the fact that it was present on both the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad.  Since installing 10.7.1 (or X.VII.I), the problem seems to have been fixed.  I do note, however, that others like Swiss Mann are still having the same problem as before.  I also note that Apple did not address this problem in its note on the update.

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    I too believe that the 10.7.1 has in some way affected the jumpy cursor issue as it *appears* to be less frequent. Time will tell, however. I still have it sometimes under heavy disk (or rather SSD) load with trackpad (internal and bluetooth), magic and generic wired mouse.


    Can I ask of those who have had the issue, what was your upgrade path?


    Mine has been Leopard -> Snow Leopard -> Lion.



  • Swiss Mann Level 1 (0 points)

    My upgrade path was a clean install of 10.7 (formatted hard drive clean and installed 10.7 directly by making a boot disk of the Lion installer) and then software update to 10.7.1.  I've had the problem with pretty much everything stock and legit meaning I don't have strange modifiers or plugins.  All my software seems to be up to date.  It happens in a variety of programs with a variety of things running - Safari, Final Cut Pro X, Aperture, just the finder.  I can't nail down a pattern because it happens all the time like every 5 minutes or so.  Too frequent for me to nail down to a particular behaviour.  I was curious about graphics drives and such but it appears that enough of us have a variety of machines to rule that out to some degree.  I have last generation iMac i7 2.93 27" with 5750 graphics card.  I'm using the Apple USB keyboard and magic mouse that came with the computer.  It didn't exist in 10.6 so I must conclude at this point that it is a Lion thing both in 10.7 and 10.7.1.  I hope this helps some.

  • Swiss Mann Level 1 (0 points)

    Breakthrough!  (I hope).  So I've been able to isolate a change in my setup which appears to make it so the mouse does not disappear anymore.  I disconnect my second display.  So with a second dispaly attached - in my case the Mini Display to an HDMI converter and then HDMI to a projector - if I move the mouse too quickly it seems to wander off and jump to my other display (even though it is turned off).  I can recreate this almost every time by very quickly dragging my mouse to the bottom middle of my screen (like to acces the dock), as I move down I lift my mouse up off the table to reposition it on the table where I want it.  My cursor flies to the bottom like I wanted it too but then disappears, I drag slowly upward and left and it comes back up from the bottom right hand corner of screen (I've positioned my second display off the bottom right corner of my primary display).  If I move quickly to the right same thing happens.  So it is like the mouse has momentum and hits the bottom or right of the screen (depending on my movement) and then has no where to go so it turns the corner by itself and ends up on the other display.  This was bugging me so I installed a program called SwitchResX which allows me to disable my second display when it is not on so the Mac doesn't recognize it.  Even worse because it was wandering to a display that wasn't recognizably there so instead of just bringing it back from the turned off other display area I have to agressively flick the mouse around until it reappears.  So I unplug my second display and I can't recreate my mouse disappearing (at least in about 10 minutes of testing).  I do notice that the mouse still seems to have momentum if you will and instead of just stopping at the bottom it turns the corner and goes to the side sometimes but doesn't have anywhere to go so stays visable on my primary display.


    Who out there with this problem is using another display?


    Hope this can narrow it down so our feedback to Apple can be more specific so they can fix it.


    Perhaps related - mission control does not show the items located on the second display on the primary display) even if the second display is turned off.  Spaces in 10.6 used to show both displays so you could move windows around from one display/space to another.

  • Steven Noyes Level 1 (15 points)

    I have a second display as well.  The 27" iMac and a second 30" ACD.  I can repeat this almost 100% of the time with a timing of when scroll bars are visible and then they are not.  If I wait about 300 ms after the scroll bars hide and then move the mouse, I get the jumpy mouse to one edge or the other.


    I will disconnect the 30" ACD and see if this helps it.

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    I just updated to 10.7.1, so far so good, I have not had the issue reappear.  I am also connected to a 24" Dell LCD monitor using a mini dv to dv cable. 


    I'll post back if I see any additional jumping, let's keep our fingers crossed!


    By the way, I love my Mac, but if Apple did in fact fix the problem, why woudn't they put it in the release notes?  I mean come, no one is perfect, so admit your mistakes!

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